WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC: How to FIX

WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC: If your controller/gamepad isn’t working properly with WWE 2K22 on Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, you can probably fix it. There are two main reasons why your device isn’t working as it should.

First, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo may have released an update since you’ve last played WWE 2K22, so you may need to update your device’s software. Second, it’s possible that you’ve disabled or uninstalled some controller/gamepad-related features. Luckily, it’s easy to fix these issues.

The sequel to 2017’s game WWE 2K17 is set to release on September 14, 2018. It will include new game modes, new moves, and new superstars.

The video game was originally released for PS4 and Xbox One, but PC gamers have not had the same luck. Many gamers are reporting that their PCs are not compatible with WWE 2K22, and are unable to use the game’s controller to play.

WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC: How to FIX

A controller is a handy thing to have when playing video games. It lets you be more precise than a mouse and keyboard, and you don’t have to constantly reach for the screen to press buttons. (And, if you’re playing with friends, it also lets you split your attention between them and the game.) However, not all controllers are compatible with every game.

Not all games even let you use a controller, and if you want to play PC games, you probably don’t want to use a console controller. Here are some solutions for that.

Reboot the PC

Rebooting the PC is one of the easiest tricks you can perform on a computer to troubleshoot problems, but the process is more complicated on some machines than on others.

While any or all of the following problems can crop up, restarting the PC is the first line of defence for simple fixes, such as updating software or drivers or shutting off programs that may be using system resources. (You can also quickly reboot a PC by holding the power button on the keyboard.)

Reconnect your Controller/Gamepad

Resetting the controllers or gamepads is a frustrating process. Over a year ago, these issues were fixed and we moved on. The controllers or gamepads did not reset, and the only way to get them working again was to unplug them, plug them back in, and wait for it to work again. However, that is no longer the case.

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Unplug Mouse/Keyboard or Other Peripherals

Most of us have a computer, laptop, or tablet, but do we unplug the peripherals that go with it? Unplugging your mouse and keyboard may seem like a hassle, but it can actually save you a lot of frustration and health concerns.

In today’s tech-filled world, the cords connecting your keyboard and mouse to your device have a habit of getting tangled up or knotted, and this hinders your productivity and makes you more prone to getting sick.

Are you considering a new PC for work at home or upgrading your current one? If so, you’ll likely need a new mouse and keyboard. While mice and keyboards have evolved over the years, they’re also incredibly convenient, and you probably take them for granted.

But a wired mouse and keyboard can drive up your electric bill and generate more waste. If it’s time to replace your mouse or keyboard, consider going wireless. While wireless mice and keyboards cost more, you stand to save a bit of money on your electric bill, and that savings can add up over the years.

Press Alt+Enter keys ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

The press alt+enter keys thing you see at the bottom of some web pages and popup windows is kind of a holdover from the days when computers were primarily used for text processing.

(The term was derived from some early versions of Unix, which originated in the 1970s.) These days, though, there’s really no need anymore to press alt+enter to access your desktop’s Start menu, open documents, and other programs.

Pressing the Alt+Enter keys, or Alt+Print Screen keys, at the same time allows you to capture your screen and save it as a file on your computer. This is useful for capturing, for example, a word or phrase, a screenshot of a web page, or a video. You can reverse this process later, with Alt+Print Screen.

Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode

A few years back, Valve launched Steam in Big Picture mode. This mode allows you to play games on your HDTV but in a Windows 8-style interface instead of the full Windows 8 UI. Unfortunately, the Steam in Big Picture mode didn’t last very long. Not sure why—Valve released an update in 2015 that brought Big Picture support to Linux—but since that update, Big Picture mode hasn’t really seen much action.

If you fire up the Steam desktop app, you’ll notice that it offers two options: “Big Picture Mode” and “Desktop Mode”. The “Big Picture Mode” option (when in full-screen mode) gives users two options: “Big Picture Mode” and “Full Screen”.

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Switch Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hz ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

Switch Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hz is a new feature added to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. When enabled, the refresh rate of your screen will adjust to 60Hz by default when playing games or watching videos. This feature will calm down the screen, making you less sensitive to motion blur and hitching, which some people find annoying.

Screen refresh rates just may be the most important setting on your monitor, and they don’t get enough credit for how useful they are. Most people probably never even think much about refresh rates, but the fact of the matter is, that they’re very important.

Launch the game in Windowed Mode using the Config file

Many games have launch options in the Config file of the games, enabling you to launch the game in windowed or fullscreen mode. Some games also have options to launch with DirectX or OpenGL. This method of launching the game will work for games that use the DirectX or OpenGL engine.

Launching a game in windowed mode is handy, especially when playing online. You aren’t confined to your desktop, and you can always easily exit the game if it lags or crashes.

Unfortunately, a game that launches in windowed mode by default can’t be easily restored to full screen. However, most PC gamers are used to using batch files, scripts, and config files to modify the behaviour of their programs, so it’s probably a good idea to know how to launch a game in windowed mode with a config file, just in case you ever need it.

Enable Steam Overlay ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

Steam is about more than just playing games. The Steam store offers a variety of apps for your computer, and Steam users can also browse and download movies and TV. And more impressively, Steam even lets you play games within games.

Steam games, known as Steam VR games, can be played with a VR headset. Steam VR games require two devices to play: the SteamVR system, and the game itself. The SteamVR system is a SteamVR-supported VR headset, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, and requires a separate PC to run.

Steam is a vast library of PC and Mac games that you can download, play, and trade with your friends. Steam lets you play your games on any computer, without installing any software, and it’s where you go to find the latest games. But Steam’s biggest attraction is the community it has created around games, and one of the most important aspects of that community is the ability to chat.

Configure the Steam General Controller Settings

The Steam Controller offers up a lot of options for customizability, but how do you go about configuring them? The Steam Controller has four physical buttons, two analogue sticks, two face buttons, and triggers, as well as two touchpads, where your thumbs rest. Each of those physical buttons and controls has its own set of configuration settings that you can customize through Steam.

Steam has been around for nearly 15 years, and it’s helped gamers direct their Steam accounts from the comfort of their living room. Since its release, Steam has allowed gamers to play more than 100 million games and download more than 350 million game add-ons from the Steam Store.

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Select High Performance in Graphics Settings ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

When watching videos or playing games on your Chromebook, you’ll sometimes want to tweak your graphics settings. By default, your Chromebook is optimized to use the lowest performance settings possible, which results in smoother playback. But if you’re a fan of crystal-clear graphics, or you’re running some resource-intensive applications, it’s better to use a setting that’s optimized for that task.

There are literally thousands of options for graphics settings, but how do you figure out which ones are right for you? For today’s example, I’m going to use my 17′′ MacBook Pro with Retina 5K display, but you can easily apply these settings to any device.

Uncheck Controller in Steam Controller Settings

If you’re a Windows user with a Steam Controller, there’s a good chance you have it set to function in a standard gamepad mode. If you’re using a mouse and keyboard, that’s great. But on Windows, you’re missing out on a good bit of precision, as regular gamepads don’t read your joysticks or buttons all that well.

In fact, some Xbox-style gamepads work just as well, if not better. However, you can switch your Steam Controller to mouse mode in a couple of ways. The first is to use the Steam Controller’s settings menu, but, as you’ll see, that’s a bit inefficient.

Disable/Enable Steam Input ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

One quick way to do things is just to go ahead and do it. I mean, why waste time clicking through menus when you can just go ahead and press that button? And eventually, that approach gets tedious, especially when you’re trying to do something without having to pause and click around. Fortunately, there is a quick way to turn the Steam Input feature on and off, and it’s super easy.

Steam Input is a feature that some games offer that allows players to use devices such as gaming controllers and mice instead of typing while playing. Sometimes, you might get stuck on a screen in the game and need to press a button or move your mouse to the side in order to advance. If this occurs, Steam Input can be disabled.

Use Steam Input Per Game Settings as Forced On or Forced Off

Steam lets you use custom input per game, so you can turn off an analogue control stick or throttle for a game, or keep them on for slower-paced games.

Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t let you turn the options off altogether, so you’ll have to remember to change them every time you start a game. Fortunately, there’s a way to hide those options from view.

While Steam Input can work well for Valve’s own games like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Portal 2, some games do not work well with this feature, such as Wolfenstein:

The New Order and The Talos Principle. In these games, Steam Input can cause the keyboard or gamepad to stop working, which makes using the mouse or keyboard the only option. This video shows how to use Steam Input as forced on or forced off, so you can keep using the mouse or keyboard when Steam Input is not working.

Use DS4Windows ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

DS4Windows is an easy-to-use, Windows-based, bi-directional file transfer program. It allows you to download files and folders from the DS4’s internal storage or from a DS4’s microSD card.

The files can then be transferred, in real-time, to the PC. After the transfer is complete, the files can be removed and deleted from the DS4 Windows application. Files can also be renamed while transferring.

Microsoft released DS4Windows as a way to connect Windows 8 and 10 PCs to a DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth. While the controller works out of the box, Microsoft has released a beta app that lets you customize your DS4Windows experience.

DS4Windows is an application developed by Windows developers for fellow Windows developers. As the name may imply, the program provides shortcuts to common commands that Windows developers use every day.

However, the Windows developers behind DS4Windows aren’t letting that stop them from releasing the app to developers across the web. That said, the program is meant more for experienced Windows developers that are already familiar with Windows programming, rather than for novices.

Try Using a Wired Controller

So you’re dying to upgrade your gaming console but are hesitant to make the leap. Saving up for a new console is hard enough, but adding in a wireless controller is a whole other story.

Thankfully, there are cool accessories that let you play your current console wirelessly. But before you run out and buy a wireless controller, consider trying the classic wired controller. While it’s not quite as trendy as wireless, the wired controller isn’t without its own benefits.

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Conclusion ( WWE 2K22 Controller/Gamepad Not Working on PC )

If you’re playing WWE 2K22 on your PC, you’ve likely run into the problem of the WWE2k22 controller not working. After 2K released WWE 2K22, they announced that they had officially reversed their decision of supporting the Wine compatibility program, which meant that their official controllers no longer worked with Wine.

Instead, they directed owners of previous WWE games to just buy a new official controller. To appease their fans, 2K did release a version that worked with Wine, but many users complained that this version was much worse than the official controller, so 2K just stopped supporting it. Naturally, this means that your controller won’t work with your game. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the Xbox 360 controller instead.

When the Nintendo Switch came out, it was one of the best consoles on the market. But it didn’t take long for gamers to realize how terrible the Switch would perform when they wanted to game on PC.

The Switch utilizes a proprietary Nvidia controller, and that controller doesn’t work very well on PC. In fact, the Switch’s controller is one of the worst PC controllers you can get your hands on. Fortunately, a better alternative is on the way, and it’s called the DualShock 4.

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