How to Bold in Discord Plus all Combine Text Formats

Since I know Discord they don’t have integral formatting options as of now, you can bold text by using Markdown commands. If you were aware of the discoed future then you know There are no visible formatting tools in Discord, but still, lots of users are bolding words that make them stand out from others. So how to bold text in discord?

And not only did they do bold text in discord but also People were typing in underlines, bolded letters, spoiled the content, strikethrough text, italics words, and even in different colors.

Don’t worry about all this possible via Markdown codes if you are used to Reddit then you hear about it and use these codes in the Reddit comment section because Reddit also allows markdown syntax. So first understand what is markdown code?

Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums created in 2004 by John Gruber with Aaron Swartz people use it because it’s very easy to use and to create rich text using a plain text editor in a few second. Basically, Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax.

How to Make Text ( Words ) Bold in Discord via Markdown

You can make text in bold format there are two techniques one is markdown and the second one is YayText’s bold text generator but here in this post we discuss the easiest one which is Markdown syntax code throughout this you can perform various other operations also like to apply bold text, italics, underline the word, or strikethrough formatting to Discord messages.

You can also combine these formats like BOLD + ITALIC and BOLD + UNDERLINE at the same time so While you’re still learning the Markdown commands don’t panic you will convert text or letters in all possibilities just have a look below section.

How To Bold In Discord Text, Words, Numbers

If you searching in the discord app or in the web version you will never find this option directly because discord doesn’t have any visible tool for formatting for the text or any sentences so you need to do it manually by adding some codes.

Maybe in the future discord work on it and added this effective feature soon because it takes few seconds to modify text in a different format which is not conventional for all the user but this is the only reliable way as of now so how to make things bold in discord follow below steps.

How to Bold in Discord

  • First, navigate the discord app or website and open up the discord chatbox.
  • Now type any messages which you want to convert in bold just after you send it.
  • Now the main trick that you need to do is just add a pair of double asterisks by pressing SHIFT+8 on your keyboard ( **  ) just before and after the text which you want to show bold to others.
  • For example, if your sentence is ” Discord Bold Text ” and wants to show it in bold format Then just write it like **Discord Bold Text** and as you click the send button its appears in bold format to others.
  • Simple as that. Your chat with words, letters, sentences, or even numbers can convert into BOLD just try it.

How to Bold in Discord with Italic, Underline, and Strikethrough

As I told you above discord is not limited to the only bold format here are the other samples of combined texting format with the bold body. By using it in your discord DMs ( Chats ) you can make your online appearance more interesting and attractive. Different combinations of symbols give different results which look more appealing if someone read your chat.

How to Bold plus italic in Discord

1. How to Do Italics in Discord with BOLD;

To bold text, we used two asterisks, but For Discord Italicied + Bold, you need to perform the same thing but this time with one Three asterisks ( *** ).

For example, Just write it like ***Italic + BOLD in Discord***

2. How to Underline in discord with Bold text:

If you didn’t know for only underline the text in discord we use two underscores ( __ ) just before and after the sentence. But for Both Bold + Underline the words you need to add two asterisks plus two underscores at the same time in your message.

For example, it seems like this **__How to underline plus Bold in discord__**

3. How to Strikethrough with BOLD Text:

For the only strikethrough, we use two tildes ( ~~ ) at both sides of the text. But for BOLD + Strikethrough you need to use it by adding two asterisks plus two tildes ( **~~ ) at both sides of words.

For example, just write it like **~~How to Strikethrough with BOLD Text~~**

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Hope you got my point what I exactly want to represent in this entire article this post is not only about how to type bold in discord but also give you an idea about all the possibilities of combined text effects which can be generated by just adding 1 or 2 symbols according to your need.

Mostly I cover all the combinations there are if still, some remains which you are finding so check out our other post regarding the How to Discord section I mentioned there all the post related to the discord app and for more queries related to How to Bold words or letters in Discord then read below best FAQs section.

FAQs How to Bold in Discord

Question: How can I hide text in discord?

Answer: Usually hiding means spoiled the content for spoiler’s on discord you can use pair of this ||  symbols just before and after the text available just below the backspace should show your word or phrase under censor or spoiler type of effect they keep blur for others until they press the message.

Question: Can I change the text color in discord?

Answer: One thing that Discord doesn’t support particularly to perform any vibrant and colorful text chat experience you need to do this by some techniques. There’s text chat, but there are you never find built-in color commands but to do directly there is no way to do anything “styles” with your text.

Question: Is discord admins can see invisible users?

Answer: Not even server owners or admins have permission to see offline users. As far as I know, there are no bot or hacking ways which will show invisible users either. This is less than ideal if you’re working on channels or want to see what the highest or low numbers are to make administrative changes.

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