How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping: Solutions for 2022-23

How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping: Solutions for 2022-23: So, you are one of the latest gamers to join Sea of Thieves. Your buddies are talking about how awesome the game is, and you are ready to jump right in. Just be careful—plenty of gamers have already complained about the game’s lag, and the Sea of Thieves community has been buzzing about increased lag lately.

If you’re one of the gamers who are experiencing high ping or even lag while Sea of Thieves, we’ve got a quick fix for you. By following the steps below, you will be able to fix Sea of Thieves lag and even help your friend fix theirs.

Sea of Thieves is the game everyone is playing right now. And so far, so good, at least for the Xbox One and PC. But the game isn’t perfect, and there’s one huge issue that keeps popping up: high ping.

About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has been overhauled, from what I can tell. The Pirate’s Cutlass is now the only ship in the game, and it’s a lot faster, allowing you to travel further and faster. It also now boasts the latest pirate weaponry, including the ability to shoot down enemy ships from a distance, as if you owned them. You can earn this equipment by breaking into enemy ships and defeating them, with relative ease.

How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping: Solution for 2022-23

Sea of Thieves has been out since March 2018, and despite some technical hiccups, the first pirate-themed MMO from Rare had a solid launch. But just like any game, Sea of Thieves has its share of problems, and one of those is that the game’s servers can get bogged down. And that’s no fault of the game—all online communities follow the same rules, so Sea of Thieves has to deal with the same issues that every other community has to deal with.

While playing Sea of Thieves, you might notice your game taking a lot longer to load than expected. The low loading times are one of the game’s primary selling points, but laggy gameplay is not. If you are experiencing lag in Sea of Thieves, you can try a number of things to fix the issue, which should speed up your gameplay. Here are some of the best fixes for Sea of Thieves lag.

Check Sea of Thieves Server Status

The developers at Rare have admitted they have encountered server issues since the launch of Sea of Thieves. While the development team has assured players that these issues will be resolved over time, knowing that the game’s servers are down can mean frustration. Fortunately, it is possible to check Sea of Thieves server status, which provides helpful data, such as how often the game is experiencing server issues.

Sea of Thieves is a piece of gaming history. It’s the first game from Microsoft Studios to launch on the Xbox console in over a decade, and it’s currently enjoying the best launch of any Xbox exclusive game ever. While the game launched with a flawless launch, there are reports of server issues and crashes, particularly on PC.

Check your Internet Connection ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

It’s easy to assume your Internet connection is perfect. After all, you connect to the Internet every day, and the Internet is the gateway to your whole world. But every once in a while you should take a hard look at your connection. And when? After experiencing frequent connection dropouts, very slow speeds, slow page loads, or something else that just isn’t right.

Checking your Internet connection shouldn’t require a degree in computer science. It shouldn’t be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. And it shouldn’t be something that only geeks should do. That’s why the first thing you should do after buying a laptop is to check your connection to make sure it’s working perfectly.

Update Network Drivers

Updating network drivers is essential for improving the speed of your computer. The driver’s files are installed on your personal computer to allow your hardware to communicate with your operating system. If your network drivers are not up to date then you may not have all the functionality of your device, which could slow you down.

The operating system needs drivers in order to communicate with the hardware installed in your computer. If your computer cannot properly communicate with the hardware installed, it cannot function properly. A driver update can fix that.

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Update Sea of Thieves Game ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

Sea of Thieves is coming to Xbox One on May 10, and it features a few big changes. Chief among them is the fact that you’ll no longer play a pirate by going solo, as you’ll always be able to find other players to team up with, whether it’s in a party of 3 or 4, or in a massive 100-player “Barbary Bay” event.

(Barbary Bay, by the way, is developer Rare’s largest-ever game world.) While Microsoft hasn’t announced any PC or Xbox Game Pass support just yet, there are plans to release Sea of Thieves on tablets, PC, and phones later in 2019.

Optimize Networking Settings

If you’ve been playing around with the networking options in Windows 8 or 8.1, you’ve probably noticed that the default networking settings aren’t ideal. The Windows networking team has taken note and is hard at work rearchitecting networking in Windows 10.

This improvement—which is slated for the Anniversary Update of Windows 10—will allow Windows 8 and 8.1 users to change the networking settings from something as simple as enabling Wi-Fi calling to more sophisticated options like managing bandwidth between devices.

Many of us hit 30 and realize that we aren’t as connected as we used to be. Whether it’s from our friends who live across the country or our families who live far away, we’ve all experienced the pangs of loneliness or sadness.

Fortunately, we’ve all got the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t always the best connection. In fact, it can be very inefficient. To get the most out of your Internet connection, you need to prioritize your networking settings.

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Power Cycle the Wi-Fi Router ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems can be frustrating, but following the steps in this post can help narrow down what the issue might be. If the Wi-Fi router is working fine, but other devices aren’t; if connected devices like smart appliances and security cameras aren’t connecting;

and if your computer or tablet isn’t getting a reliable wireless connection; or if other devices in your home, like smart TVs or game consoles, aren’t getting a strong enough signal, there may be a problem with the router’s power amplifier.

Power cycling the router will reset the amplifier, and in the process reset the router’s network settings, including any changes you may have made to those settings (like password changes).

The router is the heart of your Wi-Fi network, but wireless routers get old with time, and when they don’t operate as efficiently as they should, that’s usually a sign you need to power cycle them. A power cycle is the gentlest way to reboot your router. It’s not the best way to fix a lot of issues with your router but will fix intermittent or persistent wireless network issues.

Configure Windows Update Delivery Settings

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), online threats are more prevalent than ever. The rise of online threats means that it’s more important now than ever that we educate ourselves about securing our devices and educating others on best practices regarding online safety.

Unfortunately, education isn’t always enough. Sometimes, we have to make changes in the way we interact with the technology that we use on a daily basis.

Microsoft has updated its Windows Update Delivery Settings page to make it easier to enable or disable the Automatic Updates feature. The updated box offers one-click (or Bing) access, whether you are using Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, or Windows Server 2016.

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Flush the DNS Cache ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

The DNS cache is a feature that’s built into most operating systems. When you type “” in your web browser, for example, your computer asks the DNS service to look up the website’s IP address. If you type a domain that doesn’t belong to the server, your computer will revert back to the cache, which stores a list of IP addresses and where those addresses point back.

You can flush the cache to force the computer to re-ask the DNS servers, thereby changing the website’s IP address. However, this can have other consequences, such as speeding up your computer too much.

Have you ever tried to surf the net and were greeted with an error message that said, “the page can’t be displayed”? If you have, you are probably not alone. This is a common issue that happens because your browser has cached the wrong version of a page. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the easiest and most effective methods to correct it is to clear the cache or DNS cache.

Change DNS Servers

Changing your DNS servers is a very easy task to do. Most routers come with default DNS servers. This is usually a Google DNS server or OpenDNS.

The problem with these DNS servers is that they are often slow, and your ISP (internet service provider) may change these servers at any time. To change DNS servers, you will need to first log in to your router. You can do this by dialling into your router’s IP address or web address.

Changing DNS servers is a simple way to speed up your web browsing and improve your internet security. But what causes DNS leaks in the first place? DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it’s essentially a naming system for the internet.

When you type something into your browser, DNS translates it into a web address that your computer can use to connect to another website. Changing your DNS servers changes the domain names that are used for this process.

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Deep Scan for Potential Virus or Malware ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what to do if you’re worried about a virus or malware on your computer. It can be scary, especially when you hear about ransomware attacks.

Many security products offer “deep scan” capabilities that quickly check your computer and attempt to remove the malware. These tools rely on a heuristic approach, meaning they look for the signs of viruses and malware rather than looking for a virus itself.

Computer viruses are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself against them. One of the easiest ways is to download the latest anti-virus software from a trusted source.

If you’re using a PC, run an anti-virus scan at least once a week. Mac users aren’t immune to computer viruses, and it’s important to take out Mac anti-virus software as well. Mac antivirus software can help prevent viruses in the operating system as well.

Try Using a Dedicated IP Address

An IP address (which stands for Internet Protocol address) is a unique string of numbers that identifies every computer on the internet. Your computer’s IP address works the same way as a phone number does—the IP address lets computers know who to contact.

Most home internet connections connect straight to the internet like normal, but dedicated internet connections (called “DHCP”) connect directly to your device like a normal phone line.

For a home user, the Internet likely operates as an always-on, always-connected resource. From gaming and checking social media to online shopping, most of us have become accustomed to always being online.

But, while online connectivity improves our quality of life, it can introduce a host of security risks. When it comes to home network security, one avenue of protection that is often overlooked is using a dedicated IP address.

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The Bottom Line ( How to Fix Sea of Thieves High Ping )

If you’re a Sea of Thieves player, you know it’s rare to see high ping in the game’s lobby, but it can happen. There are a few reasons that cause lag in Sea of Thieves. The lag can be related to server issues, having too many players on at the same time, or a slow internet connection. If Sea of Thieves keeps crashing and lagging when you are playing, above are some steps you can take to fix it.

Sea of Thieves has been out for a few weeks now, and while the game is fun, it has a lot of drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is your ability to play with your friends, as the game’s high ping often makes the game unplayable for many players. While Microsoft is working to fix this issue, in the meantime, above are a few workarounds you can try.

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