Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS: How to FIX

Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS: When GPS accuracy is important to you, you need a Garmin GPS device you can count on. With Garmin GPS navigation, you can locate yourself anywhere in the world, and then find your way to a place using the directions and map.

But, what happens when your Garmin GPS can’t locate you? Your Garmin GPS may be unable to connect to GPS satellites, but this can be easily remedied.

Garmin boards, or company boards, are not cheap. So, when your Garmin vivofit 3 and vivomove HR GPS watch begins to lose its connection to the mobile satellite network, it will cost you a pretty penny to get it fixed.

Garmin’s customer service agents are trained to diagnose each problem and assist in correcting the problem, but unless it’s a manufacturer’s issue, you will most likely need to pay for repair.

About Garmin Venu Smartwatch

Some of you are probably familiar with Garmin’s Vivoactive 3 GPS watch, which is a great waterproof fitness tracker. But you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what is wrong with your Garmin Venu, which is Garmin’s newest GPS running watch, and by all accounts, an improvement over the Vivoactive 3.

Time to get outside. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and birds are chirping. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors. But do you turn on your GPS, only to find that your device doesn’t want to connect to the satellites?

Your device can’t see the GPS satellites because the Garmin Venu Connect GPS signal is not receiving. But don’t worry, it’s an easy fix.

Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS: How to FIX

Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS

Your Garmin Venu is not connecting to GPS. You can’t get up and go for a ride because of this problem. Garmin’s Venu is a stylish, smart fitness watch. It’s easy to use, has plenty of features, and it’s comfortable on your wrist. You don’t have to charge it every day, either.

Venu has a battery life of 7 days, so you can wear it all day, every day, and never worry about recharging it. But, like all Garmin devices, Venu relies on a satellite to connect to. If you notice that you’re getting no GPS signal, then that means Venu isn’t able to connect to the satellite.

Garmin’s Venu series of smartwatches are sleek and stylish, but they’re not without issues. The most common is when the Venu can’t connect to GPS. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue.

Hard Reboot Your Garmin Venu

Garmin’s Vivoactive HR and Vivoactive 3 are the two latest indoor sports watches aimed at runners and athletes.

But when it comes to getting the most out of a wrist-mounted fitness tracker, a number of the Vivoactive 3’s features can be best utilized when paired with Garmin’s Venu app, which has an interface similar to the Garmin Connect app many of us use on our mobile phones.

In fact, if you’re already a Garmin Connect user, Garmin Venu should be easy enough for you to use. However, if Garmin Venu is something you haven’t used before, and facing issues with GPS just reboot your smartwatch.

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Hard Reset ( Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS )

It’s a bit counter-intuitive to think that a reset would make it harder for your phone to work, but that’s exactly what happens when you hard reset your Garmin Venu watch.

Think of it as turning your smartwatch back on, only to do its thing from scratch. It won’t be the same watch it was before you reset it, but it’ll also be different.

When your Garmin Venu isn’t working, you’re usually stuck with two options: wait for your carrier to send out a replacement, or if you’re in a rush, can just hard reset your device to factory settings and start over.

Hard resets are a simple solution, and if you’re already looking for an alternative to your carrier, they’re certainly an option you can consider.

It is therefore worth a shot to try. 

  1. Hold down the button. 
  2. Select Settings >System > Reset.
  3. Select an option as per your need:
    1. Delete Data and Reset Settings.
    2. Reset Default Settings.

Update Garmin Connect Mobile

Garmin Connect Mobile is a handy app that allows you to view and analyze your data—such as fitness, sleep, and weight—from a variety of Garmin devices. But Garmin Connect Mobile isn’t perfect, and the latest update brings some welcome improvements.

For starters, Garmin Connect Mobile now lets you schedule workouts ahead of time, as well as view cadence and power data, which is especially handy for cyclists.

Plus, the app’s new, redesigned user interface is easier to use than ever. You just need to Update Garmin Connect Mobile.

Garmin Connect Mobile for Android 6.0 is the latest update to the free mobile app for Garmin GPS users. It extends the app’s compatibility with Android devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and it improves the app’s performance and reliability with new enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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Update Garmin Express ( Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS )

Garmin Express is a powerful software tool designed to help you update (and maintain) your Garmin GPS device. While most people just use it to keep their devices running smoothly, the software can also be used to customize and tailor the device to your exact needs.

For example, you can disable the Garmin Connect app from your Garmin device, which means you will never be forced to sign up for an online account.

This goes a step further than disabling the Connect website since the Garmin Connect app is designed to always track your activity, even when your device is offline.

Garmin Express is a very useful app for your Garmin device. It allows you to update all of your Garmin devices through the cloud, as well as transfer data between devices, all within Garmin Express.

Garmin Express can also be used to manage Garmin Connect, which is Garmin’s way for users to collect data, track their workouts, and share their activities.

Wait and Try to Get a Signal to your watch

You may notice that your cell watch is not catching a signal. It may be because the watch movement is running too fast.

When doing this, the watch will leave the cell signal, so it is best to perform this wait method to slow down the watch.

If you’ve been waiting all day for a call or text through Bluetooth, and your phone is either not in range or hasn’t connected, your watch may be able to help.

With the Garmin Venu smartwatch, you can wait and try to use the Garmin Venu “Silent Network” to still receive communications without your phone.

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Try GPS only, GPS+Glonass, GPS+Galileo on your watch ( Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS )

GPS watches give you access to tons of different features, but how do you get them to work? The GPS feature is simply the GPS chip in your watch that it uses to determine your location.

GPS watches use satellite signals to determine their exact location, and once you’ve got it figured out, you can search for nearby points of interest.

Then, when your phone is able, it will send your watch the location of a feature or landmark nearby, and you’ll find out the exact location of your current location.

GPS watches are fun, but they rely on satellites, meaning your watch might get lost when the sky is cloudy. That’s why some people choose to get watches that use both GPS and GLONASSE.

The difference is that GPS watches are location devices, while GLONASSE watches are also navigation devices. That means they help you find your way, and they also work like GPS watches, telling you where you are.

Reconnect to Your Watch

Technology has changed the way we interact with our devices. Gone are the days of typing everything, and today, everything from our watches to our phones to tablets and laptops has touchscreens. Because of this, many people, it seems, have forgotten how to actually look at their watches.

Smartwatches aren’t new, but they’ve become a lot more advanced in the last five years. Fitbits and smartwatches both use built-in GPS and sensors to track your activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming, and sleeping.

These activities help you reach your goals, and they can also let you know when to change up your routine. So if for any reason it stops working just reconnect your smartwatch to your phone.

Check The Charge of Your Watch ( Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS )

Watches come in many shapes and sizes, and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. But one thing they all have in common is an LED display, which displays the time and temperature (if the watch accepts this feature).

Except for these exceptions, watches use electricity to charge the battery, and if your watch isn’t charging properly, then the battery won’t last as long as it should. Before you buy a new watch, make sure you know how to check the charge on the battery.

When you’ve got a smartwatch, it’s important to make sure the battery is always charged. Most modern smartwatches have a battery life range of between three and four days, so it’s important to make sure you’re always able to charge your watch.

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Contact to Tech Support Team

Want to contact support? We can be reached 24/7 using the Live Chat feature on our website, or you can send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When your Garmin Venu or device gets slow or doesn’t behave the way it used to, the problem might be as simple as running a virus scanner or installing an update. But other times, it’s not so simple. Your watch might be frozen, unresponsive, or won’t startup. In these cases, you’ll need to call in a technician.

Final Verdict ( Garmin Venu Not Connecting to GPS )

Garmin Venu is an Android application that allows users to download and share locations, images, and videos. Users can also enter and create activities like hiking, cooking, traveling, shopping, etc. Garmin Venu Application is developed by Garmin Inc.

Garmin corporation is a multinational corporation based in the United States. It provides various products such as navigation software, mobile devices, sports watches, fitness band, etc. Garmin Venu Application can be downloaded for free of cost.

Garmin Venu is a remote team member in the Garmin family. It provides users with an easier way to share and collaborate. With Garmin Venu, users can share and view maps, track progress, and collaborate with team members and clients. Moreover, users can also store and view messages, photos, files, and drawings.

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