How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid: Solution

How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid: Gas masks are handy to have in any disaster scenario, but, unfortunately, they’re pretty heavy. Fortunately, with Project Zomboid, you can store gas in bottles stashed away safely in metal containers. Not only can you store gas in bottles, but you can also practice siphoning gas as well.

The Project Zomboid apocalypse may be looming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some gas. Gas can be siphoned from cars if you’re experiencing a shortage, but you’ll need to know how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid first.

In Project Zomboid, knowing how to siphon gas is important. Sometimes, you find gasoline near your base and you need to drive there, but it’s hidden and you need some fuel to get to your vehicle. Sometimes, you have to make your way there via train, but the train’s fuel gauge is dropping fast. Whatever the reason, knowing how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid can give you the boost you need.

About Project Zomboid ( How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid )

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game by indie developer Introversion Software, and much like Day Z and DayZ: Survival Mode, it drops you into a deserted multiplayer world full of zombies. But Project Zomboid’s zombie hordes aren’t the only danger you’ll face. Gas is the primary resource you’ll need, and while gas canisters are plentiful in the game, getting one can be a little tricky. With a few tweaks, you can siphon gas from a canister using a screwdriver, a gas cylinder, and a PVC pipe.

About Project Zomboid Siphon Gas

Ever wondered how zombies get their brainpower, or how they function in a world without electricity? It turns out, that zombies run on gas. Gas is scarce in the world of Project Zomboid, and players who enjoy scavenging for supplies will need to siphon gas from their gas canisters in order to build a garden, keep their homes safe, or cook meals on the stove.

One of the more ingenious ways of combating the zombie hordes is siphoning gas from vehicles. This is a job best for heavy, strong characters since it requires being not too far from vehicles that have had their engines turned off. It’s also a job best for beginning players since siphoning gas is a fairly basic skill. The skill description also follows the naming conventions we have for Project Zomboid’s skills—it has three separate uses, so siphoning gas in a Project Zomboid game will read as follows:

  • Remove all pumps from the map
  • Put all pumps on the map
  • Destroy pumps
  • Build a pump
  • Build the refinery
  • Then build a refinery and pump
  • Build a refinery and pump with windmills
  • Build a refinery and pump with windmills and a generator
  • Then build a refinery and pump with windmills and a generator and stockpiles of generators
  • Build a refinery and pump with windmills and a generator and stockpiles of generators and stockpiles of generators

You can create the elaborate gas chamber

Project Zomboid is a sandbox zombie survival game where you can build anything you like, and that includes traps. You can build a simple tripwire trap that shoots a zombie in the head, or you can build an elaborate gas chamber that forces all living dead into a chamber where they explode. But one trap that many of us want to build, but have no idea how to build, is a siphon.

The gas you siphon from zombies in Project Zomboid is the gas you pump to power your Zomboid’s vehicle. It is also what fuels your zombies, and you, too. While it’s tempting to just fill up the tank, make sure you carefully siphon gas from your zombie’s vases first. For the siphoning process to work, you need there to be gas inside the zombies, which can only be achieved by siphoning gas from zombies that still have gas inside.

Why it’s important ( How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid )

For many of us, Project Zomboid is a prized feature of the game. The zombies are creepy and the storyline is intriguing, but the biggest draw is the insane amount of resources this game offers. However, most players will agree that the best way to get the most from your (and your fellow survivors’) precious resources is by siphoning gas from the cars.

  • The zombie apocalypse is upon us and Project Zomboid is changing the way you play. Get creative with your zombie-killing tactics and figure out new ways to create havoc in your new world. One method we’ve come up with is siphoning gas. This works because, unlike other types of zombies, gas zombies are immune to fire and gunshots. Plus, you can pretty much just walk up and siphon gas out of your enemies’ vehicles.
  • To siphon gas, you need two things: a container and a way to siphon the gas. An empty gas can, a soda bottle or a glass bottle filled with gasoline are all good choices. The siphoning method is up to you, but I use an empty gas can and a piece of cardboard with a hole cut out. I then used a piece of wire to make my siphoning apparatus.

Where can you find Project Zomboid Siphon Gas?

Gas is the only kind of fuel you can use in Project Zomboid, and it’s easy enough to find. Just look for any abandoned cars or houses, and search around inside. If there’s gas, it should trigger a flare and give off a pretty good odour. In Project Zomboid, you can also use gasoline to power vehicles—in fact, some vehicles require gasoline. Gasoline can be used in cars, trucks, golf carts, and even planes. Gas is found all over the place since gas stations are a common sight in zombie-infested towns.

Siphoning gas is a neat trick for Project Zomboid, but we have no idea why you would want to do it. Instead of running a tank of gas, you siphon away the gas from a stationary tank. This is only useful in a few instances. If you run out of gas in your vehicle, then siphoning gas from a stationary tank can help you get back on the road. You can also use siphoning gas in Project Zomboid to get a higher score on a fuel delivery mission.

  • Gather water, food, and medical supplies
  • Build and maintain a makeshift structure
  • Communicate with other players
  • Set goals and priorities

You need to manage

In Zomboid, you have to manage resources well, and the gas in your generator is one of the most important resources. In the game, gasoline is the main energy source, so you’ll want to keep it in good supply. But you also need to keep it away from the zombies—calmly siphoning gas from them will cause them to smell the gas, and they’ll start searching around for it.

When gas prices were at record highs, many PC gamers found themselves feeling the pain of having to shell out a small fortune to fill up their tank. Luckily, there’s a way you can siphon gas from vehicles in Project Zomboid, saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.

The bottom Line ( How to Siphon Gas in Project Zomboid )

For most of the game, I’ve been building more gas plants than I can reasonably consume, so siphoning off some to see what I can do to net a profit seemed like a good idea to me. Unfortunately, the siphoning mechanic in Project Zomboid is quite convoluted. There are an awful lot of variables to consider, and if you’re not sure how all the moving parts fit together, it’s going to be a long, frustrating trial and error process.

For siphoning gas, the key is to start with a deep well, since gas probably isn’t ubiquitous on the ground. You also need a pipe to siphon the gas through, so build a well and a pump. Then, just dig down, dig down, dig down, and siphon away!

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