Voot Keeps Buffering Always: How to Fix

Voot Keeps Buffering Always: Voot is the best app to watch your favorite tv shows and movies online. It has plenty of choices to choose from, like Tusshar Kapoor, Kapil Sharma, and other Bollywood and Hindi Tv shows.

The app is free of ads and shows daily updates of the latest releases. Sometimes, you may face buffering problems. This issue slows down the streaming, and you can watch only some portion of the video. Here, I am sharing a step-by-step procedure to fix the buffering problem.

About Voot

Voot is among the most used video streaming apps, especially in India. The app is available in over 40 languages and has more than 65 million monthly active users which makes it one of the most used video streaming apps in India. With the app, users can watch live TV videos, movies, and shows. There are several new shows on Voot every week that can keep you entertained.

Voot app is a very famous android app for movies and tv shows online entertainment. The Voot app is very popular among youth all over India, Voot app is developed by Times Internet Limited.

The Voot app is launched in September 2011 and at present Voot app is available on many platforms. Voot app is some popular tv shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Comedy Circus, Comedy Nights Bachao, Comedy Circus Ke Act 1 & 2, Comedy Nights Bachao Unlimited, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Comedy Stars Ki Raat, Comedy Nights Bachao Ki Raat, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Comedy Nights Bachao Unlimited 2, Comedy Nights Bachao 2018, Comedy Nights Bachao Ki Raat 2, Comedy Nights Bachao All Episodes

Voot Keeps Buffering Always: How to Fix

The Voot is a live-streaming app providing all the shows and movies you love. When you open the Voot app, the buffering bar appears that continuously buffers the video. If you want to stop buffering, here are the options.

  • Open the Voot video in the browser.
  • Click the three dots button in the top right corner and select show info from the menu.
  • In the Show Info tab, click the Play button.
  • Click the three dots button in the top right and then select Settings from the menu.
  • In the settings screen, click on Privacy and Setting.
  • Under Privacy and setting, click Clear Storage
  • Now clear data.
  • Now open the Voot video again.

Restart your device

Every time you’re about to do something new on your device, you might ask yourself, “Should I? If I do, will this mean I have to restart my device?” There’s an important lesson in this age-old question: whenever you are working on a computer, phone, or mobile device, always remember to turn it off first.

This doesn’t just mean switching your device off, but you should also close everything in the background—apps, browsers, and anything else that requires power. Without the programs in the background, your device won’t drain as much power. To restart, press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds or until the device switches off.

Restarting your device can come in handy. It can fix problems, resolve errors, or just help an old device perform like new. Restarting your device can be the quickest way to clear your device’s memory, although doing so will eliminate all the apps and data on your device.

  • Press and hold the power button of your smartphone (android/iPhone).
  • The start option will pop up.
  • Tap on Restart.

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Update Voot App ( Voot Keeps Buffering Always )

Voot, an Indian video app owned by Sony Pictures Networks, has been a popular streaming service since its launch in 2013. As the company reported, it reached the 1 million subscriber milestone in December 2018.

And in January 2019, the company added even more content to its library, including shows from Netflix and Amazon Video India. So, it is no surprise that users are still hungry for more. And that’s why Voot updated its app, which went live on January 9, 2019, adding new features that make the app an even better experience.

UpdateApp is an app that notifies users when an updated version of an Android app is available. The app displays a list of apps installed on your device and includes an option to check for updates. When an update is available, UpdateApp displays a notification on the status bar and provides a link to install the updated app.

  • Open Play Store on your android device, Or App Store on your iOS device.
  • To update the Voot app, search for it in your app store or through your games and apps.
  • Touch update and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
  • This may also fix your buffering problem.

Contact the Voot customer support team

Voot, an app for entertainment, is a popular one. There are many people who play Voot, a lot. But, if there is a complaint, then Voot customer support is their last choice, as Voot customer service phone support is not reliable. So, if you are also looking for Voot customer support, then we suggest you follow to connect Voot support team via these methods:

  • Email Voot support
  • Chat with Voot support

Use the Voot Customer Service contact number to resolve your problem related to Voot App.

Clear the app data cache

One way to speed up your phone and free up space is to clear app data. Clearing the app data cache will delete the app data within apps you haven’t used in a while. Certain apps may store their old data even after you’ve deleted it. This is annoying and takes up storage space. Deleting the app data will remove this data and free up space.

When you uninstall an app, it may leave behind some cached data. This data is only temporary, so when you reinstall the app, it does not have to relearn the settings and preferences of your current settings. But, if you uninstall and reinstall the same app multiple times, some of that data may remain, and that can result in the app having trouble adjusting to your current settings.

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Fix your phone Date and Time ( Voot Keeps Buffering Always )

If you’re having problems with your phone’s date and time, there are a few things you can do to fix it. If your time is off by at least an hour, and you can’t change your clock manually, your phone may just need an update.

And if your problem is the opposite—your time is off by an hour, but your phone’s clock is set to the correct time—then you may need to reset the time on your phone. Either way, just follow these instructions and your phone will be fixed in no time!

If your Android phone is showing the wrong date and/or time, it may be because you are using a different time zone than the one your phone thinks you’re in. But once you change that, none of the time, date, or alarm settings will work.

So, how to fix that?

  • Install ClockSync and set its time zone to the same as your phone.
  • Go to Settings, then Date & Time, and tap Time zone.
  • Tap Add and tap Automatic. Then add your current time zone.
  • After tapping the time zone, you’ll see a list of time zones (which look like large red nuggets). Find the one nearest to you and tap it.
  • Tap Done.
  • Now, go back to ClockSync, then tap Stop Syncing.
  • Tap Done again.
  • Now, your phone should sync

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Final Verdict ( Voot Keeps Buffering Always )

Voot is a good option to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. But, sometimes whenever I try to watch a video I face a buffer error. So, working under such conditions, I have no choice but to watch online shows and movies on Voot from my mobile browser.

But, problem is, when I close the browser and open it again, it works. So, there is a little tricky as I mentioned to fix Voot’s buffering always.

Voot, a video-on-demand service owned by Viacom18, is buffering constantly despite being connected to the internet. The buffering issue has been haunting Voot users since its launch in 2016.

Some users have reported that the buffering issue persists even after they quit the app or restart their device. But follow the guide you’ll definitely get rid of this problem.

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