No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working: How to FIX

No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working: There’s been a lot of fuss recently over players’ ability to play multiplayer games together—and not just within the No Man’s Sky universe: Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and recently Rocket League have all announced cross-play functionality.

But, with No Man’s Sky, the implementation hasn’t exactly worked out the way players hoped. The No Man’s Sky community’s been fighting with Sony’s servers to enable the feature, but Sony’s stated it’s been “working with the community” to address players’ issues, but progress has been slow.

That controversial decision to keep No Man’s Sky players locked into their own hardware, at least at first, is starting to pay off for NMS developer Hello Games. Thanks to partnerships with Sony and Microsoft, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of No Man’s Sky are finally working cross-platform together. But what does that mean exactly?

No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working: How to FIX

Are you ready for some big news? It’s finally here. No Man’s Sky, the 2016 game everyone is talking about is finally getting the long-awaited multiplayer update, named Atlas Rises, in July. The update will bring with it cross-play support, which will allow PS4, PC and Xbox One players to play with each other in a seamless manner.

Enable Crossplay in the Game

Crossplay is a process that lets players of two different games swap characters, weapons, or other game features. This makes it easier for gamers of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and preferences to enjoy the same game together. (It also helps with eSports; see Fortnite’s Season 5 for the drama.) A few of the most popular games that have crossplay enabled include Fortnite, Rocket League, and Paladins.

All three games offer crossplay, but there’s a catch: you must enable it per account. If crossplay is enabled for one account, it’s disabled for the other. Crossplay can be enabled on Fortnite through Microsoft’s Xbox app (Windows), the Google Play store app (Android), the Apple Store app (iOS), or by logging in to Epic Games’ website.

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Update the No Man’s Sky game ( No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working )

From a humble start, No Man’s Sky evolved into one of the best-selling games of last year. No Man’s Sky Blue, the follow-up to the game released last May, saw a significant increase in revenue. It generated more than 3 times as much money as No Man’s Sky the previous title. While sales have slowed down, players continue to buy this game.

No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi/adventure game developed by Hello Games that was originally released back in 2016. No Man’s Sky was an open-world game where players interacted with aliens and planets on a massive scale.

The game was met with muted to positive reviews, but gamers were particularly excited to explore the game’s vast universe since there were billions upon billions of planets to explore. The game has since been updated several times, but Hello Games has decided to abandon the development of No Man’s Sky. So if you facing any issues Update the No Man’s Sky game first.

Verify and Repair Game Files (PC Only)

If you’ve purchased a game from, Steam, Origin or Uplay, chances are they delivered your game in digital form. That means your game saves, multiplayer profiles, and game patches are all stored digitally, as opposed to being saved to a physical, CD or DVD like a traditional disc-based game.

This means that if you ever run into a problem with your game, like a poor internet connection that keeps the game from downloading content, or a crash that prevents you from playing (or just prevents the game from working at all), you’ll need a way to verify and fix your game files.

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Check the Server Status of Game

Are you having issues with accessing your game? Is the server down? Is the server under attack? These and other questions can be answered in the Server Check tool. The Server Status tool is designed and developed by You can sort the servers by latency, ping, game version, and server type. And it’s completely free to use.

Game players’ game is always stable, but you can only know when it is stable if you check them regularly. Game server status is monitored by the Game servers. You can check the status in many ways.

Clear the Game Data ( No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working )

In games, files called “data” are stored in the valuable, nonremovable memory of the console and contain important information such as textures, models, and audio files.

Remember, all gaming consoles don’t have the ability to “re-write” data to make better use of the available hardware. So, if your game crashes or freezes, it’s likely due to a memory problem and you may need to clear the game data.

It’s annoying, but it’s a fact of life. Games crash. They glitch, freeze, or lag. Sometimes it happens even if you just bought the game several days ago.

But before you trash it and toss it into the trash, what if it was something you did? In some cases, a simple restart can fix the problem. In other cases, you need to wipe your device, but be careful. Make sure to back up anything you want to keep first, in case things go wrong.

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Check Xbox Live and PSN Service Status

If you’re an Xbox or PlayStation owner, then you’re probably well acquainted with the subscription services in both of those ecosystems. From Netflix and Hulu to YouTube and Spotify, those subscription services let you stream all manner of media to your PC, phone, or TV, for a monthly or annual fee.

But it’s one thing to stream those services to your TV or PC; another thing entirely to stream them to your TV or PC when Xbox Live and PSN are down. Microsoft and Sony make their subscription services available online, and you probably even subscribe to them already.

Contact Hello Games Support Team ( No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working )

How difficult is it to contact Hello Games support? Very few people enjoy standing in an endless queue with a tech team who can’t give them an answer, or spending precious moments on chat support only to be told there’s nothing they can do. But all hope is not lost: you can get in touch with Hello Games support quickly and simply by using their website.

Hello, Games’ critically acclaimed game “No Man’s Sky” is now available on mobile. But there are problems. Some players are having technical issues, and others feel Black Rock City is misrepresented. Contact Hello Games Support team to ensure that the game is running smoothly.

What is the statement of Hello Game?

Hello, PlayStation Nation. Today, we’re announcing that we’re continuing our work with Hello Games through to 2021. We’re also announcing that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire the now-extinct Hello Games Limited.

This includes Hello Games’ rights to the No Man’s Sky franchise, including the No Man’s Sky: Beyond experiences and plans for future development.

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The Bottom Line ( No Man’s Sky Crossplay Not Working )

Ever since No Man’s Sky was released, PC gamers have clamoured for cross-play with PS4 owners, and today, it finally happened. The PC version of the game now works with Sony’s console, which means that, theoretically, PC players can hang out with their PS4 buddies in the vast galaxy of No Man’s Sky. But, as we all know, this isn’t always the case.

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