How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup from Windows & Mac Application

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup? No doubt, Discord is best to communicate with our friends, family, and other people who have similar interests. Discord mostly loves by the Gamers or Streamers. Gamers use the Discord app on their Laptop/PC while playing the game.

The Discord makes itself enable at startup while installing the app. Although If you are a regular user, it feels it will take less time to launch. But it becomes get frustrating if you are using it rarely like me.

When you boot your PC, any startup services ON on your system will take a little time to boot. It’s getting annoying to wait for those services in which we are not interested.

There are two ways to stop Discord on startup. Either you can disable it within the Discord app or from Task Manager. Here we come up with this article where we learn how to stop Discord from opening on startup.

Turn Off Auto Start from Discord app [ Windows ]

If you are running the Discord app on Windows, these steps will help you stop the Discord from opening on startup. These steps are within the app only. So you can disable it from the app only. Here is how to do it.

  1. Launch the Discord app on your PC.
  2. Now hit on the Gear/Settings icon to open the user settings.
  3. Now scroll down the left side menu to get the Windows Settings Now click on it.
  4. Finally, toggle the Open Discord switch to OFF like the below image.
  5. That’s it! It is enough to stop Discord from opening on startup on Windows.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup on PC/Mac.

You can also stop Discord opening from startup on from Windows or

Mac OS. Windows allows users to disable startup apps from the Task Manager, while Mac OS permits users to set the preference. Let’s see how to do it.

Method 1: How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup For Windows 10 or 8

Those who have Windows 10 or 8 OS then follow the steps. Windows 10 and 8 use shortcut keys to open Task Manager.

  1. Launch the Task Manager on your PC by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons simultaneously. Alternatively, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. When Task Manager opens, click on the More Details at the bottom left corner.
  3. Now select the Startup tab to see the list of all the apps that auto-start on startup.
  4. From all available apps, choose the Discord app and click on the Disable button at the bottom right corner.
  5. That’s it! It will not open on startup.

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Method 2: For Windows 7

  1. Hit on the start menu, and type MSConfig in the search bar. Now launch the System Configuration
  2. On the System Configuration window, click on the Startup
  3. In the Startup tab, you will see the list of startup apps. Now uncheck the Discord app and click on Apply.
  4. After that, click on the Ok button and X to close the window.
  5. Now restart your system to see the effect.

Method 3: How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup For Mac OS

Mac OS has a different user interface to disable the Discord app from opening on startup. We will tell every step to disable it. Follow the below steps.

  1. Head towards the Apple icon to open the Apple Menu by clicking on it. Now select the System Preferences from the menu.
  2. From the available list of options, click on the Users & Groups
  3. On the Users & Groups window, click on the Login Items

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup Turn OFF it

  1. In the Login Items tab, choose the Discord app and click on the Minus (-)
  2. That’s it! It will never annoy you from opening in the startup.

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Shortcut method for Mac to Prevent Discord from Opening on Startup

  1. Head over towards the taskbar and right-click on the Discord app.
  2. From the pop-up menu, click on the Options and then uncheck the Open at Login
  3. That’s it! It will disable opening the app on startup.

Startup apps take a little time to load when first boot. It is frustrating to wait for it. We can turn off the autostart feature of Discord by going to the Discord desktop app or by changing the PC/Mac settings.

Final Verdict

So, when you need to prevent it from opening on startup. If you are using a discord app on a Windows or Mac the above methods work perfectly with you. Often people disable this option but for some users, this is quite a useful feature because they only open their system to access discord.

Therefore, it saves their time to click the discord logo then launch it from your dashboard. Hence toggle ON or OFF Discord from the Opening on Startup feature according to your convenience.

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