Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV

Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV: There are times when you may need to control your Samsung TV Plus remotely through your Samsung TV Plus. Normally, there are different ways to remote control your Samsung TV Plus: Samsung Smart TV Plus, Smart Remote, and Smart Remote Plus. But in some situations, you may need to control the Samsung TV Plus through another Samsung TV Plus as well as via your Smart TV. In all cases, you can use your TV remote to control the Samsung TV Plus.

I currently have a Samsung TV that is not showing on my TV, what should I do? If you are experiencing an issue with your Samsung TV Plus, you may want to contact the company to resolve the issue. Here is the official Samsung customer service phone number for you: 800-SAMSUNG (800-726-7864).

Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV

Recently bought a Samsung TV Plus from (STV-2016) which was a great deal. It was advertised to have a fast response time and a slim design… The slim design is true as the TV lacks an inch or two of thickness. However, the fast response time claims are a bit misleading. I recently noticed that it takes a long time to start up, especially when the TV is being powered on. While playing a video file, it takes a while to load the video…

Solution for Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV

Samsung’s new streaming device, the Samsung TV Plus, is smaller, sleeker and more affordable than its predecessor. And, this time around, Samsung’s bringing out a big party to launch the device at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The new Samsung TV Plus will launch globally early this year, with support for the UK and US, although no exact date has been revealed yet.

Check your Internet Connection

The Internet is a big part of our daily lives, but is it as reliable as it appears to be? Trouble is, when you lose your Internet connection, you can be left unable to work or communicate with loved ones, and lose all manner of valuable data such as emails and contacts.

Being connected 24/7 can have its perks, but there are always pros and cons to be considered. While it’s fun to have access to the Internet at all times, it can also lead to distractions, leaving you with less time to do the things you love. But if you’re worried about your Samsung TV Plus Not Working or Not Showing On My TV Internet connection, you need to connect 24*7 with the internet to play video or other services.

Reset Network Settings

If you’re interested in changing your current network settings, you need to know about the process of the device, which is actually the same for all Android devices. Here are the steps you need to follow on your Android device to complete the process:

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Tap on the option “Reset Network Settings”.
  • Now Tap “Complete Reset”.
  • Tap OK.

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Update your Samsung TV

Samsung’s new generation of smart TVs has taken the technology world by storm. We already told you about the excellent new features of the 2016 Edition, and the 2017 Edition is even better! The major releases in the 2017 Samsung TVs are the addition of the Amazon Fire TV and the Android TV platform, which you can use to watch a vast array of amazing content. The 2017 Edition also offers more ways to connect your TV to the Internet, allowing you to use a Samsung Smart TV as a wireless access point.

Samsung’s most popular TV, the Samsung UN50D6500, has recently been updated to the new UN50D6500F model. The main highlight is that it now has new features such as HDR, 4K Ultra HD, and the ability to connect via USB to a computer or an external hard drive. This model also comes with a fancy smart remote.

Update the Samsung TV Plus app

A few years ago, Samsung released the Smart TV app, a streaming TV service that would allow you to stream live TV content from your computer or mobile phone to your TV. While the app was a great concept, it was lacking in one way: it wasn’t easy to update.

The Samsung TV Plus app lets you control your Samsung Smart TV from your phone or tablet. You can use it to turn the TV on or off, to change the volume, or even to launch a specific app. It’s a simple and convenient option if you want to keep your hands free during those times when the TV is on and you’re not.

Disable IPv6

IPv6 is the next generation of Internet Protocol. It will eventually replace IPv4, and this is a good thing. But, for now, IPv4 is required for all computers, phones and tablets. However, since IPv6 is yet to be implemented, it’s possible that your device or computer is waiting for IPv6 support.

The Internet Protocol (IP) provides the foundation upon which technology, as we know it today, is built. It provides the backbone that allows us to surf the web, send emails, download music, upload photos, and everything else we take for granted. The Internet Protocol’s host address may be familiar to you, as it is the source of the address we use to join the Internet and send and receive data.

Change your DNS Settings

Quick question: Have you ever wondered why your computer is slow, why it crashes all the time, or why your battery dies so fast? If so, you’re not alone. New research from the University of Michigan shows that many people think their computer’s performance problems are caused by the Internet, when in fact, it is the Internet that is slowing them down.

Don’t know what DNS is? The short and simple answer is “Domain Name System” (DNS). DNS is the network that translates web addresses like into IP addresses like Still confused? DNS works by translating your computer settings/configuration/settings, into a series of numbers and letters. These numbers and letters, in DNS, are then used by your computer to connect to the Internet.

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Reset Smart Hub

It’s not every day that a smart hub is reset to factory settings, but that’s exactly what’s happening today. This reset is being done in an attempt to improve the overall performance of the smart hub and to raise firmware security.

The Remote Control app on your Android device lets you easily control your TV, but what if you want to do something while you’re watching it, like pause a show or change the volume? That’s where the Smart Hub comes in. If you want to control the TV’s volume, but don’t want to go near it, the Smart Hub will allow you to do so by simply tapping on the TV’s remote that’s in your hand.

The Samsung Smart Hub is a fantastic feature in the Galaxy S8 that allows you to stream apps, watch movies, and listen to music. It can also be used for the daily tasks of organizing your calendar and making calls. Sometimes, though, it may not work correctly, which can be frustrating when your calendar is full or you can’t make a call. That’s why to reset is important.

Factory Reset your TV

Having a new TV can be exciting, but it’s important to make sure it’s working properly before you start using it. Installing your new TV properly can make all the difference in how well your TV works and how long it lasts. There are several methods for this, but the most common is a Factory reset – in fact, that’s the only way Samsung actually calls it.

When you reset your TV to factory settings, it does not erase all the data in your TV. Instead, it sets the TV back to the state it was in when it was first sold to the end-user so that it’s running from the HDMI cable and on the correct channel. This process is important to ensure that your TV is as far as possible.


I have recently been in the market for a new TV (Samsung TV Plus) and I am having a little trouble getting it to sync on my Samsung TV Plus. It is a Smart TV, which I love, but it is not connecting to my TV. I would love to help you to fix it via the above solutions.

Samsung TV Plus is not working or not showing on my TV. It seems that it does not detect my TV. I tried that and the TV Plus will not detect it. I would like to know if the TV Plus is not working. So just try the above solution to resolve the issue.

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