Is Homeaglow legit and Safe all The Truth Behind It

Is Homeaglow legit: Homeaglow has surely caught your attention with its irresistible offer of a $19 home cleaning service and the chance to earn money as a cleaner.

However, it is understandable to have reservations about such affordable rates and online earning opportunities, as scams are unfortunately prevalent in today’s world. Hence, the burning question arises: Is Homeaglow a genuinely legitimate business or simply another deceptive scheme?

But fear not! This comprehensive article aims to alleviate your concerns and provide you with a thorough understanding of everything there is to know about Homeaglow.

By the time you reach the end of this piece, you will have a crystal-clear perspective on this intriguing venture. So, without any further delay, let us delve straight into the heart of the matter.

Is Homeaglow Legit?

Homeaglow has established itself as a reputable and trusted house cleaning service since its inception in 2015. Its credibility is further validated by renowned websites such as Forbes, Business Insider, and HomeAdvisor.

For homeowners seeking a convenient solution to hire cleaners, Homeaglow offers a seamless experience. With just a few simple steps, users can sign up, browse through a wide selection of available cleaners, select a suitable time, and make bookings directly through the website. This hassle-free process allows homeowners to effortlessly find the perfect cleaner from the comfort of their own homes.

Moreover, Homeaglow also presents an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in earning some extra income. Cleaners can easily apply and become part of the Homeaglow network, enabling them to take on cleaning jobs and supplement their earnings.

Now, you might be curious about whether Homeaglow truly compensates its cleaners. Rest assured, Homeaglow not only pays its cleaners promptly but also ensures a fair and competitive compensation structure.

However, before deciding to hire a cleaner through Homeaglow or apply as a cleaner yourself, it is essential to be aware of the following six crucial aspects.

Let’s start with the first aspect, which is specifically aimed at those considering hiring a cleaner through Homeaglow:

1. Homeaglow Tricks You Into Their Membership & Then Locks You Into 6 Months Contract

Is Homeaglow Legit? Unveiling the Truth Behind the $19 Offer

Last Updated: December 2, 2023

Homeaglow has likely caught your attention with its tempting $19 home cleaning service or the opportunity to earn money as a cleaner. However, it’s common to question the legitimacy of such affordable rates and online earning opportunities, fearing that it might be another scam.

But fret not! By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Homeaglow is genuinely legitimate or just another fraudulent scheme.

Disclaimer: It’s essential to thoroughly read this post until the end to avoid overlooking important details about Homeaglow.

However, before hiring a cleaner or applying as a cleaner through Homeaglow, it’s crucial to be aware of the following six vital aspects:

Homeaglow Tricks You Into Membership and Locks You Into a 6-Month Contract

While Homeaglow offers the first booking for as low as $9, there are two hidden or unclear caveats behind their remarkably affordable rates.

  • First, they trick you into their membership, and second, they require an exorbitant fee to cancel your membership. Here’s how Homeaglow does it:
  • When you visit their website, Homeaglow captures your attention with their incredibly low rates, often starting at $19. By clicking on the deal, you’ll be directed to a page where you need to enter your zip code or choose from the available offers.

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll be required to provide your email address and zip code. In the next step, Homeaglow mentions in the fine print that the voucher requires a 6-month ForeverClean membership that automatically renews monthly at $49 and can be canceled at any time. However, canceling before 6 months will result in your first cleaning being charged at full price.

  • Unfortunately, the language used by Homeaglow is unclear. While they state that you can cancel at any time, they also mention that canceling before 6 months will result in a charge for the first cleaning at the full price.
  • Furthermore, the total amount you’ll be billed is not specified in the subsequent step, leading to confusion. Many customers unknowingly provide their payment information without realizing that they’ll be charged not only the hourly rate but also a recurring membership fee of $49 per month.

Most importantly, they are unaware that canceling their membership before the 6 months will incur a steep penalty fee. Consequently, customers are left with no choice but to continue their membership for 6 months or pay a substantial cancellation fee.

Before using Homeaglow’s service, it’s important to remember that you’ll be charged not only based on the hourly rate but also for the membership fee. Additionally, canceling the service will result in a significant fee, typically ranging from $100 to $250.

In conclusion, while Homeaglow is a legitimate house cleaning service that provides opportunities for homeowners and cleaners, it’s crucial to be fully informed about the membership and cancellation terms before proceeding.

2. Homeaglow Is Just A Middleman

Please note that the cleaners you hire through Homeaglow are not employed directly by the company.

Instead, they are independent contractors who have registered as cleaners on the Homeaglow platform.

Similarly, the customers you will be serving as cleaners are individuals who use the platform to book cleaners based on their specific needs.

Homeaglow acts as a facilitator between homeowners and cleaners.

The platform provides a centralized space where customers can easily find and book vetted cleaners, while also allowing cleaners to connect with potential clients and receive job assignments.

However, as an intermediary, Homeaglow takes responsibility for the entire process, including matching customers with cleaners, handling payments, and offering customer support.

Nonetheless, it is important to address the following issue:…

3. Homeaglow’s Customer Support Is Poor

Homeaglow has gained a reputation for being unresponsive to its users, resulting in a significant obstacle when it comes to resolving any issues or conflicts that may arise between you, the cleaner, or the homeowner.

As a result, both parties frequently find themselves grappling with the challenge of independently seeking a satisfactory solution.

4. Homeowners & Cleaners Varies From Great To Worst

It is crucial to consider the varying levels of performance when hiring cleaners through Homeaglow.

While some cleaners excel in their skills and work ethic, others may not meet the expected standards and display rudeness or a lack of dedication.

Likewise, homeowners also have diverse attitudes, with many being polite and respectful, but some exhibiting rudeness or impoliteness.

As an intermediary between both parties, Homeaglow claims to assist in case of any issues or conflicts.

However, it is important to note that Homeaglow lacks customer support, which means there is no guarantee that your concerns will be addressed, especially if they are urgent.

Lastly, cleaners should be mindful that:

5. For Each New Client, Homeaglow Deducts $5 From Your Hourly Rate

Homeaglow presents an opportunity for cleaners to connect with potential clients and generate income through their platform.

It is important to note that a deduction of $5 per hour is made from your hourly rate for each new client you acquire. Suppose you have set your hourly rate at $20 and recently completed a 3-hour job for a new client.

In this scenario, your total earnings would amount to $45 ($20 – $5 per hour = $15/hr), instead of the anticipated $60. However, it is worth mentioning that Homeaglow does not apply this $5 deduction to your hourly rate for recurring clients.

Here are five essential points to keep in mind about Homeaglow:

  • Homeaglow utilizes deceptive tactics to enroll you into membership and subsequently binds you to a six-month contract.
  • Homeaglow functions as an intermediary between homeowners and cleaners, facilitating connections and transactions.
  • Unfortunately, Homeaglow’s customer service leaves much to be desired, and users may experience difficulties in obtaining satisfactory support.
  • The quality of cleaners and homeowners on Homeaglow’s platform can vary significantly, ranging from exceptional to subpar.
  • It is worth noting that with each new client, Homeaglow deducts $5 from the cleaner’s hourly rate.

Despite these considerations, it is important to acknowledge that Homeaglow is indeed a legitimate platform, ensuring its credibility as a service provider.

So, Should You Use Homeaglow?

For homeowners seeking cleaning services through Homeaglow, it is advised to exercise caution due to the following reasons:

  • Excessive cancellation fees: Homeaglow imposes steep charges if homeowners decide to cancel their membership before the completion of six months. This could prove to be a significant drawback if there is a possibility of needing to modify or discontinue the service within this timeframe.
  • Insufficient customer support: Homeaglow has faced criticism regarding its customer support department, which may lead to frustration when encountering issues or requiring assistance with the cleaning service.

However, if homeowners are comfortable with these potential drawbacks and find other aspects of Homeaglow appealing, such as the convenience of hiring a cleaner from the comfort of their home, it may still be a viable option.

Now, let’s consider those contemplating joining Homeaglow as cleaners to earn money.

To make a well-informed decision, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of this opportunity.

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First, let’s explore the positive aspects:

One of the key advantages to consider is the convenience and speed that Homeaglow provides for individuals looking to earn some extra income.

By giving you the freedom to set your schedule, you can work on your terms and fit this opportunity seamlessly into your existing routine. This level of flexibility is particularly valuable for those seeking a part-time engagement that can effortlessly complement their current commitments.

Now, the negative aspects:

The platform’s unreliability can be attributed to its subpar customer service. Additionally, it is important to note that for every new client served, a significant deduction of $5 is made from the hourly rate.

This crucial aspect should be carefully considered when assessing the financial feasibility of becoming a part of the platform.


Taking into account the various advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to arrive at a well-informed conclusion as to whether becoming a cleaner with Homeaglow is a suitable fit for your objectives and preferences.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that Homeaglow primarily serves as a means to augment your income through a part-time venture, rather than being an appropriate path for pursuing it as a full-time occupation.

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