Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language and Stuck in Spanish: FIX

Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language and Stuck in Spanish: Disney Plus is a subscription video streaming service that offers older Disney movies, along with TV shows and newer Disney movies. The 4K version of Disney Plus is only available in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, but subscribers in other countries can stream Disney Plus in standard definition.

While Disney Plus is a great service, it currently only offers 10 of the 22 languages that U.S. users can choose from, and that doesn’t even include subtitles, which are only in Spanish.

Disney Plus is Disney’s streaming service. So far, Disney Plus has only been available in English-speaking countries. However, that’s about to change. Disney recently announced that it will begin offering Disney Plus in both English and Spanish. According to Disney, 75% of Disney Plus subscribers are foreign.

Disney Plus subscribers can currently purchase Disney Plus, which is only available for $6.99/month. And Disney Plus will be coming to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries in 2019.

Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language and Stuck in Spanish: FIX

Disney+ has only been around for a couple of months, but it’s already starting to show signs of ageing. The streaming service, which competes with Netflix, HBO, and others, initially launched with content that only appeared in English, but has since added Disney Junior, Pixar, and Marvel Originals.

In addition, Disney+ recently switched up its user interface and now features an all-new slogan: “Your World. Your Disney.” But the language switch that Disney+ implemented on Nov. 1 has irked some users, who pointed out that Disney+ is now all in Spanish.

Restart The App & Device ( Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language )

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How to Solve Disney Plus Audio and Video is Out of Sync

Change Default Language ( Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language )

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Change Language During the Running Show in Disney Plus

Disney Plus is now officially launching and has landed on almost every platform, including Android TV. But, before you launch the app, you may want to change the language. Disney Plus currently offers several languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

In order to change the language, you will first need to sign in with your Google Account. Once the app is opened, scroll to the bottom of the display and select “Settings”. Next, select “Language” and select your desired language.

Disney Plus has a ton of great content, but the one feature that is particularly confusing is the “Change Language” option. This setting allows you to change the user interface text from English to another language.

The feature works for some apps — for example, it currently has options for Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and French — but not all. For example, the Disneyland app currently has no option to change the language.

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Update The App ( Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language )

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Use of VPN ( Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language )

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Contact Disney Plus Customer Support

Disney Plus is Disney’s latest streaming service, and it’s a big step up from their other streaming service, DisneyLife. Disney Plus offers 50+ movies, original series, and documentaries, including fan favourites like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as newer content like High School Musical:

The Musical: The Series. On the parental control side, Disney Plus offers Disney’s Circle of Security, a customizable content library that allows parents to block age-inappropriate content. If you have trouble with your PC, tablet, or mobile apps, or just have a question about Disney Plus, you can reach out to Disney Plus customer support.

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Conclusion ( Disney Plus Keeps Changing Language )

Disney+ keeps making headlines, and recently, users noticed that it was now in different languages. And users will continue to notice this because Disney’s application keeps changing its language.

It’s automatically set to Spanish, but when you go to change it, only English is offered. This language change happens on multiple platforms, whether you’re on the homepage of the website or in the apps for Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

Disney, you promised us that Disney Plus would be “Disney-fied,” but now, it’s anything but. Disney Plus, formerly Disney+, is Disney’s very own streaming service, and Disney has been spending a lot of money marketing it.

However, Disney Plus keeps changing language and is “stuck in Spanish.” Disney promised us that it would offer Disney+ in 2019, but it appears the service is still under construction. Disney Plus has Spanish as the language of choice as of 1/22/2019.

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