OnePlus TV Remote Not Working: How to FIX

OnePlus TV Remote Not Working: Most TV remotes these days are pretty cheap, and they usually work pretty well. But there have been several reports of OnePlus TV remotes not working at all.

This is a problem because the OnePlus TV is OnePlus’s first Android-powered TV, and the brand is trying to compete with Chromecast, Amazon, Roku, and Samsung. So, should you give up on the OnePlus TV? No, but it is worth looking into.

We may all be using different devices these days to stream our favorite shows, but it does seem as if some of us are having trouble controlling them.

When our One Plus TV Remote Not Working, it can seem like we just have a little bit of bad luck, but more often than not, there is actually a simple fix.

OnePlus TV Remote Not Working: How to FIX

The one Plus Android TV Box led TV box comes with all the connectivity options, as well as a lot of smart features.

However, the remote control may sometimes either not work properly or the device may be unable to recognize the commands. Hence, users may need the remote control manual to fix the issue.

If you’ve recently switched to a One Plus TV, you may have noticed the remote is not working on your old TV. Changing the remote is not very complicated, but the entire process is a bit tedious.

Make sure you know who’s the cable provider and contact them to get a new remote on a different cable account, and then follow these steps.

Reboot Your TV ( OnePlus TV Remote Not Working )

Today’s TVs are smart, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? If you have an old TV sitting around collecting dust, now is your chance to get it up and running again.

Your TV won’t need to be turned on to be set up, and it won’t need to drain your battery either.

Did you know that most TVs sold in the United States are ten years or older? You might not be.

And if you’re wondering why that is, it’s most likely because TVs sold nowadays are usually accompanied by warranties that last only a year or two.

And what’s even worse is that most of the TVs we bought ten or more years ago are still working perfectly fine.

So, why not put the extra money you’re spending on a new TV into something else?

According to Consumer Reports, older TVs might offer the same picture quality and about the same level of performance as the newer models, so saving some money on a new one might not be such a great idea.

But if you still facing the same Oneplus remote problem try to reboot your TV.

Check The TV Remote Batteries

Your TV remote isn’t exactly a complicated device. It probably doesn’t even come with a lot of buttons. But it still takes a lot of battery power, and many people simply don’t take the time to check the battery before they have to replace the whole remote.

Of course, it’s not really necessary, but it does make watching your favorite TV shows much easier. Here’s how to check and replace the batteries on your TV remote.

Batteries are one of those household necessities that we somehow forget about until they’re completely depleted.

And the batteries are kept in cabinets, drawers, and closets, so it’s easy to forget that they could be dead or nearly dead. Batteries are what make your remote work, so when your remote stops working properly, it’s time to check the battery.

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Make Sure your TV Connection is Good ( OnePlus TV Remote Not Working )

When it comes to at-home entertainment, most of us are at the mercy of whichever cable or satellite company provides us with our signals.

Although there is now a plethora of streaming services available, many are still unwilling to give up the comfort and convenience of cable or satellite TV and rely solely on streaming.

But just because you pay for cable or satellite TV doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to make sure yours is plugged in and working at peak efficiency.

These days, you’re more likely to watch your favorite shows on a big screen than on a TV. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, you’re more likely to watch shows on a big ol’ screen than you’re on a TV.

But if you have a flat screen and you want a bigger picture, your TV connection chord may be the problem.

If you’re having problems getting the picture to show up on your TV, you’re in luck. There are a few ways to troubleshoot and fix connections and get the better picture you want.

Reset The Oneplus TV Remote Controls

Remote controls. They may have instructions printed right on the buttons, but we humans tend to forget them. Some are also easy to wipe off, and over time, grime accumulates. So, it’s time to reset your remotes.

The process of resetting the remotes on your television, cable box, and DVD player can be annoying, but it’s worth the effort.

The remotes usually don’t give up all the channels, and it may take several tries to get them working again. This guide will show you how to reset your remotes so you can get back to watching your favorite shows.

  • Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds
  • Press and hold the Menu button for 5 seconds
  • Use the up or down arrow button to highlight “Settings
  • Press the Menu button
  • Use the up or down arrow button to highlight “System
  • Press the Menu button
  • Use the up or down arrow button to highlight “Reset Factory Settings”
  • Press the Menu button
  • Use the up or down button to highlight “OK
  • Press the Power button to reboot the system

Another method

  • Press the Mute button until the red LED light stops flashing.
  • Press the Power button until it flashes red.
  • then press the Mute button until the LED light turns green.
  • Press the Power button until it is flashing green.

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Reset your TV ( OnePlus TV Remote Not Working )

Here’s a trick that will get your TV playing back your favorite shows again. If your TV was packaged in a box, chances are that the box could help you reset and most importantly optimize the TV. Simply tear open the box, and your screen is as good as new!

Sometimes TVs just need to be reset. Your TV might have stopped responding to remotes, the buttons may be sticky, or you just might want to try a different resolution. TVs these days can be finicky, but resetting them is easy.

The TV remote can be the bane of your existence. Endlessly searching for the right button to press to watch TV (or Star Wars: The Force Awakens) has probably made you develop some bad habits.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix for ridding your TV of that remote purgatory. It’s called a TV reset, which involves unplugging the TV, removing the batteries, and leaving it unplugged for a few hours.

You turned on your TV and suddenly, nothing was there. Or maybe it’s worse than that—the screen is black, or it’s frozen, or it doesn’t turn on at all.

If your TV is on its last legs, it’s high time you do something about it. Fortunately, a factory reset can salvage your TV, and thankfully, it’s pretty easy to do.

Check For TV remote Damage

Has your remote stopped working? Maybe you dropped it and shattered the glass? Or, perhaps it stopped working because you accidentally bumped it with your elbow, causing it to short-circuit?

Whatever the case, you’ve probably had to use a hands-on approach to getting your remote to work again. But, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to this cumbersome process every time your remote stops working, or that you have to be stuck using old-fashioned button-pressing.

Are you using a broken TV remote? Maybe your remote has stopped working, or the remote batteries have gone dead.

Whatever the reason, you will need to check to see if it is the remote itself, the batteries, or the remote’s connection to the TV. To help you, we’ve broken it down into easy-to-check categories.

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Power Cycle Your Oneplus TV ( OnePlus TV Remote Not Working )

Many TV manufacturers sell their displays with built-in network connections, which let you watch television content via the internet, cable, or an antenna.

These TVs also have the option of using an external internet connection. To power cycle, your TV, go to the setup menu and find an option that allows you to turn off the internet connection.

Then unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Turn on the TV and wait for it to complete the setup process. Now, plug the power cable into the wall outlet and then turn on the TV.

If you’re itching for a change, a new television might be your answer. But before you nab that expensive new set, consider ways to refresh an old one. One of the easiest ways to give your TV a new lease of life is by power cycling it.

In other words, unplugging and then plugging the TV back into your outlet. Sounds easy enough, yes? But there are many different schools of thought on what exactly a power cycle is and whether it’s worth the effort.

Check For OnePlus TV OS ( Operating system ) Update

OnePlus fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The company has announced that its TV operating system is now available to download. Despite some delays, the 1.0 OTA rollout has now been completed, meaning all OnePlus TV owners should receive the update.

The OTA is rolling out globally, and while some OnePlus TV owners may have already received it, it looks like it could take a few days for all units on the update list to receive the OTA.

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About the OnePlus TV remote

The OnePlus TV remote is one of the best smart home remotes I’ve used. Not only does it look cool, but it offers several handy features, like gesture controls, voice search, and a universal remote that can also control your other devices.

Unfortunately, OnePlus seems to be having quality control issues, because while I’ve owned the OnePlus TV Remote for over a year now, about four months into ownership the remote stopped working.

Final Verdict ( OnePlus TV Remote Not Working )

That’s the sound of your OnePlus TV remote not working the way it should! If you’re one of the people who’s experiencing this problem, don’t fear.

We already got you covered in this article. We already walk you through how to fix the OnePlus TV remote not working so you can get back to watching Netflix.

My TV remote stops working all the time. Sometimes the power-up button doesn’t work, sometimes the volume doesn’t turn on, and most of the time, the remote won’t turn on at all.

I learned a long time ago that there’s nothing worse than finding the remote upturned on the floor, surrounded by the scattered pieces of its body. don’t panic this article will help you in every situation.

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