Why does an Author Need a Good Cover Designer in 2024

You’ve probably heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we all do it somehow. And this quote works just the opposite in 2021. With the rise of e-book’s enthusiasm, the value of having a well-designed book or good cover Designer has increased. Readers from the digital generation are used to judging books by their covers.

A great cover will get their attention, and a bad cover will mean they’ll just move on to the next one. It’s a competitive marketplace out there, and a good book cover designer is your best chance at standing out. So, in this guide, we will see why an author needs a Good Cover Designer in 2021-22? and some important factors that designers use to make the cover more appealing.

Importance of a Good Cover Designer in 2021

As an author, you have always been told that you should have a great cover designer, as it is one of the most important aspects of your book. You can write all the books you want, but if your books don’t sell, then what’s the point?

  • A great designer can do wonders to increase your sales, but only if it’s done perfectly, not only from the inside, even from the outside.
  • It’s not enough to just slap your name and the title on a stock image and call it beautiful.
  • A good cover designer will take into counts several factors, including your book’s genre, tone, and plot, as well as the audience you’re targeting.

In order to create a cover that will both grab the attention of readers and reflect the proper contents of your book, experts always prefer that you should hire a professional designer, but might be wondering whether you should hire them, there are various platforms ( i.e. freelancer websites ) through which you can pick a quality cover designer.

The following are some of the important points that you should consider from the below parameter if you want to create an engaging cover layout.

How’s a Good Cover Designer helps Author

Whether you’re self-published or signed to a big publisher, your book cover is the first thing a potential reader will see. It’s what will catch their eye and make them take a second look.

Your cover is the first impression of your book that’s play an important role in selling offline as well as online, and it should be taken seriously by the author. Here are some points which designers consider to create the best book cover design.

  • Experienced Designers clearly describe the author’s vision by using amazing graphics arts.
  • He thinks like a reader and targeted age group, not like a writer.
  • Creative designers can take the help of online tools to build a focused, attractive cover design.
  • For a good cover output, they contain short information in the form of text & images about what the author actually wants to pottery in his book.

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Why does an Author need a Good Cover Designer in 2021-22

When you write a book or story, the art of the cover can make or break your efforts. You need a cover that is eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and attention-grabbing enough to sell your book or story. It is just as important for people to be able to see your title and photo and to recognize what it is about you’re writing.

If you have ever written a book, you know the nightmare of finding a good cover designer. A book cover designer is supposed to enhance the value of your book and make it look attractive. It is also a proofreader who reads through the whole story and makes corrections in the manuscript. If you wish to have a good book cover, it is essential to find a good designer.


Finding the best book cover designer is a crucial part of the entire self-publishing process because a bad cover may deter potential readers from picking your book up. But a good cover designer supports you to make your book stand out and saves your time & effort. It also helps you to reach out to more audiences by their eye-catching cover art.

So, think about it and consider the above phases. It will acknowledge the importance of a good cover designer and also encourages you to build a mesmerizing portfolio of your book.

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