Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits Tier List

Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits: Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse survival game, and while the game doesn’t release until March 11, 2019, the developers have given players an early look at a few fun additions that will be available when the game goes live.

As a player, you’ll start the game with a small stock of weapons and carefully craft other items you’ve “found” throughout the map—or scavenge them from other survivors.

The crafting system in Project Zomboid offers some interesting options, and the developers have unveiled a list of six new negative traits you can unlock by crafting negative items.

About Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is currently one of the more popular video games available, and rightfully so.

The survival horror game features exceptional graphics, both for the PC and for the Xbox One, and is as much fun as it is challenging.

And it doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a bit of zombie lore knowledge and know the ins and outs of zombie attacks properly.

As the title suggests, this one is a zombie survival game.

This one has zombies, but unlike other zombie survival games, this one does not take place in a zombie apocalypse but in an alternate universe where humanity has been wiped out by zombies.

Players go about their daily lives and every night must scavenge for food and weapons to try and survive until day breaks. The gameplay is quite similar to that of other zombie survival games, but the core experience is different.

Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits Tier List

Project Zomboid is a wonderful game, and it’s one I’ve been playing since 2013. And, while there are many great positive traits, one negative trait has always stood out: The zombies.

Have you ever wondered what the best negative traits are? Well, wonder no more because Project Zomboid has created a list of the best ones! So, what are the best negative traits? Here are the best negative traits that Project Zomboid has to offer.

Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits Tier List List your worst traits

  • Lizard Brain
  • Stomach Flu
  • Hoarding
  • Numb
  • Bad Relationships
  • Boring
  • Unruly
  • Lazy
  • No-Show
  • Bad Temper
  • Slow
  • Shy
  • Cold
  • Insecure
  • Hate
  • Beak
  • Incompetent
  • Unhealthy
  • Unmotivated
  • Useless

Project Zomboid Smoker

Smokers, rejoice! Project Zomboid, the zombie survival game in which you can buy cigarettes, is a few months away from release. When the game comes out, you’ll be able to purchase cigarettes for 10, 100, or 1000 Zombibucks, the currency used in the game. So, what cigarettes will we be able to get our hands on when we buy that first pack of smokes for 1000 Zombobucks?

In a zombie apocalypse, you damn sure better have smoked. The Project Zomboid Smoker is a handy tool to have in a zombie apocalypse, too. The Project Zomboid Smoker is a modded wooden pipe that has a small battery in it. It’s powered by a small battery that can power your pipe for up to 60 minutes.

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Project Zomboid Weak Stomach ( Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits )

If you’re looking to play Project Zomboid, you’re going to need to eat a lot of food. Food for zombies is vital for their survival in Zomboid, so they don’t just eat to survive – they also eat to be stronger, faster, and smarter. But does eating food give them all of these benefits or just some of them?

Well, it looks like the zombies are scoring a little victory, at least in terms of putting up a good fight. In the latest Project Zomboid update, players discovered that even the weakest zombies can drink and eat anything. That means that if you enjoy zombie-killing, your prey is going to be more able to fight back than usual. Of course, this also means that your (or your survivor’s) stomach is going to be consumed with the taste of rotting flesh.

Project Zomboid Out of Shape

The zombie apocalypse is here and with it the need for survival gear. Fortunately, virtual communities have banded together to create mods that are rich in content, but short on resources, and Project Zomboid has no shortage of that.

Many players find success by looting what they can, but some people go further, crafting their own weapons, armour, and tools to help them survive.

If you’ve ever played the zombie survival game Project Zomboid, you might’ve realized that it sucked the fun out of being a survivor.

While the game provided great zombie-killing action and its storyline was intriguing enough to keep you hooked, it did nothing to ease the anxiety of dying over and over again. Fortunately, according to, that’s all about to change.

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Project Zomboid Short-Sighted ( Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits )

The Project Zomboid is an open-world zombie survival game inspired by classics like DayZ and Rust. And just like those games, Project Zomboid has a crafting system that includes a variety of items you can use to make yourself look, feel, and perform better. But, are the items in the game too powerful?

If you’re a fan of zombie survival games—or morbid curiosity—then you probably already know about Project Zomboid. Created by indie gaming developer inXile, the game is a post-apocalyptic take on DayZ.

It’s essentially a zombie survival game, where you must scavenge for resources and attempt to survive in a world where the undead are the rulers of the world. It’s hardly the original concept, but, inXile has done a great job of modernizing and reimagining the zombie survival game.

Project Zomboid Slow Reader

After extensive play and feedback from our Alpha testers, we’ve decided to add a feature to Project Zomboid that will let you slow down your reading experience.

Previously, you could move faster or slower than twice the speed that it normally reads, but we wanted to take it a step further. Now, you can slow it down to 0.5x, 0.75x, or 1x, which is handy if you want to really focus on a particular passage. This feature is experimental so it’ll only be enabled for Alpha 2.

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game, and with its release on Steam, Project Zomboid Slow Reader has been unleashed. The slow reader, as the name would imply, is a version of the game designed for those with poor eyesight, or those who want to play on a slower computer.

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Project Zomboid Slow Healer ( Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits )

The zombie apocalypse is on the loose, and you’ve been tasked with slowing the spread of the infected at all costs. But how are you supposed to fight the hordes of the undead when your home is a crumbling, isolated hill? Build it, and they will come, as the saying goes, but (for lack of a better zombie apocalypse phrase), there’s no point in a building if the zombies won’t go where you want them.

That’s where Project Zomboid Slow Healer comes in: it gives players the tools to build their own zombie-free homes, and then populate them with survivors who can be fed, healed, and protected from the undead.

While there are a few different ways to play the game, it’s easiest to get into if you’re already familiar with the tutorial. You start off as a zombie who is slowly stumbling around.

At first, you’re just trying to survive, but after you earn your first bit of cash, you can upgrade your house so zombies don’t break in (and they don’t help themselves either).

You can upgrade your house to make it more comfortable, like adding a second story, which maximizes the number of zombies you can survive with.

Best Negative Traits Tier List in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a game based on the end of the world, where zombies are taking over. The game gives players lots of freedom in how they try and survive. If you want to, you can become rich, join gangs, steal cars, and do all sorts of things. One decision is how you choose to be a good person in a zombie-infested world. In this game, there are 5 tiers, and each one is broken down into 3 negative traits. They are

  • Evil: The most negative trait you can have.
  • Evil 2: A negative trait that can make you feel a little bit evil.
  • And Evil 3: A negative trait that can make you act evil.

What traits are the most important to you? Are you all about the brawn and glory, or are you all about the brains and wit? Well, if you’d like to rank these 3 negative Project Zomboid traits, you’re in luck.

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Final Verdict ( Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits )

Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse survival game, where you create a character and then survive the zombie apocalypse. Throughout the game, your character will level up and learn new skills and abilities.

You also receive new items that can be used to help you survive. However, in order to unlock new items or abilities, your character will need to earn experience points.

Project Zomboid is a zombie apocalypse survival game for PC and consoles. This massive game has but one objective: survive. Players take on the role of a survivor in a zombie-infested world. They must scavenge for supplies, build shelters, find people (or pets) to help them, and engage in melee combat.

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