Pepehands emote and what does pepehands meaning

Hello, Pepehands emote lovers So if you are using emote for expressing your feeling with others on online chat or in streaming video then this Pepehands emote will make your conversation more awsome.

So if you are searching for information about Pepe hands like what is pepehands and what does it meaning then this post will help you a lot for your all queries about this emote.

This emote is mostly used by memers because they creating interesting as well as emotional memes.

Which touch easily to people’s hearts by the use of pepehands emote.

What is Pepehands


So Pepehands is just a Twitch TV emote which express there feeling by an image of frog or Pepe. when you see these cartoonies pepehands png image you will feel someone is crying and asking God why this happens with me.

It also represents streamer which is showing this emote its some kind of mentally disturbing with the situations and wants to try out to show his feelings with all of us.

Because the emote is showing sadness and it’s having a tear in the eyes and holding there both hands towards the sky. Just as shown in the above image you can download it from anywhere or visit here Pepehands emote download its available free on the internet.

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About Pepe hands

Pepehands emote is mostly used in BTTV or FFZ.

But when you talk about pepehands origin then its first added on September 18th, 2016.

By FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension and the username which is added is OinkerBob.

And in the year of 2016 is visible on the net from July month with regards to Twitch streamer Forsen. and pephands got more love from people and it gets 89 upvotes.

Forsen also said they are working on development in Forsen’s streaming style.

And starting using pepehands from 26th July 2017.

It’s more popular in the united state and people love to use in streaming or live chat.

What does pepehands meaning

So most people want to find the meaning of pepehands as I explain about pepega more deeply like pepega means “peh-pey-guh” if you want to read about it just visit Pepega emote from here.

But when I try to find out more answers about pepehand related queries then I didn’t get more information about it on the internet.

Only Reddit and some unknown sites have a little bit of knowledge about it.

So I try to give my opinion about it what is the meaning of Pepehand because there is no exact meaning of it you can say peep hand means the “hands of pepe or frog” which is sad and see on the sky and try to say something to god. that’s it.

For better understanding about pepehands here is one sad story on youtube.

From here you can easily get were to use this type of emotes.

Pepehands FAQs

How do I add Pepehands emote to BBTV?

If you did not enable these services on your BBTV browser then you can not use this feature.

So first, just enable this and take this beautiful feature just follow below to enable it.

  • First, click on the setting on your BBTV browser.
  • Now Click on appearance option.
  • And Enable BBTV emotes.

How to get pepehands emote?

If you are using the BBTV browser on your device then you can access it in a simple way.

Follow steps Which I mention below just do it.

  • For that also First, click on the setting on your BBTV browser.
  • Now Click on appearance option.
  • Now just enable your BBTV emotes.

That’s it now enjoys your pepehands emotes. like below image a girl which really looks like to this pape.

Pepehands png

How to get poggers?

For that also you need the BBTV browser on your device.

And this emotes are generally use for live chats streaming so just enable this option by below process

  • The open Setting option of the BBTV browser.
  • Now Click on appearance.
  • Then Enable BBTV emotes.
  • Right there You will find poggers emotes.

If you are interested in this twitch emote series which I have been posting so just like and share with friend and if all good next I post an article about Poggers emote.

My Conclusion on Pepe hands emote

Pepehands transparent
pepehands transparent


I hope you get and brief idea about this emote this is nothing but another popular emote by twitch and forsen there are also two formats of it which are pepehands transparent and pepehands png shown in the above image. which you can download from any source.

So if you are feeling upset and down so express your feeling with others its make your mind calm.

Don’t be introverted in this society be an extrovert and express whatever in your mind.

And by social media platforms we get this type of emote which makes a smile on our face. thanks!

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