Is BeepKart is Secure Platform to BUY & Sell Bikes and Bangalore, Chennai Review

BeepKart is an emerging online platform dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of pre-owned two-wheelers. With a strong emphasis on buyer satisfaction, BeepKart aims to establish itself as a trustworthy brand in this highly involved and carefully considered market.

By prioritizing digital channels, BeepKart provides buyers with the utmost confidence and assurance they seek when buying a used two-wheeler.

Taking a proactive approach, BeepKart is revolutionizing the purchasing and ownership experience, streamlining it to be as hassle-free and negotiation-free as that of buying a brand-new two-wheeler.

Through the platform, buyers can effortlessly browse through a wide selection of bikes, access detailed descriptions and features, schedule test drives, and enjoy a host of other convenient services.

What sectors and markets does BeepKart operate in?

BeepKart operates within the Retail and Automotive industries, catering to the needs of individual consumers in a direct-to-customer (B2C) environment.

It specifically targets the technological advancements in the automotive sector, providing innovative solutions and services to enhance the overall auto experience for customers.

Is BeepKart is Secure Platform to BUY and sell Bikes Review

BeepKart is a highly secure platform for buying and selling bikes. With advanced security measures in place, users can have peace of mind when conducting transactions on this platform.

The website is equipped with SSL encryption to protect sensitive information and prevent any data breaches. In addition, BeepKart has a robust verification process for both buyers and sellers, ensuring that only legitimate users are able to make transactions.

The platform also offers a secure payment gateway, providing an added layer of protection for users’ financial information. With its focus on security, BeepKart is a trusted and reliable platform for anyone looking to buy or sell bikes in Bangalore.

BeepKart One year Warranty

BeepKart takes great pride in the superior quality of our bikes and scooters, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our valued customers.

In order to safeguard against any unexpected circumstances, we provide a comprehensive warranty of 1 year or 12,000 kilometers on all our two-wheelers.

Please note that this warranty specifically covers matters concerning the engine and transmission.

To ensure the continued validity of this warranty, it is crucial to avail all three of your complimentary services from BeepKart within the designated timeframes, and also take diligent care of your bike or scooter.

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Location of Beepkart

Bengaluru, India

Who are the CEO, Founders, and Directors of BeepKart?

  • Hemir Doshi, the Co-Founder and CEO, has established a successful venture and holds a position on another company’s board. You may contact him through a provided email address.
  • Abhishek Saraf, also a Co-Founder, has founded two thriving companies and contributes as a board member for one more. To reach him, you can utilize the provided email address and phone number.
  • Ritesh Banglani, serving as a Director, brings extensive experience to the table. He actively participates on the boards of ten companies and has invested as an Angel in three other ventures. For any inquiries, feel free to use the two email addresses provided.
  • TCM Sundaram, another esteemed Director, boasts an impressive portfolio. He serves on the boards of eleven companies, invests as an Angel in two others, and has founded a successful venture. You may contact him through the provided email address.

Who are the top competitors of BeepKart?

  • Droom, a company headquartered in Gurgaon, was established in 2014 and has reached the impressive milestone of being a Series G company.
  • On the other hand, Bike Bazaar, located in Pune, was founded in 2017 and has remarkably achieved Series D status.
  • Lastly, Bengaluru-based CredR, which commenced its operations in 2015, has successfully progressed to become a Series B company.

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Frequently asked questions about BeepKart

When was BeepKart founded?

BeepKart was founded in 2020

Where is BeepKart located?

BeepKart is located in Bengaluru, India.

Is BeepKart a public company?

BeepKart is not a Public company. Its current company stage is Series A

When was the latest funding round of BeepKart?

BeepKart‘s latest funding round was on Oct 08, 2022

What is the valuation of BeepKart?

BeepKart‘s valuation is $36.2M

What is the annual revenue of BeepKart?

The annual revenue of BeepKart is $139K as of Mar 31, 2022

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