Steps for Fixing Facebook Session Expired Issue through Mobile & PCs

If you are a Facebook user, you must have come across the problem of session expired error. It is one of the most frustrating Facebook login issues and it is also difficult to resolve. The Facebook session expired has been logged out of your account without your knowledge. But it can be fixed easily by taking few steps.

Facebook is the most popular social network site on the world wide web. It is the site which is used by a large number of people. It’s currently the biggest social networking site around, with more than 1 billion users around the world. Due to which it has been the target of many spammers and hackers.

What is the Facebook Session Expired Issue

Lots of Facebook users have been facing the issue of the Facebook session expired. Many are facing the problem of Facebook login again. After a fresh installation of Windows, or when you launch the browser, it prompts for an enter username and password. If you enter your login credentials and provide the correct password, you can successfully log into the FB app again.

But it’s too annoying if It happens rapidly. To resolve it we can apply some changes to overcome this issue or to avoid the Facebook Session Expired problem.

Steps for Fixing Facebook Session Expired Issue

Are you still struggling with the Facebook Session Expired issue and facing time-out errors? Then you are in right place.

Here we are going to give you Facebook login issue troubleshoot steps through which you will be able to fix all the issues related to out-of-session errors.

You will be able to resolve the Facebook login issue and update the Facebook app.

1.) Clear your cache and cookies memory

Facebook users who have been facing the Facebook session expired issue, problem, or error are recommended to follow these troubleshooting steps to fix the Facebook session expired issue.

The problem can occur due to many reasons like cache clearing or clearing of the cookies and browsing history.

In order to resolve the problem, you need to take a few steps in your browser and also in the settings of your Facebook scroll below.

Clear your cache and cookies memory

  • First, open the Facebook setting.
  • Then visit the account setting.
  • Click on browser and lastly click on Clear Data.
  • You can also clear cache by visiting your device app section.

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2.) Solve the issue by Login again to Your Facebook account

Facebook session expired is a common issue, many users of Facebook have such issue. FB session expired shows on a Facebook new page many times. We have to log in again to solve this particular issue.

If we do not log in again we will not be able to access our account.

If you have logged in with a popup window, and then closed the window before logging in, then this is why it is telling you it has expired, and you will have to log in again.

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3.) Update your Facebook application for Fixing Facebook Session Expired

The Facebook app for iPhone and Android is great and flawless too. But when we perform some tasks simultaneously we faced issues with the Facebook app, such as session expiring and frequent crashes.

For those iPhone and Android users, who can’t log in to Facebook (or access Messenger), are seeing a Facebook session expired error message, or are getting a “Network Error,” this happens due to developers updating the new version frequently and you’re still using the old platform.

So the new feature doesn’t respond to according to our usage. That’s why we need to update it immediately. Here are some steps you can take to resolve the problem.

  • First, clear your FB app cache memory by following the above steps.
  • Then visit your play store for android and apple store for the iOS store.
  • Just search for the Facebook app and click on the update button.
  • It will take your 50 – 100 MB but help to resolve the issue faster.

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4.) Deactivate your Facebook account for sometime

Facebook users in India as well as other Asian countries are regularly facing the login session expired problem while trying to access the social media platform.

Another reason which we experienced is if the user tries to access their accounts from a different location.

That’s why this type of error occurs, So if we deactivate our account for some time and give a break to our session then it may help to overcome the issue and you’ll get your account back. Am not sure it works for you or not.

That’s why I put this solution at last. But for many Facebook problems, this solution works perfectly. So give it one chance to follow the steps below to fix it.

Deactivate your Facebook account for sometime

  • Open the Facebook app or web client through
  • Then navigate the Settings & Privacy, option by clicking the downside arrow or three-line from the header for the mobile app.
  • Now from the left column choose the Your Facebook information section.
  • Select the Deactivation and deletion menu.
  • Click on Deactivate account, then hit the Continue button to account deactivation.
  • To complete the process follow the instructions and lastly confirm that you’re deleting your account.


Facebook session expired issue is the most common problem which happens in Facebook app and website. After your Facebook session expired, you can get the new session of your account by simply clicking on the “Log in with Facebook” button.

It will redirect you to a blank page with an options button. So, click on the button and log in to your account.

If you are also facing this annoying Facebook session expired issue all the time don’t worry, just follow the above TOP 4 proper solution to bypass the issue quickly.

You have to check your Facebook account from time to time and change the password once in 4 – 6 months to avoid getting errors again and don’t perform any loop or spammy activity. That’s the main reason behind such issues.

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