lOVO tts Review: Can we use it for YouTube, Product Discription, and Voice-Over

The Lovo tts platform is a text-to-speech platform that works in a natural way from the other more common ones like the google and amazon tts tools. Unlike most text-to-speech platforms that use limited voices and easily recognize that they are robotic, But Lovo is different it uses a lot of natural voices tone that feels same like a human voice.

The voices are generated by a very large text corpus of more than 20 million texts, which is just amazing. Each word is created by a different combination of tones reaction, so you have a different human voice for each text. This means you can even create a different voice for the same text, so there is no more annoying repetition of the same voice.

About LOVO Natural Voices

Lovo’s software was designed and created by Charlie Choi – Chief Executive Officer – LOVO and uses the company’s own patented, next-generation text-to-speech technology. This technology was built using advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that analyze the meaning of a text as well as its tone and register and then use it to create the voice sound responses. This means that you don’t actually hear a person saying any of the words that come through Lovo’s text-to-speech robots.

Can we use LOVO for YouTube, Product Description, and Voice-Over

Listeners of Lovo’s text-to-speech platform like to say that they “feel like they are listening to a real person.” And when I test this, I really mesmerize by its voices, either it’s from male or female. How accurately they maintain the tone, equalizer efficiently. Even experts can’t find any difference between human or LOVO voice-overs. That is because the program’s voice is a mix of real human and sound effects that may make it sound like a real person.

Some of the LOVO voice skins are very useful to use in documentaries, explaining the news, storytelling, and E-learning courses. So yeah, definitely you can use it for Voice-overs in your youtube videos. But keep this thing in mind youtube doesn’t allow to use of AI tools. That’s why if you were using it try to add some background music from the Youtube studio library or by using any Appsumo Music AI tool. Or also, add proper push and break in between your sentences.

Best LOVO Voice-Skins to USE in YouTube And other Social Media Platforms

LOVO tts AI LTD Tool uses voices from different age groups and different countries such as American, Australian, British, Indian American, French, South African, Arabic, Brazilian, Canadien, Chinese, Dutch, and Hindi. And they categorize it by the tone of age group like CHILD, YOUNG ADULT, MIDDLE-AGED, SENIOR also by the reactions like Angry, classy, cheerful, energetic, excited, engaging and many others. Some of my favorite Human-Robot voices on the LOVO dashboard are…

  • Carl White
  • Charlie Carter HD
  • Liz Olsen
  • Kyle Snow
  • Richard Hall
  • Stuart Longstaff
  • Tim Calkney
  • Sharon Huang
  • Zac Packer

These are premium voices skins of LOVO, but when you purchase it from Appsumo, you can use the entire voice collection and can do much more with free amazing voice skins.

LOVO AI Online tool best for Creating Audio-Book

Lovo is a text-to-speech platform that is also useful for Audio-Books. What does that mean? Well, you can record a book, first write any document, then use Text to Speech to have it read to you. It sounds like a simple futuristic, but it’s one that can take a world in AI life with the ease and quality of your voice, especially as you get older and can’t talk too much.

Lovo is a text-to-speech (TTS) platform that generates realistic voices so you can speak to your phone or computer for producing an Audio Book. Lovo works on all platforms, from windows or MacBook, and you can use it to read out your messages, emails, social media updates, and even web pages by converting your text into speech. It’s as easy as taking a picture of a text and sending it to Lovo via your preferred messaging app.

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LOVO Custome Voice Skin

Lovo is a web app platform that allows users to listen and convert their text into their own voices. Yes, even you can create your own robotic voice. It uses a speech synthesizer to generate speech sounds, so the actual voice that is heard is not human. However, Lovo has the ability to tell different voices apart, allowing users to distinguish between their voices and those of other users. But they are a bit costlier than their regular plan that costs you around

  • $49 ( 20 downloads per month/Each of 20k letters)
  • $99 ( 100 downloads per month/Each of 20k letters )
  • And $199 ( Unlimted downloads )

How to Get LOVO Custome Voice Skin

Lovo is a text-to-speech platform that is also designed to create your own voice skin apart from regular once. It can be used to help the visually impaired read the texts with a synthesized voice. It can also be used to record your own voice or to play the voice of other people. So what you need to do for that, have a look.

  • If you go with Custome Voice Skin, then you need to pay $999; after that, they’ll send you one script of 15 minutes.
  • What you need to read them loudly in any silent room because of word correction, then send them that file.
  • In few days, they create a robotic voice of your own tone! That’s amazing.


I started using the Lovo text-to-speech platform, and it is really great. It is free somehow and also easy to use—no need to download a voice pack to use it. You can test them in real-time, although it takes time but gives results without downloading. I have downloaded a voice pack with a human tone, and it sounds like a real human. It is really easy to understand the words robots are reading. Also, the text can convert into many different languages, so no barrier. I have downloaded the voice pack in Chinese, Hindi, and American accent, and below me, no one competes for the lovo in the market as of now. Despite if you want more, you can try Lstnr and Speechlo as well.

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