Solution for Discord Screen Share No Audio Working Issue

Discord is a huge platform for screen-sharing services. This is also one of the best features for PC-level gamers. But consistently people are complaining about The discord audio is not working properly while they share a screen on the discord server.

This is not a big issue by analyzing some of your settings and applying some changes the Discord screen share audio not working will be fixed easily.

The problem happens like sometimes we are not able to hear and sometimes the front person can’t hear our audio properly.

The discord screen share helps to communicate with each other while playing games.

People enjoy it and give instruction to their co-players via voice command but this type of audio error annoying our whole mood.

If we know the exact reason it may, helpful to applies a correct solution or troubleshooting process for that. So we see the reasons first then we discuss briefly regarding fixing the Discord Screen Share No Audio problem.

Reasons for Discord Screen Share No Audio Working

When we study we found there are some common reasons behind this issue.

The basic one which we found is the outdated application is not supporting discord screen share audio properly and maybe the main reason is a glitch happens in between your network connection and the discord server.

There are many other reasons also, look below.

  • The application setting is not configured well according to audio and video compatibility.
  • The audio and video drivers which we using are not up to date.
  • While we installing the discord app sometimes we don’t allow Full Administrative Access.
  • Discord Voice No Route Error.
  • Some third-party tools or programs aren’t supporting the discord app.
  • Discord Mic Not Working Properly.
  • Antivirus restriction issues.

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Solution for Fixing Discord Screen Share No Audio Working

Before starting the solution directly, First, you need to give a fresh start to your PC and the discord app if you reinstall it again it will good for you.

After that enter your login credential, In your account dashboard allow all the administrative permission, and from the Application Window setting just toggle it ON the sound option. After that, you may proceed with the below solutions.

discord toggle the sound on

1st SOLUTION 1: Use Discord Push to Talk Feature

If you use the screen sharing feature a lot so discord has an inbuilt Push to Talk option under Voice & Video setting.

If you enable this setting, so whenever you perform online screen sharing it automatically detects if there any voice activity happens.

Although this option is in the beta version so sometimes it creates a problem with other tasks.

So it’s better whenever the connection got stability with proper voice command just Turn it OFF.

But be aware if you don’t want to share your audio then kept it off all the time.

Discord-Voice-and-Video-Push to Talk

2nd SOLUTION: Avoid Full-Screen Mode while screen share

This is a very rare bug. Especially games/apps are designed for playing in high resolution on full-screen mode. But mostly in the discord app, we have seen the audio and video don’t emerge properly while we share a screen.

This creates types of conflict with discord permission and doesn’t allow to transmit the audio.

So for next time restart your app and try to minimize the screen level. And then check if the error is gone or not.

3rd SOLUTION: Update your audio drivers

We all know on the desktop everything works on the drivers and everyday technology got a new update.

So we need to update our audio and video driver in some time game.

By updating the thing we avoid many this type of problems from all the applications and games which we are using in our system.

If you don’t know how to update just follow the below steps it’s very easy.

  • Firstly Press Windows + R key simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • A dialogue box will open just type “devmgmt.msc” command and press Enter.
  • The device manager will open, here see the option Audio inputs and outputs and expand it.
  • The sound hardware option is there just right-click over it and select update driver. That’s it!!

Update your audio drivers

4th SOLUTION: Check your PCs audio settings

By applying outer changer it doesn’t working whenever we do not allow audio setting from the inbuilt systems setting.

So it’s our first duty to check it out and adjust them correctly. For that follow the below instructions.

  • In the windows search bot just type “Microphone privacy settings” and open up the windows setting.
  • There is an option to Allow apps to access your microphone so you need to ensure that it Turn ON always.

Discord screen share no audio Allow apps to access your microphone

  • Also, Make sure that Discord its access is also turned on.
  • After applying all the changes click on the save and exit the window.
  • Then restart your PC and check the audio bug is completely gone or not.

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5th SOLUTION: Reset Discord voice settings

Sometimes in starting we install the app and customize the default setting and as the new updates come we still running on the old setting.

So this one is also one of the reasons behind the discord screen share no audio problem.

Or if you recently altered the discord voice setting, then I suggest you come back and try in the default voice setting. It’s a very easy process just take a look.

  • Open up the discord app or web version from here
  • Click on the Cog while the user setting icon.
  • Now from the left pan under the app setting option click on Voice & Video option.
  • Here you will see the Reset Voice Setting option, hover your mouse and click on that.

Discord screen share no audio Reset Discord voice settings

6th SOLUTION: Clear Discord Cache Data

Cache memory is useful to manage our app fastly. But sometimes the memory stores lots of unwanted junkie files.

So the app doesn’t behave properly. And it will cause and reflecting improper discord audio and video functioning.

That’s why to clear unwanted cache memory of the discord app we need to follow these steps.

  • First, completely close the discord app.
  • Hit the Windows logo key from your keyboard and type on command %appdata% then click the enter button.
  • A new window will open find the discord option here, right-click over it and click delete.
  • Now restart your system and check if the error is still occurring or not.

Some other solutions for discord screen share audio not working

The above reasons and settings are the main culprits behind the discord screen share no audio working issue. But if you apply all and error is still as it is.

Then you should care about some other simple steps and apply these techniques which everyone knows from childhood.

  1. Uninstall and Update the discord app to the latest version.
  2. Disable your antivirus temporarily.
  3. Add the program you want to share to Discord.
  4. Try Using Windowed Mode During Screen Share.
  5. Check Discord Logs.
  6. Reinstall Discord.


Many discord errors occur because of incompatibility of the software with the system which we using.

And there is also a small mic that is responsible for hearing the audio so test that also before start screen sharing. Although I cover all the reasons and useful changes which everyone needs to apply.

The solution works 90% of the time if they may occur because of the above reason. But no need to worry if all is OK from your end.

Then you have to complain about it, to the discord support team maybe it happening with your account only.

So just ask they reply instantly and the problem went completely for forever.

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