How to Delete a Discord Server Through Desktop or Mobile Both

If you are already a user of the Discord server then you know about its advantages Discord takes the crown of one of the best servers. And if you are an admin then you have some responsibility and rights to take action against unwanted kinds of stuff and keep someone kick out or in your server with one click. But if you have different types of problems which only cure is just by vanishing the discord server fully so here are the ways of How to Delete a Discord Server.

If you are searching for a deleting server then I think you better known about the app. Discord is an instant messaging and VoIP app used by the brode community of gamers as well as non-gamers too but in past few years and due to the lockdown effect The popularity of this Discord server is growing so fast that it is already hitting the top on the list of best servers for chatting and voice messages.

Other alternative options, If you don’t want the server anymore in your discord dashboard but also don’t want to lose it, So this is the best option for you you can transfer the ownership of the server to another user or friend which have a discord account.

How to Delete a Discord Server via Desktop

The beauty of Discord is that it is for everyone and anyone can make their own little server for gaming, chatting, and video streaming among people throughout the entire world. We will be discussing some necessary steps towards How to Delete a Discord Server if you are confirmed to delete just follow the procedure.

  • The first step to delete the discord server navigates the app and launch it on your desktop you can also visit the web version of discord from here
  • After opening the Discord application make a login through your discord account login information.
  • After completing login the main dashboard opens where you will be asked for the server settings and the name of the server. Select the one which you want to erase from the list.
  • Inside the server window, you see an option to delete the server. Exactly at the bottom left side, you will find the deleting a server option just tap on that.

How to Delete a Discord Server

  • If they ask you for some info or confirmation for deleting the discord server just give them all permission.

As you provide a green signal to ensure the deleting process soon you will not find the Discord server in the list of the servers on your device. This means the discord server is successfully removed from your list. And now, you and your co-coordinate members will not be able to use this server and its services anymore.

You can delete a Discord server using both the desktop ( app or web version ) and also through mobile apps read the below section to perform this operation.

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How to delete Discord server via the Mobile App

See the delete server of discord via desktop is consume some time of you but via the discord mobile app you can complete it in few minutes and the process is also much easy just follow the instructions.

How to delete discord server

  • Open Discord application on your iPhone or any Android device ( Mobile, Tablet ) and navigate to the server you want to delete.
  • Just Swipe right the screen to open the side menu bar, and click on the server’s name shown at the top of the screen.
  • In the pop-up that arrives, press the gear icon button on the right.
  • Now Select the “Overview” option and At the bottom of the “Overview” dashboard, Just click “Delete Server.” That’s it.
  • At last, You will be asked to ensure that if you really want to delete the server. Touch “Yes” to confirm that you want to permanently delete it from discord.

NOTE: If you have generated a two-factor authentication code at the time of installing discord, you’ll need to enter the 6 Disit auth code In the mobile app or as well as in the desktop version. Which found in your Authy or Google Authenticator app.



So this post is all about to guide you How to Delete a Discord Server if you want to get rid out of it deleting is not only one solution there are other options also. If the server has followed by a huge audience then you need to transfer its ownership or you can sell out it to other people.

AN one thing Keep in mind Only the owner of a Discord server can delete it until if He/She will give you the permissions or assign user roles like admin or moderator then only you become get authority of deleting the server or performing other activities on there account.

FAQs about How to Delete a Discord Server

Question: Can Discord bots delete all servers instantly?

Answer: Note that bots that have the capability to delete server channel messages probably can‘t delete all of them in one click. If your server is newly created and has only a few DMs in the messages box, then you might be capable to get rid of them in one click. Though, if you have a wider community range, but it might also take some time to clean it all up.

Question: How do I kick the owner of a discord server?

Answer: Don’t go with if others have mentioned that, there’s no method for you to just take a discord server. The admin has only the right to do that so as of now The owner of a server can’t be kicked out from their own server because the owner is the biggest authority. But if the owner transferred the ownership to someone, then action can’t be undone. You can only begin with a new server and rebuild it.

Question: How do I delete a discord server I don’t own?

Answer: Can Admins delete Discord servers? If you are asking about random servers, which you don’t have admin then sorry it cants possible, only the server owner can delete it ( Or only the Discord team have that rights themselves, which is obvious). So no, any admin can not delete a server. Only the owner or Discord themselves can delete them.

Question: Can a discord server have two owners?

Answer: For people who know each other very well and they become real-life friends through online discord portal, or even in those who create a server together partnership should be owners & coowners. Instead of creating the role of “coowner” with “administrator” permissions, there should be a section for that inside server settings.

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