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Hi, online shopping-lovers if you give most of your time in finding the best products online and also sell it through online platforms then you must know about Craigslist Phoenix.

And if you belong from the united states or near to Arizona then you definitely know about it.

In 2000 they expand their business in Canada and more US cities.

Craigslist Phoenix is an American advertising website through which people see advertising for free.

And sell or buy things from different categories like jobs, Cars, Pets, housing, for sale, product wanted, and services personals and dating also.

It’s only virtually available there is no physically located store like amazon or Walmart.

There are one Craigslist offices in San Francisco for the only individuals who must need to visit.

The name of this website is taken from its founder, Craig Newmark to moto of creating is to fulfill the needs of individuals in his community.

Craiglist is the most popular source for buying & selling which generated 20 billion views per month which serve their services in 70 countries and around 500 cities of the world.

How to Use Craigslist Phoenix for sale Cars, Pets, Jobs

Anyone can post ads on Craigslist Phoenix as individuals and if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, or in nearby communities then it’s easy for you.

Just read craigslist Terms of Use and make a post but there is a limitation in posting like you cant post continuously

After every post you should wait for 48 hours otherwise you will be banned from them.

And for accessing Craigslist Phoenix you do not need to fulfill any special requirement by site or not to pay any money for it.

But for showing your ads you just need to register yourself in craigslist by their online portal. here Is the process just follow

  • So open craigslist phoenix az official site FROM HERE.
  • Now click on “create a posting” which is the available left site at the top below craigslist. in site you see only text so its difficult to find out.
  • Then just locate your current city correctly and proceed to the next step.

craigslist cities

  • After that choose your category like you to offer craigslist phoenix jobs, housing, or services other options also there select as your requirement.

craigslist phoenix category

NOTE: There is a limit in each posting to a single area and category, once per 48 hours as I mentioned above.

  • So here we talking about the sale so just mark “for sale by owner” option.
  • As you mark selected category you will be redirected to the next page where you need to select the subcategory of your niche.

az sale cars pets job

  • Now to main craigslist phoenix page for sailing open were you need to enter these details.
  1. Posting title – which is the main heading of your post.
  2. The price – which you offer of your product.
  3. city or neighborhood location.
  4. With postal code.
  5. Then enter the long or short descriptions as you want.
  6. Now fill some posting details and about contact and payment info.
  7. At last, add some Images of product or service which attract buyers and click on “Done with Images”.



  • For other categories Like below when I choose service as a category they show these results as subcategory just select any and click on continue.

craiglist how to sale

For that, they charge different amounts depends on the category which you offered.

Craigslist also uses the user flagging system by this they identify illegal and inappropriate postings.

It’s a free service so don’t keep it in the wrong way use it for a good purpose to make a profit.

craigslist phoenix

You can offer many more other services rather than a job on craigslist like motorcycles and bikes for younger boys, trucks, electronics items, personals, furniture, and much more free stuff.

Many guys use it for finding life partners via dating with craigslist this is a really interesting thing.

But when you placed an ad for selling something then what is the trust factor with this site.

So first let you know craigslist does not take guaranty for the products or services which are listening on the website.

At the starting of the craigslist site, some stupid people use it for illegal activity so it makes the wrong image of craigslist in the market.

And here you deal with unknown people ( strangers ) so make sure to meet him/her in any secure area.

And make a deal after getting complete information about them.

Also if you avoid meeting if your deal can be done online then its wise decision but careful about payment.

Because cryptocurrency also accepted in craigslist phoenix so do online transection after a proper inquiry about dealer or seller at least take there address or phone number.

Or if you do transection in crypto or interested in trading then take a look at my post which is about OctaFX my review.

Craigslist can do one thing to avoid spamming via there site they start giving ratings to sellers by which people easily find out the trusted dealers in phoenix.

It is much better than depending on claims after robbed.

Advantages of using craigslist phoenix

If you are using craigslist phoenix for a long time then you know how easily it connected to the buyer with the seller.

And you sold your product or services very fast without making too much effort rather than other online platforms.

If buyers interested in your services they will contact you so just set your price according to you and start selling.

I tell some benefits of using craigslist.

  • First, there is no verification needed for creating an account in craigslist phoenix.
  • You just visit their website and by email and password, you can create your craigslist online account.
  • And here you can sell anything there is no limit from jobs, community, housing, gigs to craigslist phoenix personals.
  • With many other services also this option is not given by many craigslist alternative sites.
  • Or if you do anything which is harmful to people against there privacy policy then they take action and also banned your account.
  • And you can not post any spam link here like which targeted to other websites you only post about your advertising product.
  • Also, you can see the lifespans of your post mean how long your ads are showing on site.
  • Craigslist does not allow any agents which are not authorized by them.
  • If your deal is done you can delete your post before its expiry date from craigslist portal.
  • People also use it for online dating with men and women to find partners.

Drawbacks of Using Craigslist

Like you above see many advantages but nothing comes with 100% accuracy there is always something missing.

So in the case of craigslist many users of it are getting disappointment on the order.

It’s not because of craigslist but the unknown people who only want to get money at any cost.

So here are some disadvantages of using craigslist.

  • Because its online portal so chances of being frauds are increases.
  • And craigslist doesn’t provide any helpline number or live chat support so where people complain.
  • Next craigslist offers lots of category to the user but unfortunately, it’s Limited only available in some US states like craigslist Arizona and some neighborhood locations.
  • And you can post to being Anonymous by entering unknown details of mails, name, and location there is no security verification type of thing.
  • Also, craigslist is not children friendly website that means some of its services only available for adult people.

How to avoid Scams and fraud in craigslist phoenix

Because it is a totally online platform where people deal with others without meeting them personally.

So scammer offers products at a very low price but I suggest you never do any transaction without knowing people properly.

This is the main thing via you avoid being cheated by someone.

Its also mentioned in craigslist about section where you can read there all points to avoiding scams here is the link.

Read carefully and follow then make any deal with strangers.

What happens with craigslist phoenix

When I access craigslist its working perfectly but sometimes internal pages stop working.

And after refreshing that individual page only error is showing but that’s not a major problem.

I tell you if its happen just visit the homepage of craigslist phoenix again.

And click the link where you want to go if not working just reload the page 5-6 time randomly.

Then you definitely access its all pages perfectly without any issue.

Craigslist mobile app

I hope you enjoying this phoenix website very much because it sells your product is a very little time gap

And also now you can access this website in your mobile with the help of craigslist app.

They recently launch there an app for both platform android and as well as Apple iOS.

And recently they update it on their site too.

From below you can download from which ios platform you using

Available on play store and apple store as the name of craigslist you can search.

Craigslist Phoenix android app

Craigslist for Apple iOS

Final verdict about craigslist

So the best part of craigslist is people find there required thing easily here men’s get employment because of its sell service also.

And many users making huge money out of it and they make it a Full or part-time business.

So as you know using craigslist has a lot of advantages by the above section post.

You can also post here by being Annonymous.

There is no need to show your details if you don’t want by using different emails.

And there is a limit on posting ads only one in 48 hours.

So you can use a different account for publishing more ads

There is no limit for creating an account that only requires a unique mail ID.

And recently craigslist added many more new things on their portal and also added a new privacy policy.

Which prohibited crimes and many strangers who do illegal activity by using craigslist.

But now they got to take action on it and you lost your account and yo get at risk.

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