Lethal Company All Terminal Commands Latest Update

lethal company terminal commands: To make a purchase from a legitimate company or visit the new moon, it is necessary to utilize the terminal. Positioned conveniently adjacent to the active monitor, the ship’s terminal provides a plethora of commands that can assist you in your search for any desired information within the game. These commands can even reveal details concerning the danger level posed by the local roaming locusts.

To access the terminal and input these commands, one must first locate it on the ship. Simply navigate towards the area where the active monitor is situated, and you will find the terminal positioned nearby.

By standing directly in front of the terminal and pressing the interaction button, you will gain access to its functions. Additionally, selecting the ‘Help’ option will provide you with a comprehensive menu.

By typing specific commands such as ‘Store’ and pressing Enter, you will be instantly directed to the in-game Store. To fully grasp the range of available commands, it is essential to thoroughly explore the information presented in this article. So, without further delay, let us delve into the details.

All Lethal Company Terminal Commands:

Keep in mind that there’s a more efficient way to make purchases without going through the traditional store process and then searching for an accessory separately. Simply bypass the hassle of navigating menus by directly entering the name of the item you wish to buy, and voila! Your purchase will be swiftly completed.

Menu Commands:

Command What does it do?
Help Opens the main menu.
Moons Opens a list of moons. You can then travel to a moon or gather more info about these moons.
Store It opens the in-game item store, where you can buy any available items.
Bestiary It lists every creature you’ve scanned with some additional information.
Storage Displays all the storage items.
Other You are used to accessing several gameplay options. A helpful teammate follow feature will let you track your teammate on the screen everywhere.

Moon Commands:

Once in the moons menu, you can enter a moon’s name from the list below and press Enter. Choose the option ‘Confirm’ to verify your command, and you will travel to the selected moon post.

Command What does it do?
Company Travel to the Company moon.
Experimentation Travel to the Experimentation moon.
Assurance Travel to the Assurance moon.
Vow Travel to the Vow moon.
Offense Travel to the Offense moon.
March Travel to the March moon.
Rend Travel to the Rend moon.
Dine Travel to the Dine moon.
Titan Travel to the Titan moon.
Any of the above + info(eg: “Titan info”) Opens the moon’s information page with all the information about these moons.

Store Commands:

Like Moons, you can enter the store menu or directly enter the name of any items in the Store and confirm the command to purchase it.

Command What does it do?
Walkie-talkie Purchase walkie-talkie.
Flashlight Purchase flashlight.
Shovel Purchase shovel.
Lockpicker Purchase lockpicker.
Pro-flashlight Purchase pro-flashlight.
Stun grenade Purchase stun grenades.
Boombox Purchase boombox.
TZP-inhalant Purchase TZP-inhalant.
Jetpack Purchase jetpack.
Extension ladder Purchase ladder.
Radar-booster Purchase radar-booster.
Spray paint Purchase spray paint.
Loud horn Purchase the audible horn ship upgrade.
Signal translator Purchase the signal translator ship upgrade.
Teleporter Purchase the teleporter ship upgrade.
Inverse teleporter Purchase the inverse teleporter ship upgrade.
Survival Purchase a survival kit with four flashlights, a kie-talkie, and shovels.
Table Purchase the table ship decoration (only if it is available)
Toilet Purchase the toilet ship decoration (only if it is available)
Shower Purchase the shower ship decoration (only if it is available)
Television Purchase the television ship decoration (only if it is available)
Cozy lights Purchase the cozy lights ship decoration (only if it is available).
Romantic table Purchase the romantic table ship decoration (only if it is available)
Record player Purchase the record player ship decoration (only if it is available)
Goldfish Purchase the goldfish ship decoration (only if it is available)
Jack-o-lantern Purchase the Jack o’ Lantern ship decoration (only if it is available)
Welcome mat Purchase the television ship decoration (only if it is available)
Plushie pajama man Purchase the plushie pajama manship decoration (only if it is available)
Hazard suit Purchase the hazard suit (only if it is available)
Pajama suit Purchase the pajama suit (only if it is available)
Green suit Purchase the green suit (only if it is available)
Any of the above + info Opens the item’s info page.

Bestiary Commands:

Type a creature’s name to see more info. Beware that you must scan the beast to unlock its bestiary entry.

Command What does it do?
Baboon Hawk Opens the baboon hawk’s info page.
Bracken Opens the bracken’s info page.
Bunker Spider It opens the bunker spider’s info page.
Circuit Bee Opens the circuit bee’s info page.
Coil-Head Opens the coil-head’s info page.
Earth Leviathan Opens the Earth Leviathan’s info page.
Eyeless Dog Opens the eyeless dog info page.
Forest Keeper Opens the forest keeper’s info page.
Ghost Girl Opens the ghost girl’s info page.
Hoarding Bug Opens the hoarding bugs’ info page.
Hygrodere Opens the hygrodere’s info page.
Jester Opens the jester’s info page.
Manticoil Opens the manticoil info page.
Masked Opens the masked info page.
Nutcracker Opens the Nutcracker info page.
Roaming Locusts Opens the roaming locusts info page.
Snare Flea Opens the snare flea’s info page.
Spore Lizard Opens the spore lizard’s info page.
Thumper Opens the thumper’s info page.

Other commands:

There are some extra commands that you can use in the other menu. You can use these commands to do any of the additional gameplay mechanisms that are on offer.

Command What does it do?
View monitor Activate or deactivate the monitor screen to allow you to follow other players on the map.
Switch [player’s name] Enter a player’s name, and you will see that player on your monitor; your monitor will follow that player.
Ping [radar booster name] The radar booster will make noise.
Transmit [message] Used for sending a message through the signal translator.
Scan Performs a scan of the current moon, which tells you the number of items left.

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