The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: Since its release in 2016, The Elder Scrolls Online has been praised for its quality, and for offering one of the largest virtual universes of any MMORPG. It can also provide hours of entertainment for those looking to escape into a fictional setting.

Unfortunately, the PC version of the game has had a rough time. (The most recent patch caused issues for many while the game was still in open beta.) But one PC gamer has shared a solution for players who were able to fix the problem, and it involves a reboot.

Elder Scrolls Online officially launches for PC on June 16, so players who plan to play it on PC may want to download it in advance. This wikiHow will show you how to do just that: launch The Elder Scrolls Online on your computer and keep it running properly.

The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

The Elder Scrolls Online is a fun new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that launched in 2017. Unlike most MMORPGs, this one is free to play, so anyone who likes video games and fantasy can give it a try. Unfortunately, the game can also be somewhat finicky. One of the issues players have had with the game is that Elder Scrolls Online keep crashing on startup.

The Elder Scrolls Online, one of the most popular MMOs on the market, has just been released for PC after a long absence from the platform. Many gamers have been enjoying the game, however, some have reported issues with the application crashing during the startup process. This post will show you how to solve this problem.

Check System Requirements to Play any Game

Before you download and play any game on the PC, check if the hardware specifications of the game are compatible with your PC. You can find out how compatible your PC is with the system requirements for any game by downloading the system requirements. The PC game system requirements are provided at the bottom of the respective game page. The system requirements for the game can also be checked directly from the game page.

The PC game market is huge and more popular than ever. But the latest generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony have locked millions of gamers out of their favourite titles. Don’t buy another console, dust off your old one, and start playing today! With a little tweaking, you’ll be able to play all the latest games on your PC. First, you need to know the system requirements.

Update Graphics Drivers ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

If you’ve been following tech news, you’ve probably heard the term “driver” before. Once upon a time, drivers were the people who drove your great-grandmother’s Model T. These days, though, driver refers to the actual software files that run on computers, tablets, and smartphones. And, like any good driver, those files need to be kept updated to function optimally. To fix monitor, desktop, and graphics issues, use the following steps to update graphics drivers.

  • Search for the graphics driver manually on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Run the downloaded file, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If the device manufacturer’s website does not list any updates, try updating the driver through the device manager.
  • Click the Start button, and then select the Control Panel.
  • Double-click System and Security.
  • Double-click System, and then click Device Manager.
  • Expand the Display adapters category, right-click the graphics driver, and then click Uninstall.
  • Click OK, and then restart the computer.
  • Next, expand the Display adapters category, right-click the graphics driver, and then click Install.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver update

Update Windows

Keeping up your computer is pretty straightforward: keep it updated and running smoothly. There are often new security features, bug fixes, and software tweaks that will come to your computer without you even knowing it. To keep your Windows computer running as efficiently as possible, it’s a good idea to keep on top of software updates. But, how do you know what updates are available to you? First, you’ll need to sign in to Windows.

Some of your computer’s most important tasks depend on Windows. While Windows 10 might feel streamlined, it’s still chock-full of functions. Microsoft designed the operating system to be easy to pick up and use, but it’s deceptively complex beneath the surface.

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Run the game as an administrator

Many people enjoy video games. Some love playing with friends, while others play alone. Unfortunately, many games don’t play well if other users are in the game with you, or the game crashes or has a glitch. It’s difficult to figure out how to fix these problems. For example, you might try to uninstall the game, but that won’t always work. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to run the game as an administrator.

For the uninitiated, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update introduces new control options, such as the ability to modify the operating system’s behaviour when you install programs. One new setting gives you the option to run games as an administrator (or “elevated”), which privileges allow some games to run faster, provide better graphics, and use less memory.

Close Background Running Tasks ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Although your computer may automatically start background processes like your browser, there is an easy way to stop those processes from automatically loading in the background. Close background running tasks, also known as CBRO, is Apple’s slightly misleading name for the feature in macOS that helps freelancers and office workers launch apps without cluttering the system’s taskbar.

This feature is extremely useful: it allows you to run multiple apps at once, so you can work on multiple projects at once. But one downside, at least on older Macs, is that CBRO still launches your apps in the background.

To reduce the running process time, click the “Close Background Tasks” button in Task Manager. When you click this button, the running process will be automatically closed. You can close more than one running process at the same time.

Close unwanted pop-ups

We all experience (and deal with) unwanted pop-ups and notifications over our PCs and Macs, but have you ever noticed how annoying it can be when an app tries to open multiple windows? For example, let’s say you’re using Chrome and, just prior, you used Facebook on your browser.

Now, Facebook wants you to open up a new window, and each time you press “Cancel,” Chrome opens another, additional window. Do you see what I’m saying? It’s definitely not convenient, and it gets even worse when those windows are large!

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Set High Priority in Task Manager ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

There are certain tools in Windows 7 and the Windows desktop that receive less attention than they deserve. Take Task Manager, for example. It’s a very useful tool, especially if you’re a power user or admin, but many users don’t even realize that it exists, much less how to use it.

In fact, most users don’t even know that Task Manager, as one of Windows 7’s most powerful tools, actually has 3 separate views: the General tab, the Startup tab, and the Performance tab.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through the apps menu and thinking, “I sure wish there was a way to prioritize the apps that are on my screen. . .”? Well, there is! In Windows 10, you can set a high priority to any app, and you can lower the priority at any time. This is especially helpful if you need to move an app out of the way, or if you need to close it.

Reinstall DirectX (Latest)

DirectX is a set of multimedia APIs for Windows, Android and Xbox 360. The latest version, DirectX 12, was released in October of 2015, and while there have been a few updates since then, in June of this year, Microsoft released DirectX 12.1, the most recent update.

DirectX 12 and DirectX 12.1 are separate programs, so in order to reinstall DirectX 12, you must uninstall DirectX 12.1 and install DirectX 12 alone. Luckily, the process isn’t all that hard.

DirectX is a software suite created by Microsoft that handles communications between game developers and their hardware. It works by allowing applications to receive commands for things such as writing to the screen or playing audio.

DirectX 11, which shipped with Windows 7, was the last version to be compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, both of which have since been phased out. The DirectX 12 software suite, released in August 2015, is compatible with Windows 10 only.

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Let’s talk about some other games and gain solutions

The Force Run Game is an arcade shooter game. It is inspired by the movie Star Wars. When you start playing, the screen displays a Star Wars scene. You control a spaceship and must destroy everything on the screen.

The game is similar to Asteroids. You earn points by destroying targets. Your score is calculated based on how many targets you destroy, how many shots you used to destroy a target, and how many targets you did not destroy. You can earn up to 110 points.

Every gamer is playing the latest and greatest games with modern graphics and processing power, but they might not realize how much work goes into the development of these games. The graphics and processing power of a game can only go so far without maximized speed, which can only be achieved with optimized code.

But optimizing code to accomplish these feats requires a lot of patience and time. Luckily, there are programs that can automatically optimize code, allowing developers to focus on other aspects of game development.

Force Run the Game in DirectX 11 ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Force is running great under Windows 8, but there are some gamers that are having trouble running the game. This is because DirectX 11 has been disabled in the OS. Some users have been able to fix the issue by disabling or enabling the DirectX 11 feature. However, some users are still getting reported errors. Some users have reported they can fix the issue by restarting the Game.

If you consider yourself a serious gamer then you know how frustrating it can be when DirectX 10 games don’t run properly or at all on the latest version of Windows. A fix is on the way: Microsoft is working on a new DirectX 11 API that should be supported by all games on Windows 10, and that new API will be supported by all current games through DirectX 11.

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Disable Windows Firewall or Antivirus Program

First of all, do not disable your firewall program, antivirus program, or NAT. Activating those programs will slow down your network connection. You always want to make sure that any security program is running on your computer.

For Windows, you can open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. Then go to Windows Defender, and then click Turn on Windows Defender. Then click Run as administrator.

The Windows Firewall or Antivirus program on Windows 10 is a security feature designed to protect you from online threats, such as viruses and malware. With it turned on, your computer is shielded from attacks, such as hackers and phishing attempts. To disable it, go to…

Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Firewall and make sure it is disabled

Set High Performance in Power Options on a PC ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Sometimes, you need to perform some tasks that require extra power. If you need to open several applications all at once, run a processor-intensive application, or run multiple programs in the background, you may need to increase your system’s processor performance.

While you may be tempted to just press the “full power” button on your power bar, this actually decreases the performance of your system and can damage it. Instead, use the “power options” setting to determine how many processor threads you can have open at once.

Turning off your computer or laptop’s “sleep” mode will help it run more efficiently. You can even set up your computer so that certain programs automatically start when your computer is turned on. To do this, you’ll need to set your power options to “high performance” instead of “basic”.

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Close the game from Background Apps on a PC

Learn how to close the game from Background Apps on a PC. Sometimes, when playing the game, you may face some issue like the game stops responding, freezing, crashes, taking a long time to open, etc. So, here we are going to show you how you can get out of such issues

Many people use their PC for gaming, but occasionally they’ll open up their browser or music player while watching a YouTube video. Unfortunately, this can result in the game crashing, causing a lot of frustration. Thankfully, though, there’s a simple solution. Here’s how to close a game from Background Apps on a PC. By selecting “Close this game” in the pop-up, the game will close from background applications and free up space.

Gamers know all too well the feeling of finally reaching the final game level of their favourite game, only to discover that the game has frozen and won’t shut down until you manually close it. This is incredibly frustrating, especially when you have so many games to play! Thankfully, there are several ways to close a game from background apps in Windows, from simply closing the game to your Task Manager to powering off the PC.

Sometimes you just need to close down a game you started but no longer need. In Windows 8.1, there are a few ways you can easily close the game. One is to free it up from the screen by swiping it off the screen. The other is to right-click the game tile and select “Close.”

A third way is to press Windows Key + X to bring up the Charms bar, click Settings, and then select the “Settings” app’s “Apps” option. There you can select “All Apps” and select the application you want, then click “Force Close.”

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Trying to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 8.0? Stop Googling, “Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime” and continue reading this blog post. This article contains answers to all “Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime” questions.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is a software program that is required by many applications to run. It will install automatically when you install Microsoft Visual Studio.

You can reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, but first, you must uninstall the Visual C++ 2012 redistributable package. You can run the following command to uninstall the package. Keep in mind that this will remove both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the C++ runtime, so if you’re only using 64-bit Windows, this may fix the problem.

If you purchased or rented Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017, you received Visual C++ 2017 as part of the package. If you purchase a Microsoft product and want to install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime, you can download it for free from Microsoft’s website.

Perform a Clean Boot

If your device freezes or locks up every so often, you can sometimes fix the issue by restarting the device. However, this fix only works if your device isn’t broken and if you’re used to being able to quickly access your apps and use your laptop/desktop the way you always have.

If you’ve run into this issue, try performing a “clean boot,” which will reset your phone to factory settings, clearing out any programs or settings that are causing the problem.

Sometimes our devices just don’t perform up to snuff anymore, and that’s usually because there’s something going on under the hood. Windows devices, especially, suffer from this more often than most. To troubleshoot these issues, Microsoft recommends performing a “clean boot” of the computer.

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Try Disabling Overlay Apps on a PC ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Overlay apps are those apps that live on top of your home screen and add functionality such as widgets, a weather app, a clock, and a shortcut to your camera. While having an app live on top of your home screen is handy, sometimes an app can use up too much screen real estate. For example, if you install an app that provides widgets, you’ll likely want to place those widgets on your home screen.

Overlay apps aren’t complex apps in and of themselves, but you don’t need to visit a doctor to have them removed. They’re just extra features that install on top of other, pre-installed apps. If you don’t want any of those extra apps, you can turn them off or hide them.

Overlay apps are apps that run on top of other programs on your PC. They can appear automatically when you install or open a certain program or when you hover your mouse over a certain part of the screen. Unfortunately, overlay apps come bundled with some free software (usually games) that you don’t need and tend to slow down your PC.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

Video games aren’t the only things that developers or publishers use to verify the integrity of their files. With all the horror stories you hear of pirated games, it’s no wonder that more and more developers are turning to third-party verification services to keep their files secure. But should you use a third-party verification service? And which one should you trust?

In the world of video games, file integrity is a big deal. When a file is missing or corrupted, the game fails to run properly, and the game file must be restored. File integrity checking is a program process that checks game files, looking for any problems (like missing files or corrupted files). This process prevents game glitches, like black screens or image flashes.

When installing a game, sometimes you will be asked to verify the integrity of a game’s file. This is typically a one-time process. This process ensures that the game is authentic and has not been tampered with in any way. To verify that the game file is authentic, download it to your computer and then double-click it. This should launch the verification utility.

Disable CPU or GPU Overclocking ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

Overclocking is a process which involves increasing the speed and power of a machine’s components—CPU, GPU, Memory, USB, and Network Adapter. And overclocking increases the speed of the semiconductor device PC, game console, set-top box, or other electronic systems.

Overclocking can be deliberately done to improve system performance or for more advanced users it can result in unstable system performance. Most modern CPUs and GPUs come with overclocking features built-in, so unless you’re a skilled overclocker, these built-in features will probably offer the best performance in gaming, video, and other situations.

Overclocking is the term used to describe the use of special software and hardware adjustments to increase the speed of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) or graphics processing unit (GPU). Overclocking is often done to improve the performance of a computer, but it can also be done to try to run a computer more efficiently, or to overclock a computer to see how much faster it can run.

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Update The Elder Scrolls Online

Update The Elder Scrolls Online. Being a massive fan of this game, I’ve been playing the game since its launch ages ago. The game had its ups and downs, it bugged, its balance, its servers, it’s pricing, its atheism. The game’s been through a lot of changes, and I’m hoping that with Bethesda’s new focus on the game and its a pay-to-play model they’ll be able to fix all the issues with the game.

It’s free right now, but it’s the pay-to-play model really limits what you can do and a lot of the “pay-to-play” cosmetics and clothes are boring and bland.

“Whenever people play The Elder Scrolls Online, they speak about two things that are most important to them, ” says Bethesda Game Studios vice president Pete Hines. “First and foremost, is the community

The Elder Scrolls Online community has continued to grow year after year. They interact, they fight, they quest, and they enjoy each other’s company. The community is the best thing about The Elder Scrolls Online, and what continues to inspire us to keep making it the best experience possible.”

The Bottom Line ( The Elder Scrolls Online Keep Crashing )

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that immerses you in the fantasy world of Tamriel. Like many MMOs, ESO asks you to download content patches and updates. Unfortunately, this can cause the game to crash. If you can’t open the game, try troubleshooting the possible solutions above.

And simple solution If you’ve installed The Elder Scrolls Online, and it crashes on startup, it’s easy to remedy the problem. The fix for this problem is easy: All you have to do is uninstall The Elder Scrolls Online, and then reinstall it. That’s it!

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