How to Delete Discord Messages, Plus Clear Discord Chat from DMs & Channels

How to Delete Discord Messages? Discord comes with some excellent features which help to make our chatting experience much better. Like deleting our discord chat is one of them. Sometimes is necessary to do, because there are some private chats of us, which might be misused by the third person which is your enemy and they take advantage of it by taking screenshots. And in this online world, we can’t take a risk with our important messages.

So whenever the conversation is closed you should delete all the discord messages one by one or by selecting all of them you can clear discord chat history. You can also take strong action there are various options in discord for this type of behavior like you can Report, Ban, Block, Mute or Kick Out a User from your Discord Account. But that’s the different topic here in this article we discussing, about How to Delete Discord Messages or clear the chats by mass deleting from DMs & discord servers.

There are two types of Discord Messages

In Discord, people communicate with two different types of text messages as the first one is Direct Messages which we also called personal chat or DMs. It is a private chat between two users and the second one is Discord channel messages, where the text chats are shared between the entire group on a particular channel where you joined. It works the same as Facebook and WhatsApp. So like this social media website when you clear the chat history sever gets free and you get more space on your mobile. So rather than personal chat security, it’s also important for your device and server space.

How to Delete Discord Direct Messages ( DMs ) or Purge Discord Chat

By going to the message menu you can quickly and easily delete a Discord message. However, if you searching for mass delete discord private messages or bulk-delete DMs in a server or channel, So I inform you there is no such inbuilt option currently on discord but by some discord clear chat command codes, you will perform this action. Here’s how to delete direct messages in Discord which you’ve sent to other users, this discord wipe chat method working fine on either the desktop or mobile version of discord.

  • First, close all the chat panels by going to the discord chatbox then erase the specific message so that it disappears from your history.
  • The user which you have previous conversation stories just Right-click on their name and click on Message. Same as the below screenshot.

How to Delete Discord DMs

  • Now from the left side of the window, scroll the old messages and click the X mark that appears just beside the message.
  • If you just want to hide your personal Message then there is an option too.

NOTE: There are no confirmation dialog message popups for deleting any message, so before clicking the X mark think about it, if you might want to keep it.

Deleting messages is not a proper solution for unwanted people so take a look How to Block or Unblock Someone on Discord without Knowing them.

How to Delete Discord Messages from Channel

The process of deleting discord channel messages is a little bit different from deleting private messages. But it’s not difficult anymore. I decided this section in two categories were the one is deleting the discord message one by one or individually. Which takes a very long time if you have a huge conversation from year and year. So another way of deleting all the discord messages from the channel is by using Bots. by using bots you’re able to delete their entire chat whether it’s 500 or 1000 messages doesn’t matter. Bot clear your discord chat history in a single click without taking too much time. So let us begin.

Clear Discord Chat from Your Servers Channel

  • Open your discord server text channel where you want to delete messages.
  • You can see the three-dot icon appears over the top of messages. Click on the icon, then from the menu choose the Delete option.

How to Delete Discord Messages from Channel

  • Here a confirmation window will occur and asking you about your selection. So finally click the Delete button.

This method works fine if you have a problem with individual messages and want to delete chat one by one, but obviously it not suitable for removing the whole chat histories or the entire list of text messages. That’s why people use bots for deleting multiple messages at a time. So just scroll below to find out the method to delete bulk messages.

How to Delete Discord Bulk Messages by using the MEE6 bot

If you are a regular discord user then you know about it, There are a lot of bots in discord that offer a variety of features so choose the one which gives a bulk-delete option in a personal chat or group chat. However, I suggest you use the MEE6 bot is the favorite one amongst the server admins community. As mentioned by mee6, it can delete up to 1,000 messages as per operation. The Installing process of the MEE6 bot is relatively simple just follow the below guide.

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How to add MEE6 bot to discord

  • First, make a login into your discord website then search for the MEE6 bot website. ( You can see details here ).
  • You need to first add the MEE6 bot to your discord account. So click Add to Discord option and then determine the appropriate server.
  • A popup window will ask about discord and mee6 linking on your server, so just click on continue.
  • In the next window allow some permission to the MEE6 bot, so that it can delete messages. After that Click on Authorize button.
  • At last, Click on the I’m not a robot option and follow the user verification processes by following the instruction after the captcha window.

Discord and MEE6 Linking

Once the process of installing MEE6 is completed, then from here you can initiate and utilize many useful features, and deleting messages is possible by entering some commands within Discord Chat. So just copy the below codes and you will able to delete the chat.

Discord commands to clear the chat:

  • Type ‘!clear @username’ to delete a specific user’s ( Mention User Name ) previous 100 messages.
  • Type ‘!clear 500’ to delete the last 500 messages list on your channel.

The numbers are dynamic so you can choose according to how many messages you want to delete at a time. This one is the far easy method for deleting a large number of messages at once, The Maximum limit of deleting messages is up to 1,000.

NOTE: Also suggest you visit the MEE6 website for the latest commands update and click on the ‘Moderator’ option Enable this function. ( If the above command will not work for you properly then try to take these steps ).

For better explanations, you can watch this informative discord youtube video

If I delete all the messages from discord, does it disappear from the other user account too?

No, if you remove messages from your discord account doesn’t mean that would be deleted from the other person’s profile also. You need to understand that you cant modify other user’s accounts in any condition. So The messages you remove are still in Discord’s servers, and the user able to access them at their discretion.

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Question: Can I recover discord deleted messages?

Answer: The answer is both Yes or no. Because manually you cant see the messages, but there are some discord bots by adding them you can perform this task easily. Primarily the Dyno bot has this type of function to help you to recover mistakenly deleted messages.

Question: Can we delete multiple messages on discord?

Answer: As I told you Discord doesn’t provide any inbuilt this type of feature in their interface. So in discord is not convenient if you’re thinking to delete a lot of messages together. Even deleting the process of a single message is also a bit time-consuming process because it asks for confirmation after pressing the X icon of deleting the message.

Question: Does deleting your discord account also delete the messages?

Answer: When you delete any of your accounts from the discord server, Then ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord. In some cases, Your previous messages will still be visible, but the user can’t find you because you will be shown as “Deleted User” Plus your profile picture also disappears. So no need to worry

Question: Does blocking someone on discord can also delete the messages?

Answer: First of all, to block someone: just right-click on the user’s name and from the menu click on the “Block” option. Once you block someone your profile will invisible to them. The chats go hidden But they can see the previous conversation by uncovering them.

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