How To Report, Mute, Deafen, Kick out, Ban, or Block Someone on Discord

Internet and social apps allow us more freedom to do anything but some people take it wrong and use offensive things on comments, DMs, or Live streams. That’s why it is necessary to teach them a lesson in discord you have various options for this kind of behaviour such as you can Report, Mute, Deafen, Ban, Kick out, or Block Someone in discord if the user continuously repeats the violation.

And If the user does it mistakenly then you can mute them or warn for next time. But if it happens again and again then you have to take strict action of a ban, kick out from the server, or directly block them. And discord has a strict Term & Condition policy. So before doing any violate thing, everybody must read these discord guidelines.

Some people spamming into the chat, sending abusive messages or images, they do anonymously because they don’t have guts to tell in front of you that’s why they find online mode as an easy way this type of toxic behaviour never tolerates. And that’s why we have to use this negative action for them. So let’s start with how to report someone on discord. So here are the actions and briefly explain how to implement them.

How to Report Someone on discord

Reporting someone is discord is a very strict action its the last resort but sometimes its very necessary to do. The term report is used as same as other social media sites Facebook, Instagram. Is mostly used when someone uses abusing language or taking advantage of youth. So for reporting anyone on discord just follow these steps.

  • Navigate discord and make a login.
  • Then open a server which you have authority and goto the Appearance option.
  • From ‘Developer Mode’ just toggle it ON.

How to Report Someone on Discord

  • Here you see the offender ID of 17 or 18 digits copy it and save it somewhere else or in Notepad.
  • After that just next to the offending message click on 3 dots and also copy if by clicking on the ‘Copy ID’ option and save it also.
  • Now from your discord channel list just Right-click your server name from the dropdown select Copy ID and save it.

How to Report Someone on Discord

That’s it the rest of the part Discord Trust & Safety team will be done after investing in your concern. If a user really infringes the community guidelines rules they got punished as an IP ban by discord.

If you’re a discord member you also report user’s content without having admin rights. For this just visit,  Discord Submit a New Request Page. On this page, you need screenshots of violation and any shorter information about the user. You report anytime but keep in mind until you don’t delete the abusing message, image, or videos.

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How to Mute Someone on Discord Server

Muting someone is not a very strict action like reporting. As the name is a straightforward process user got muted in your server and unable to speak to you via the voice channel. For muting someone follows these steps.

  • First, visit your server and find the profile name from the user list whom you want to mute.
  • Right-click on the user’s name.
  • And from the context menu, just click on the mute option.

How to Mute Someone on Discord Server

  • Now the Suspicious user no longer to message you on your voice channel.

How to Deafen Someone in Discord

Deafening is work as muting but it’s different. When you deafen someone it stops the user from hearing your speech. The deafening option automatically includes muting. keep in mind you can mute someone but not deafen, but when you deafen someone it also applies automatic muting at the same time.

  • Same as muting first find visit the profile name of user from the member’s list.
  • Just Right-click above the user’s name.
  • And from the context menu click the option of deafening.

How to Deafen Someone in Discord

This option will help you completely restrict a person’s from hearing from you and also hearing them. So the ability to communicate in your voice chat is totally prohibited.

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How to Kick Out Someone in Discord

If the muting and deafening are still don’t work to avoid or change user behaviour. Then the kick that person out from your server is the ultimate solution. So if you Assign a higher discord role and have admin authority then you kick out the person directly via the below process.

  • Same From the user list find the profile name of the user which you want to kick out.
  • Above the user name just apply right-click.
  • Then from the context menu click on the option of kick.
  • Now you have to enter a short reason to kicking out that person discord will notify them, or you leave empty this box.

How to Kick Out Someone in Discord

How to Ban Someone in Discord

This is a strict action related to blocking. If the user irritates you again and again then you can take this action and eliminate them by these steps.

  • Open up discord and find the profile name of the user from the user list.
  • Just Right-click above the user’s name.
  • Click the Ban option from the context menu.
  • In the next box write any particular reason for banning them.

How to Ban Someone on Discord

  • And from the Delete message history option, you can delete your conversation according to time format.

How To Block Someone on Discord which is Non-friend

You can block a user by going to their profile dashboard and blocking them individually.

  • Find the person’s profile name in discord.
  • Then just Right-click over it and click on the profile option.
  • On the profile dashboard just click on 3 dots beside the send a friend request option.

How To Block Someone on Discord

  • That’s it just click on the block option.

Now the person cants able to send you any requests or messages. If he tries to DM you then they got a message like, “You cannot send messages to a user you have blocked.” And you completely cut communication with that person even in the future until you Unblock a User.

Final Verdict on How To Report, Mute, Deafen, Kick out, Ban, or Block Someone on Discord

Discord is in the list of Top 10 best Instant messaging and VoIP apps, billions of people accessing it around the world. In discord users are sensible, and nicely talked but there is always an exception. Many servers are with neat & clean community but to handle stupid people at the time of interacting with them discord allows above restricting permissions. So it depends on you by seeking user behaviour on your server is it rude or light reactions. Then take an action there is always opposite options are there for each action Like you can unmuting, Unban them again on your server, Unblock user from discord, and for all other options.


Question: Is reporting someone on discord anonymous?

Answer: The Discord Term & Service management team also won’t tell you about what actions were taken by a user, so your completely safe to report them.

Question: What happens if I report someone on discord?

Answer: If you are reported by someoneif Discord takes action against you, you’ll get an email, for example, they ban or warn you, you will receive an email. If they take nothing actions, then you won’t receive anything.

Question: How do I report someone on discord under 13?

Answer: If they are younger than 13, then you can send an email about the concerns to [email protected]!

Question: Is BetterDiscord against ToS?

Answer: BetterDiscord is a great extension that many people used, but it violates the Discord ToS and can cause security issues. … Similar to reporting users on discord, reporting plugins, and themes should also be possible in many ways, but certain plugins which utilize for the wrong purpose and themes violate the rules.

Question: Can I get banned for using better discord?

Answer: Can we get punished for using BetterDiscord? Depending on how you use it so use it in the right directions then nothing can happen or you can have your account disabled/banned.

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