How to Italicize in Discord Text, also Bold, Underline, Strikethrough and Combine Effects

How to Italicize in Discord Text? If you want to make a more significant impact on Discord, I suggest you use text formatting, and this is the best way to make your messaging experience much enjoyable. And you all know Discord is a prominent voice and instant chat application just like TeamSpeak, Skype. People use it as a professional platform for communication via video calls, messaging, and voice chat.

The Discord application is designed as considering the gamer’s problem. It’s helpful to maintain coordination in their game with competitive friends. When we talk about compatibility, it smoothly operates on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and even in the web version of discord which is

So the main question is How to Italicize in Discord? There is a technique in which called Markdown Syntax its a markup language same as Discord it also works on Reddit.

Using Markdown syntax not only Italic, but you can also perform those formatting too such as bold, italics, underlines. Additionally you can combine these effects and make a new format like Bold+Italics at the same time in Discord messages. Just scroll down to learn all these.

How to Italicize in Discord Text, Numbers, or Sentance

Discord used by many purposes best one is to socialize with people. So in the social field, it’s important to do creative things by this you can engage more people towards you. So you all aware of Bolding text but what does Italicize means, that means writing words in slanting font. Useful when you show your text by highlighting it by different styles. It’s beneficial sometimes, and you get a positive response all the time. So the thing is. How to Italics on Discord here are some steps.

  • First of all, open Discord and then their chat box and type any message.
  • Now you have to cover your messages with (*) one Asterisks by pressing SHIFT + 8 without a comma ( Only That part of the sentence which you want to italicize ).
  • For example, If your sentence is How to use italics in Discord then you need to write it like *How to use italics in Discord*
  • That’s it just press the enter button, and it automatically converted in Italic form.
  • You might also use an (_) symbol in place of the asterisks (*) use as per your convenience.

Point to be NOTE: Discord program supports”Code Blocks“. If you wish to create code blocks all on your own, don’t stress is not that difficult. Just continue adding (‘) ticks into your text. You might even make code blocks on multiple lines and that’s also simple. The only difference is going to be to keep incorporating three backticks (‘’’) rather than a single (‘) ticks.

There’s a characteristic feature called syntax highlighting which supports many different languages rather than using Markdown.

This effect also make your chat interesting How to Spoiler on Discord Text, Images by this Unique Method.

How to bold text on Discord?

So rather than italic, you can also perform other formats by simply adding different codes here are the steps to bold text in Discord.

How to bold text on Discord?

  • Type any message on the discord chatbox.
  • Now in place of one asterisk compare to Italic you need to add double Asterisk symbols (**) for bolding the text.
  • And as you send the message, it will convert into Bold form.

How to Mark text as Underline on Discord?

So after italic and bold, there is one more format use by most of the people to making their world stand out from others. So here is the guide How to underline text in Discord.


  • Type any message on the discord chatbox.
  • Now you need to add double Underline symbols (__) just before and after your text content.
  • And as you send the message, it will convert into an underline format.

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How to Strikethrough text on Discord?

Strikethrough is also an informative source if you want to alert someone by text or say it wrong word or sentence. So with this option, you can cut the text by the below codes. See how it works.


  • Type any message on the discord chatbox.
  • Now you just need to add two tildes (~~) just before and after your text content.
  • And as you send the message, it will convert into an underline format.

How to bold and italicize in discord combine effect

You can also make combine text format with italicizing at the same time. There are different symbols of use in Markdown for the different format so what you need to do is just add an extra symbol with an italicizing symbol which is one asterisk (*).

How to bold and italicize in discord combine effect

  • Open the discord platform on any device and type a message in the discord chatbox.
  • So as you know, for the bold text, we use two asterisks, and for Italic, we use one asterisk.
  • So for Italic + Bold, you need to combine this symbol just before and after the message.
  • Then hit the enter button to send a message.
  • And your message will appear with this effect to other users.

How to Italicize with Underline and Strikthrough combine effect

So for all the combine text effect with italic one astriks is universion  just add other codes symbols before it now I told you for other Like

  • For ITALIC + UNDERLINE Use Two underline + One astriks ( __* )
  • And for ITALIC + STRIKTHROUGH add two tilts + one strike ( ~~* ).

Add this Just before and after the text or word and hit enter button it will shown in this combine formats, is simpal as that nothing to do any extra work.

Conclusion How to Italicize in Discord

So by default in Discord, there is no option to use different text formatting that’s why people generally prefer this Markdown Syntex Code its also helpful on other platforms as I told you in Reddit you also use it. Here you get an answer not only How to Italicize in Discord Text but also get an idea about How to Bold, Underline, and Strikethrough also some combine text effects in Discord. So hope you liked this article also read my other discord post to help you to make your experience much better in typing with this instant messaging app discord.

FAQs on How to Italicize in Discord

Q: How do you change the text in Discord?

Discord uses Markdown, system that’ll help you to create different styles and make your sentences stand out from others. So by adding few characters which I eloberate above add before & after your desired text which you want to convert that’s it!

Q: Can you change the text colour in Discord?

By adding numbers to snippets of code, it’s possible to change that color of these phrases and printed out in everybody’s text chat window. The simple concept to understand is that to be able to change that the colour of a certain bit of text, you have to create that text at a code block.

Q: How do you highlight words in Discord?

If it comes to colored Discord text formatting, we’re in fact using a workaround using syntax highlighting. Fundamentally, by simply typing the title of a syntax speech following three of these backticks, it is possible to colour your text. Discord does not have an integrated text highlight feature.

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