Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working: How to FIX

Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working is an annoying issue we all have experienced, especially as you progress through the game’s three areas. Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working is due to the game’s location settings, but there is a way around it. Follow the steps below to find out how to fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working.

Apex Legends is trending heavily at the moment and while it isn’t officially available yet for mobile devices, Apex Legends mobile voice chat is working. This means that you can have a chat with friends but won’t have to worry about being left out if you don’t happen to be online.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale game, with a number of game modes. The mobile version supports up to four-player action, and the game itself offers a number of unique and engaging features. The game also boasts a robust voice chat feature, allowing users to communicate during matches and work together to achieve victory. However, the voice chat feature isn’t available at all times. If you’re not getting voice chat, there are a few things you can do to get it working again.

Apex Legends voice chat is one of the very best aspects of the game. With it, you can talk to people around the world who share your interests and with whom you can communicate fluidly. And, as of March 25, 2019, Apex Legends mobile voice chat is finally working.

Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working: How to FIX

Apex Legends is a popular new first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment. Players can sign up and play for free on the Legends mobile app. However, Apex Legends mobile voice chat is not compatible with all devices, which means players can have problems talking to each other online. While voice chat on Apex Legends mobile does work for some players, others still have issues.

Apex Legends recently changed the rules by rolling out voice chat, which is pretty cool, especially if you play with friends. The problem is, that sometimes the voice chat won’t work. (Ape, are you out there?) So, how do you fix Apex Legends Voice Chat not working? Don’t panic here you get all the solutions.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet
  • Update your device
  • Restart your device
  • Disable your proxy
  • Disconnect your device and reconnect it
  • Disable your firewall 8. Reinstall the Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat app
  • Clear your cache
  • Restart your phone
  • Turn your Bluetooth OFF
  • Turn your WiFi Off
  • Then turn your Data OFF
  • Change your DNS settings
  • Delete your cookies
  • Reset your WiFi connection
  • Restart your router
  • Check that your device is up to date
  • Check that your device is not running any apps that are causing voice

Another Solution

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Communication
  • Turn off Voice Chat
  • Turn Voice Chat back on

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Why Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat function is important

If you’re playing the recently released battle royale game Apex Legends on PC, then you likely won’t have any trouble with Apex Chat voice chat. This mobile voice chat app connects you with friends and teammates via voice chat so you all can communicate in real-time. You can talk to one another in real-time, or you can use voice messaging to send voice clips to your friends.

This communication is key to surviving in Apex Legends since you’ll need to coordinate with your teammates while playing. However, if you’re enjoying the game on your mobile and you’re using the Apex Chat app, you might be experiencing issues.

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The Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Solution

Apex Legends Mobile is one of those games that’s easy to learn but hard to master. That’s the beauty of it, but it’s also the reason why so many players have a hard time finding voice chat partners. And if you’re experiencing trouble with Apex Legends Mobile voice chat not working, you’ve come to the right place.

First, here’s the good news: Apex Legends Mobile voice chat does work most of the time. If the connection drops, all you need to do is restart your phone and voice chat will reconnect. But if your connection keeps dropping, then it’s time to troubleshoot the issue.

When voice chat doesn’t work in Apex Legends, it can be a frustrating experience. And the more you use it, the worse it can get, since voice chat becomes less effective the more you use it. But don’t worry, voice chat in Apex Legends will only worsen if you don’t fix the problem. Here’s how to fix voice chat issues in Apex Legends.

What you need to do ( Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working )

If you’re getting errors when you attempt to use Apex Legends mobile voice chat, this quick guide will show you how to fix the problem. By default, Apex Legends mobile voice chat is automatically enabled, and you will need to go to the voice options menu in the main menu (tap on the speaker icon in the lower-left corner of the home screen) to turn voice chat off. Once you’ve turned it off, you can still use voice chat by tapping on “voice” in the options menu, but you will still be able to interact with teammates using text chat.

Maybe it is a server issue

Apex Legends players who want to communicate with one another while playing the battle royale game are finding themselves locked out of voice chat. All players’ voice chat is offline, even though voice chat isn’t actually disabled. The developer, Respawn, has yet to provide an explanation for the problem, so players’ best guess is there’s a server issue.

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In the new update, Apex Legends resolve the issue

Just when you thought Apex Legends was pretty much solved, yet another update is included that addresses most of the game’s glaring issues. However, one particular bug has surfaced with this new update, and it’s causing some players to experience Mobile Voice Chat (MVC) not working. This GLITCH is causing players to miss out on their teammates or random strangers on voice chat, which is a pain. Fortunately, there’s a fix for Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not working, and it’s quite easy to implement.

Check your graphics card ( Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working )

It’s easier to play Apex Legends Mobile than it is to play Apex Legends on PC. The graphics are a lot better, and you can find the game in the App Store or Google Play. You will of course need to download Apex Legends Mobile, but it is completely free. In order to play with friends, however, you will need an Android device, which can include an Android phone or tablet.

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Check how much mobile data you remain

Voice chat is one of the most important and useful features in Apex Legends. It allows you to communicate more effectively, saving time. Unfortunately, some players are experiencing issues with the mobile voice chat. The Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working problem happens when you’re having trouble joining voice chats. This could be because you don’t have enough data, or you can’t connect to the Internet.

Reinstall the latest Apex Legends Mobile Android or iOS versions

If you’re unable to hear other players via text chat or voice chat in the Apex Legends game, or if you’re having other issues with the game, then it might be time to reinstall the latest Android or iOS version of the game.

Respawn provided a solution

Apex Legends only launched last week, and already there’s a major fix to a problem that many players have been running into. Apex Legends uses the mobile voice chat platform Discord to facilitate communication between teammates, and users have been reporting an issue with getting connected to voice chat. While the developer, Respawn, was quick to respond to the reports, they have not yet provided a full fix.

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Conclusion ( Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working )

Voice chat is one of the more interesting facets of Apex Legends. It’s especially interesting for competitive play. So, if you’ve been playing Apex Legends and noticed that the mobile voice chat isn’t working, never fear—it’s not your fault.

Are you having problems using Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat? Were you able to solve the problem by yourself? Please share your experience and help others by leaving your comment below.

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