Raft Controller Not Working on PC: How to FIX

Raft Controller Not Working on PC: If you’re stuck using a mouse and keyboard to control your gaming or streaming, there’s a great new app that makes the process a little less complicated.

The Steam Controller app allows the gamer to plug in a mouse and keyboard and use the Steam Controller app to control the mouse, keyboard, and mouse cursor. When the mouse or keyboard is pressed, the cursor will move to that spot on the screen.

The setup process for an indwelling physiological controller (IPC) is straightforward. Once the Controller is downloaded, unzip the files. Connect a USB cable to the Controller, then plug the controller into your PC.

The setup wizard will start automatically and will guide you through the setup process. If the setup wizard does not work, start the setup program manually.

Raft Controller Not Working on PC: How to FIX

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some common troubleshooting methods for fixing common issues with the Windows Remote Desktop session. We’ll cover why some users see an error message ‘Raft not connecting’, and how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Reboot the PC

It’s time to reboot your computer. Your computer is acting sluggish, and you have no idea why. First, turn it off. Then, press the power button for three minutes. This will power it off, and then on again, which will reset it.

If you’re like most people, your PC is your lifeline—the place you go to work on various projects, send emails, and watch movies. While all these tasks are great, they’re not always the best things for your computer hardware.

Unless your PC has a power setup that offers surge protection, leaving it turned on overnight can be devastating. And, if your laptop battery isn’t charged, your PC won’t even be powered on. Luckily, there’s a solution.

PCs have become an essential part of everyone’s life. They’re used for work, play, and communication, and most of us can’t imagine life without them. However, every computer needs maintenance, and the best way to guarantee optimal performance is to give your computer a complete system reboot.

Reconnect your Controller/Joystick ( Raft Controller Not Working )

Connecting a controller or joystick to your PS4 or Xbox One might be more complicated than it should be, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’re having Bluetooth connectivity issues along with your controller, you should be able to fix it pretty quickly.

Here’s our guide to connecting controllers and joysticks to your PS4 or Xbox One for troubleshooting.

If you ever have to replace your Xbox One controller or just lost it, you can easily reconnect your controller to Xbox Live. Here’s How That Works:

  • Head to Settings (on the left of your Xbox One Controller)
  • Scroll down until you see the Accessories page
  • Tap the Xbox Accessories tab
  • Tap the Xbox Wireless Controller Settings button.
  • Tap the Add button.
  • Wait while your Xbox One Controller syncs with Xbox Live.

Unplug Mouse/Keyboard or Other Peripherals

The days of possessing only one computer are long gone. Instead, most households have more than one computer. This usually means at least a laptop (notebook), a PC, and don’t forget the kids’ tablets.

As convenient as it might be to have all these options, it also means being tethered to one of these devices at a time. So instead of wasting time switching between computers, why not disconnect the mouse, keyboard, and other peripheral devices?

Computer mice and keyboards are convenient devices to use, but they can be bad for your posture. Constantly using a mouse or keyboard can lead to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. If your computer is near your workstation, you may even be leaning forward while you use your computer, which can lead to neck strain and tension.

While computers have proven to be quite a valuable tool for business, school, and home life, they can also be dangerous. If your work involves using your computer for long periods of time, it’s likely your USB peripherals are breaking a sweat.

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Press Alt+Enter keys

Microsoft wanted you to know that if you hold down the “Alt” key and the “Enter” key simultaneously, it will switch out of the Windows 10 desktop and into the Start menu. Yes, the Start menu—because some users have been complaining that the Start menu icon in the Windows Taskbar keeps popping up any time you hold down the “Alt” key.

What do you do when you can’t press the control or alt keys on the keyboard? When you lose one or both keys, it is frustrating to have no option for pressing the spacebar or navigating through the programs on your computer.

Launch Steam in Big Picture Mode ( Raft Controller Not Working )

Big Picture mode is a brand-new mode for Steam that debuted in the Steam Beta back in August. It’s designed to bring Windows desktop-style apps to the big screen, with support for keyboard and mouse, as well as touch.

Currently, the majority of Steam apps aren’t available in Big Picture mode—but that will change, as more and more Steam apps are added to the program.

Some video game fans prefer to play on their PC monitors, but others prefer to play on their big-screen HDTVs. Maybe you’re a Netflix fanatic and prefer to watch shows on your PC, but you need to multitask to check in with your new significant other on their smartphone.

Whatever your preference, if you’re looking for the ultimate gaming experience, then you might want to try launching Steam in your TV’s Big Picture mode.

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Switch Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hz on PC

Do you experience a lot of screen tearing when using your PC or gaming console? Many people do and this is not such a surprise, since nobody likes tearing. However, the problem can be solved by switching to the 60Hz refresh rate.

Changing your refresh rate in Windows is pretty easy. Open your Control Panel, go to Display, and then select the “Settings” tab. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see “Change refresh rate”. This is where you can choose 60 Hz for desktop resolutions, and 60Hz for laptop resolutions.

Launch the game in Windowed Mode using the Config file

One of the most annoying things that can happen when playing an online game is your game window being completely obscured by other open programs. Sure, you can minimize your game, but let’s face it, many gamers don’t really want to close their browser or Word document just to play the game.

The solution: launch the game in windowed mode. The Config file or launch.cfg file is a fairly simple file to edit, and it allows you to launch your game in windowed mode. Here’s how to do it.

After downloading the game you want to use in windowed mode, run it by double clicking on the .exe file. Next, select fullscreen through the “Game settings” menu. Then from the desktop, navigate to

~/.steam/steamapps/common/Mirror’s Edge Catalyst/bin/win32/Edge.exe Find the file “EdgeLauncher_1.4.3_WIN_WIN64.cfg” and open it to allow the game to launch in windowed mode. Now, launch the game by double clicking EdgeLauncher_1.4.3_WIN_WIN64.cfg

Enable Steam Overlay ( Raft Controller Not Working )

If you’ve got Steam installed on your computer, there’s a good chance you’ve used the Steam Overlay. This handy addition allows you to play a game in full-screen mode without having to “break out” of the Steam client, which can take several steps.

It also allows you to have multiple games open at the same time, access Steam’s desktop app, and more.

Setting up Steam Overlay (aka overlay mode) on Mac OS X is fairly simple, but it only works with certain games, and not all games are supported. Luckily, there’s a way around that, and it’s incredibly simple.

With Steam Overlay enabled, you’ll still get Steam’s Big Picture mode, but you’ll also get a mini-dashboard that you can drag around your desktop, accessible via the Steam menu

(Steam > Settings > Steam Overlay).

Configure the Steam General Controller Settings

Steam’s General Controller Settings allow you to set buttons to customize your game–and your play experience. Press the “Steam” button in the lower-left corner of the Steam client, choose “Settings” from the “My Games and Software” section, and then click “General Controller Settings” in the left pane.

Steam is one of the most famous gaming platforms, with millions of players and accounts. The Steam app is available for desktop, mobile devices, and consoles. But no matter what platform you use, you can control a Steam game with a gamepad. Switch to a gamepad and you’ll be able to play more games because Steam games are primarily keyboard/mouse-based.

Select High Performance in Graphics Settings ( Raft Controller Not Working )

Using less memory makes your PC run more efficiently and makes it more snappy, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to reduce your PC’s memory use.

Using too much memory can put unnecessary strain on your PC’s CPU and can cause your PC to run slower. Selecting High Performance for graphics settings may cause you some slight delays, but keeping the setting at its default setting may result in crashes or errors.

When running graphics-heavy games, even tablets have a tough time keeping up. Some games will scale graphics settings appropriately (or, in this case, scale them back). But what if you want to increase graphics settings? Here’s a look at how to select high-performance settings.

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Uncheck Controller in Steam Controller Settings

The Steam Controller is a great gamepad for PC gaming, but it’s missing a few features that other gamepads have. One feature that’s not available in Steam’s controller options is the “controller disconnect” option.

This lets you take control back of your mouse and keyboard when you need to, such as when a game requires you to take specific actions. But did you know that you can enable this feature in the Steam Controller settings? Here’s how to do it.

The Steam Controller is one of the most popular ways to play PC games these days, and if you’re a fan of Steam games, it’s a must-have. But if you don’t already own a Steam Controller, you’re not out of luck.

The Steam Controller works with any Xbox 360 controller, and we’ve even compiled instructions showing you how to set it up step by step.

Disable/Enable Steam Input ( Raft Controller Not Working )

Steam Input is a feature that allows users to control Steam via their console. This enables things like enabling/disabling your microphone, keyboard, microphone, and mouse. Steam Input was previously restricted to Windows 10, but has been recently made available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Here’s how you enable/disable Steam Input on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

There are a wide variety of input devices for your computer, and using the right one can be crucial. One popular option is the keyboard and mouse combination, which you can typically buy separately or in one package. However, if you want to use a gaming console, there’s an even easier option: you can use a controller or headset instead.

The downside is that you have to usually buy both the controller and headset in order to get the devices to work with your computer. And if you don’t happen to have one of each at hand, then you’ll either have to go out and buy everything or figure out how to use a single device for both functions.

Use Steam Input Per Game Settings as Forced On or Forced Off

Steam Input is a program that works in the background and provides a unified input scheme for many games. This can come in handy for multiple reasons, but for me, setting the option for “Forced On” or “Forced Off” allows me to adjust my Steam Input binding for each game individually rather than globally to all games.

Ever since Valve introduced Steam Input in a software update earlier this year, gamers have been using it for remappable controls in games. But Steam Input isn’t for everyone. Many PC gamers prefer using a controller, or, if you enjoy gaming on the go, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. To force Steam Input to use per-game settings, you can set your controller’s Input Per Game set to Always or Never.

Valve has made Steam Input, which implements gesture and voice control, available as an optional feature. Although Steam Input works well for most games, some individual users have found that some games, such as “Doom” or “Quake 4,” have been altered to use the Steam Input as a forced-on feature, even when the game’s preference has been set to off.

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Use DS4Windows ( Raft Controller Not Working )

The Nintendo DS4Windows utility is an application that will help you play backups from the DS4 console on Windows PCs. The utility was developed by Nintendo in September 2016 but was only released this month.

The DS4Windows application developed by Embella Scientific is a program that allows users to control their Leica DS4 microscopes remotely from any location. Using a computer or mobile device, users can connect their microscope and view slides, images, videos, and more from their mobile devices.

DS4Windows is ideal for workshops, teaching labs, and demonstrations. Using the DS4Windows application, users can control their microscope’s imaging capabilities, focus, zoom, and sourcing, as well as adjust XY stages and lighting levels.

Even though Windows 10 is still in beta and until Microsoft releases its final build, there are several great tools available for the operating system. One tool, DS4Windows, acts as an emulator that runs many Android games on Windows without the Android phone or tablet.

It allows users to play their favourite mobile games on their desktop without the hassle of installing an emulator or purchasing an expensive gaming console.

Try Using a Wired Controller on a PC

Different PC users use different types of controllers for their gaming. If you are used to using a wireless mouse and keyboard, you might find it hard to operate a wired controller for your PC.

In fact, today’s wireless keyboard and mouse are so advanced that they are virtually the same, and controllers are slowly becoming obsolete. But not having a controller doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use one. PC users can, with the help of a wired controller, get an enhanced experience with some of their favourite games.

It can feel a little strange having a wired controller plugged into your computer, but using a wired gaming controller with a PC is easier than you think. In fact, your computer doesn’t even need to be on as long as you have an active internet connection. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can connect multiple controllers to a single computer.

Conclusion ( Raft Controller Not Working )

Need a controller for your PC? Well, if lagging, crashing, and other system problems are spoiling your gaming experience, you might be dealing with a bad or defective controller.

If you’ve ever experienced controller trouble on your PC, you’re not alone: there are many gamers out there who have a similar issue with their Xbox or PS controller.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can fix the problem. Read the above solution & learn how to fix an Xbox controller not working on a PC.

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