How to Reduce lip Size and Make it Perfect by these Methods

How to Reduce lip Size: Whether you want to enhance your lips or reduce their size, there are a number of things you can do to achieve the perfect effect of your lip as you want.

As you grow older, you notice that the shape of your lips has changed you’re no longer able to get away with the same lip-plumping trick you did back in your 20s.

The problem is, even if you can’t plump them up like you did when you were younger, you may still want to make them look more subtle or refined. Some women may choose to let their lips go naturally, while others may only need to make only a few subtle changes.

Since we’re all born with a predetermined starting size for our lips, it should come as no surprise that some people will have bigger lips than others.

While there isn’t any magic way to reduce lip size, there are plenty of ways you can work to reduce the size of your lips. So let’s start with the methods.

How to Reduce lip Size

I am a big believer in lip augmentation (liposuction) to reduce the size of your lips. There are many ways of reducing the size of your lips. One is through liposuction. This will not only reduce the size of your lips but will also reduce the size of your waistline. Lips are used by different people for different purposes.

Some people use their lips to kiss their beloved ones while some use their lips for making funny faces at their friends. Some use their lips to give a special look to their dresses. And some use their lips to show their pain when they are in pain. Lips are used by many people in many ways.

Why do I keep biting my lip when I eat.

Another method How to reduce lip size

To reduce your lip size, you must first look in the mirror and analyze your current lip size – especially your upper lip – and then determine what you can do to reduce it.

Once you have decided on a lip-reducing technique, it is time to begin. For example, to reduce upper lip size, you can use a laser or other method to remove fat from your lip area.

If you have a number of other lip-reducing techniques, such as a lip plumper, an artificial implant, or a lip lift, you can begin using one of those methods first, and then switch to the lip-reducing technique that you prefer.

As you know, there are many things that can be done to reduce the size of your lips. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. The first thing you should do is get your lips branded. It’s a way to decorate your lips with an attractive, feminine design. It’s also a great idea to have your lips branded after your lips have gone through lip augmentation.
  2. If you want your lips to be smaller but want to continue using your lip filler, all you need to do is avoid eating after your lips have had the filler applied.
  3. You can use many products to reduce the size of your lips. You can even use your own homemade recipes to reduce the size of your lips

The trick for your lower lip

Before you are able to get rid of your small lower lip, have you realized that your upper lip appears to be bigger? That is because your lower lip is not enough on its own to cover the top of your upper lip.

What you need to do is make the lower lip bigger. This is done by using thicker lip liner, cut in the shape of your lower lips. The lip liner should be thick enough to make the lower lip appear bigger.


Since birth, we’ve been taught that a bigger face is a sign of a bigger personality. Before we even have a chance to express our emotions, people already have a preconceived notion of who we are based on the way we look.

This is why when we see someone with a bigger nose, we automatically assume the person is a bit “neater”.

(Ew!) But why is it that we feel the need to make ourselves look better, specifically when it comes to our facial features?

Besides the fact that we want to make ourselves look better, we also want to make ourselves look more attractive in case we’re in a relationship and we’re in need of a potential mate.

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