Builder Simulator Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

Builder Simulator Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: You have recently installed the new game “Builder Simulator” on your Windows PC and the game keeps crashing on startup. So, you’re searching around finding the solutions to fix this issue. When you try to play the game, it crashes before you’ve had a chance to progress. Don’t worry! I’ll give you the solution to fix this issue.

Builders Simulator is an endless construction sandbox game, which creators Giants Software released back in 2016 for PC. Now the game has been ported to the Android platform, and the mobile version of the game has received numerous updates since its initial release. We recently updated the game to version 2.5.4, but shortly after, users started reporting the game keeps crashing on startup. If you’re one of them, read on to learn how to fix this problem.

About Builder Simulator

Builder Simulator is a funny and enjoyable sandbox-building game developed by Steel Wool Studios. The game allows you to customize a builder and start out in humble beginnings by constructing a small house. As time goes on, you are able to expand your empire by constructing large industrial buildings, building roads, and constructing houses for the surrounding countryside.

Builder Simulator Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

Game keeps crashing on startup is known to be a big problem on Windows 10, and it often comes bundled with other errors like blue screen crash. This error often occurs when you install or uninstall updates on Windows 10, reinstall apps, install incompatible or corrupted drivers, or upgrade Windows to a newer OS version.

Check System Requirements to Play a Game

Next time you head to the game store to pick up your gaming system, make sure you’re prepared. Before you plunk down your hard-earned cash, check that system requirements match yours.

Many games require all parts to be plugged in, while others, like World of Warcraft, have requirements that depend on which version you’re playing. The September 2018 update to WoW, for example, requires users to have at least 8GB of RAM and at least 11GB of available storage.

Disable fullscreen optimizations ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

The fullscreen optimization feature built into Microsoft Edge is a handy way to have a full-screen, browser-based video play in a game or video player that doesn’t have its own fullscreen mode. But there’s a catch: the fullscreen optimization feature doesn’t actually disable other full-screen content like video players. Instead, it just moves the player “behind” the Edge content, so it doesn’t interfere with your Edge navigation.

If you have Windows 10, you have Windows 10’s Edge browser on your computer. However, some people find Edge to be too aggressive with a number of optimizations, like auto-hiding or minimizing tabs and notifications, instead of allowing them to be visible when you need them. To disable the Edge browser’s fullscreen optimizations, open Edge, right-click the tab bar at the top of the window and select

“Settings” > “General” > “Allow web pages to send notifications” > “Never”.

Run the Game File as an Administrator

Running a game file as an administrator, or “elevated,” is a setting most experienced gamers know about. Many games come with an “elevated” option in the options menu, but for other games, you’ll need to run them as an administrator.

Running the game as an administrator usually requires you to right-click the game shortcut (usually located on your Desktop), choose “Run as Administrator,” and then hit OK. (You may have to run the game as an administrator every time you start it.

When you download a game from the Google Play store, it’s normally “sandboxed” in order to stop apps from interfering with each other. This is a good thing because you want your games to run quickly and without crashing.

However, sometimes app developers need to run other apps as administrators in order to alter the operating system’s settings. You can run Android apps as administrators too, but to do so, you have to enable the Developer mode and grant the app administrator permissions. This is not only necessary, but it’s also the “right” way to do things since it ensures the integrity of the operating system.

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Update Graphics Drivers

Whether your computer is slow, freezing up, or simply not performing like it used to, there’s a good chance that updating your graphics card drivers will solve the problem. Graphics card drivers are programs that allow your computer to communicate with the graphics card. These drivers are updated constantly to keep up with new hardware.

Your computer’s graphics card is one of the most important components of your computer—it’s responsible for processing visual images and displaying them on a larger screen.

Updating graphics drivers is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your PC. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more common issues PC users run into. The graphics drivers, or the graphics subsystem, make it possible to display the graphics on your screen, but they can also significantly impact the speed and quality of those games you install.

Update Windows ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

Windows Insiders can now sideload apps that aren’t offered on the Windows Store. Microsoft has changed the rules related to sideloading apps in Windows 10, and now Insiders can go to

Settings > Apps & features > Apps & feature windows sideloading, and toggle the feature on.

Microsoft says this feature “allows you to install apps from websites or other sources, such as zip files, outside of Windows.”

Microsoft is constantly updating its operating system (OS). In fact, the company releases a new operating system version (OS) nearly every year. Typically, the OS is improved through new features, security, and reliability enhancements.

The most important updates are usually installed automatically, known as the automatic update feature. However, by default, most computers will be set to never automatically download updates. As a result, your computer will miss out on the latest updates to Windows. As a result, your computer will miss out on the latest updates to Windows.

Don’t you hate it when you install a new update and it causes your computer to stop working? You press play, and all of your programs are suddenly stopped. You try to start them, but nothing happens. And you reboot your computer and do the same thing. You press Ctrl-Alt-Del and pop up a login screen.

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Check for Optional Updates on PC

The update process gives you the chance to check for updates before you install them. If you decide not to update an app, Windows will ask if you want to cancel the update process. If you agree, you won’t be asked again, but if you don’t cancel, the update process will install automatically the next time you sign in to your PC.

The Windows update system automatically downloads and installs updates from Microsoft, keeping your computer up-to-date and secure. By default, Windows updates are managed and set to install automatically in the background.

However, Windows offers the option to control how often updates are automatically installed. If your computer is overtaxed, you may want to pause updates for a period of time. The option to pause updates applies to both (optional) security and non-security updates.

Microsoft updates its Windows operating system regularly, and there’s a way to check and see if your PC is downloading or downloading optional updates. Download the WSUS Offline Update Helper from Microsoft. It’s a tool that lets you see which optional updates are available for download through the Windows Update service, and, if they are, you can download them manually.

Switch to Dedicated GPU ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

There are three kinds of graphics cards that are most common on desktop computers: integrated, which are built directly into the CPU; dedicated, which are discrete chips that are built into the motherboard; and hybrid, which is a mix of the two.

Integrated graphics are a bargain at no extra price, but perform significantly worse than dedicated graphics, especially at higher frame rates. The dedicated graphics choice is slightly better, but still has drawbacks. Hybrid graphics aren’t much better.

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are specialized chips that accelerate the creation of visual images. GPUs are used in many computer applications, including video games, movies, scientific visualization, medical imaging, engineering, and product design. Most laptops, desktops, and mobile devices come with an integrated GPU or with shared system memory for graphics processing.

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End Background Processes

The Windows operating system is designed to run in the background, which is great for the user experience but can also be a problem when users try to play online video games that require fast response time. If you’re struggling with lag and input lag, and want a remedy, you can disable background processes to free up your system’s resources, and even speed up your computer.

End Background Processes can help remove unwanted background processes from your computer. That means no more programs running in the background consuming resources or slowing down your Mac or Windows PC. If you have to empty the trash often or add extra RAM to your computer, then your computer may be running slowly or having problems. End Background Processes help remove unwanted background processes from your computer.

The Windows PC is made up of multiple processes that work in the background to keep your computer running. These processes include programs that continuously run—like your antivirus software—as well as ones you launch manually—like your browser. But, how do you know when these background processes need to be ended?

Some background processes, like antivirus, are absolutely necessary to keep your computer functioning. Others, like your browser, can be closed without harming your computer. To find out which processes are running, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Windows) or ⌘+Shift+Escape (macOS).

Perform Disk Cleanup on PC ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

Disk Cleanup is a free utility from Microsoft to help you free up disk space on your computer. It collects files that are no longer in use, freeing space on your hard drive.

File system cleanup is a necessity, and it’s a very good idea to perform it on a regular basis. You might think it’s unnecessary since you’re using Windows, but Windows doesn’t always update its files on your hard drive. This can slow down your computer, and even result in Windows running slowly. Some standard maintenance tasks like disk cleanup can also help protect your hard drive from issues that can arise over time.

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Run Additional Command-Line Argument

RunCommand (RC) is a powerful command-line tool that allows you to execute commands and perform tasks on your computer. RC is a utility that runs in Terminal (by default), but it can also be launched from Finder or the Dock.

With RC, you can perform various system functions, such as creating and deleting users, changing user-level settings, and launching applications. It also allows you to run Unix commands, as well as batch scripts.

A command-line argument is a set of command-line arguments that you can pass into command when a prompt displays. When you type a command at the command prompt, the prompt displays. You can type additional command-line arguments after the command, and the command prompt displays the new command-line arguments.

Disable Windows Firewall ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

Windows Firewall is one of the settings that usually don’t get attention, but being aware of it can help you prevent your computer from getting infected. It requires security software to turn it on or off, and it’s a good idea to keep Windows Firewall on at all times. This setting is by far one of the most essential security settings that any PC user should check.

Have you disabled Windows Firewall ( This is an important security choice you should consider after installing Windows. From recent vulnerabilities to online scams, the Windows firewall is a useful tool that protects you against online threats. But sometimes you need to disable it.

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Turn Off Antivirus Protection

In the not-too-distant past, antivirus software was recommended for everyone. After all, viruses had been around for over two decades and desktop computers were regularly being infected. Even laptops and other mobile devices were easily compromised.

So, “What is a virus”? A virus is a special kind of program that can harm your computer and cause serious problems. Since viruses can affect any type of device, all computers need antivirus software.

If your computer is 100% clean (meaning you have removed all malware and spyware), then turning off antivirus protection can be an effective measure to make your computer faster. While antivirus software does a great job of protecting your computer from malware, it can also make your computer run slower. Antivirus software also bogs down your computer with unnecessary tasks, such as scans and updates.

Set High Performance in Power Options ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

Most people use their computers for browsing the web, working on spreadsheets, and creative endeavours such as writing and coding. However, it’s common for people to also play video games, watch movies, or listen to audio or video files. These activities consume a lot of computing power, which can ultimately slow down PC performance.

Fortunately, there are several power management settings in Windows that can help reduce those lag times. Some settings will automatically kick in, and other programs must be manually enabled or disabled to adjust the way your computer utilizes power. This three-part blog series will walk readers through how to use the Windows Power Options tool, so you can take advantage of these power management settings to optimize your computer’s speed.

Windows 10 includes some very useful power options, and Windows 10 Pro adds even more. But not all power options are created equal. Windows 10 Pro includes 2 power options, high-performance and power-saving.

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Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime

The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (MSVCRT) is a Microsoft library of code that is used by the Windows Operating System and thousands of applications. It can allow the OS and other computer programs to compile code at run time. The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime can be installed separately from Windows. It can be installed on the same computer as Windows, or on a different computer.

Did you just buy a brand new computer and find that you don’t have the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime installed? Make sure you have the right version of Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime installed.

The first time you install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime it will be installed with the default location. To reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, double click the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime application and choose Change. Select a new location and confirm the installation.

Perform a Clean Boot on a PC ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

Every time your PC starts up, it loads up a bunch of stuff in the background. Windows has a feature called “Fast Startup” which basically loads up a bunch of windows in the background and loads them first every time Windows starts up.

You can disable this feature to disable windows loading up in the background, however, this also disables other background processes like OneDrive and Cortana. But, there is a way to do a clean boot to disable everything but the main windows folder and the core apps.

When you turn your PC off, the operating system saves every file, application, and folder it has been running to an internal hard drive. When you turn your PC on again or restart, the hard drive has to start from scratch, loading everything from memory. This can take a while, so if you’re running a buggy or slow program, your hard drive may first need to run that program’s startup routine, called a clean boot.

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Try Disabling Overlay Apps on a PC

Do you want to disable overlay apps on a computer? You might have heard of overlay apps before, but did you know that you can disable them on the computer? While overlay apps have their purpose, they can also be a nuisance. For example, overlay apps often make your computer run slowly, freeze up, or crash. Fortunately, you can disable these overlay apps on your computer.

Overlay apps are like pop-ups or those little ads that pop right over your screen. They’re annoying, so some people disable them—but sometimes that doesn’t work. The truth is, overlay apps aren’t actually apps, they’re part of your computer’s operating system. That means you can’t just put a “block overlay apps” filter on your search engine settings. Here’s how you can disable overlay apps on your PC.

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Apps
  • Select the overlay app you want to disable
  • Select Disable
  • Restart your PC
  • Create a new user account

Repair Game Files ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

If you have ever installed a game on your Xbox One, you know that sometimes the game may not install properly. While there are some things that you can do to fix these issues, currently, there is not a simple way to fix a problem once it occurs. The good news is that there is a better way: keeping a backup of your game saves.

Game files can get damaged. Whether you’re playing online, playing a game on a console, or playing on a handheld device, there can be instances where game files get damaged. When this happens, it can be very frustrating, and a lot of times, the game is unplayable. However, there are several steps you can take to repair the game files, and this post will outline what you can do to fix them.

Update Builder Simulator Game

Game Update Builder Simulator is an awesome game with a lot of potentials. Obviously, the game is free, and the developer says that all future updates are free as well. The developer, EmbeddingBlue, is currently developing the game just as a hobby, so I end up playing a lot of their games. (Other games like VR Golf Simulator and Construction Simulator are a lot of fun as well.) For $0.99, the update for Game Update Builder Simulator is worth having.

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The Bottom Line ( Builder Simulator Keep Crashing )

If you have been playing Builder Simulator on PC for a while, and all of a sudden your game keeps crashing on startup, then this post is for you. Builder Simulator, one of the most popular builder games, has been crashing on startup for most PC users, which has caused a lot of frustration among players.

Have you ever been playing the game (Builder Simulator) on PC and kept on getting a bug or crash? If you search for it on Google, you will find many Americans (and many others) have the same problem. The good news is, that you only need to enable 2 options in the Builder Simulator Options screen, and that’s it. So, apply the above solutions and you’ll get a positive result.

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