DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On: How to FIX

DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On: The DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning on issue is caused by the DJI Go app not being able to connect to the Ronin. Unfortunately, the app is unable to put a fix on this problem, so you will need this guide to fix it yourself- no computer is needed!

DJI Ronin gimbals are known for their stability and precision, but occasionally, they malfunction. The Ronin Gimbal, in particular, has had several reports of it not turning on, which is a highly frustrating issue.

DJI Ronin motion controllers are gimbals that help stabilize the camera, but if you’re having problems turning your Ronin 2 or 3 on you may have to take a few measures to get it up and running. Watch this video for step-by-step directions on how to fix your Ronin gimbal.

DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On: How to FIX

Well, that’s a bummer. Your DJI Ronin gimbal isn’t turning on, and you don’t have access to the DJI remote control that powers it. So what do you do?

If you’re like me, you’ll google “fix my ronin gimbal is not working” and you’ll get 10,000 results of what feels like the same thing: “Unplug it”, “Turn it upside down”, “Check the 12V cable make sure it’s not loose”, “Leave it plugged in”, “Turn it upside down”, “Turn it upside down”, “Turn it upside down”, “Turn it upside down”, “Turn it upside down” “Turn it upside down” “Turn it upside down” “Turn it upside down”. Yeah, that doesn’t sound very helpful, does it?

DJI’s new Ronin 2 gimbal/handheld stabilizer is something of a holy grail for video enthusiasts, and it may be coming soon. By combining a handheld gimbal with a camera stabilization system, the Ronin 2 can take your handheld shots from shaky to silky smooth—thanks in part to DJI’s new 8-sensor stabilization system.

Restart The Gimbal ( DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On )

If you happened to have a DJI Phantom 3 or 3 Professional when you got your DJI Mavic Pro, you may want to reset your gimbal. Why? DJI developed the DJI Mavic Pro with a gimbal system, and DJI products are known for their superb camera quality. But like any piece of technology, the gimbal needs to perform. If your gimbal isn’t performing as it should, it can impact your camera.

In photography, a gimbal is a camera stabilizer that allows you to take smooth, smooth video. They’re especially helpful for aerial videography, but can also be used for time-lapse, long exposure, and nighttime timelapse photography. But what happens when your gimbal stops working?

In a few short weeks, spring will be here, and it’s time to start prepping your DJI drones for flight. Do you have your drone remotes charged and ready to go? Are all of your batteries charged? Are you going to be flying your drone indoors or outside? Has your gimbal been serviced?

“Restart the Gimbal” is a feature on iOS that allows you to delete unwanted camera or photo effects from your iOS device. It is especially useful for iPhone and iPad users since it wipes the effects from your library, but doesn’t remove them from your devices.

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Charge Your Gimbal

So, you’re busy, and you don’t have time to climb up and down, adjusting your gimbal—or so you think. Luckily, it’s never been easier to charge your gimbal.

Most batteries can be charged via USB, and, if your gimbal comes with a USB charging cable, you can insert it directly into a wall wart or USB hub to charge it. Charging your battery and gimbal separately also helps preserve battery power, since you’ll be charging your batteries separately anyway.

Before you leave the house, fill up your gimbal’s battery! If the power goes out, your gimbal won’t be able to record videos. We recommend carrying a portable battery pack with you on shoots just in case.

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Faulty Gimble Battery ( DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On )

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Firmware Updates of Your Gimble

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Contact Customer Support Team ( DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On )

Contacting the Customer Service Team, also known as support, is not easy. As technology becomes more advanced, customer support becomes harder and harder to find. Customer service representatives are taking more and more calls, and customers are becoming more and more frustrated.

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About the Device

DJI’s Ronin Solo and Ronin-S are two of the most sophisticated (and expensive) gimbals on the market, and while they’re both intended to serve the same purpose—smooth, steady camera movement—they differ in several important respects.

The most important difference in design is that the Ronin-S uses three physically distinct motors (two for the roll axis, one for the pitch axis), while the Ronin Solo uses a single motor to handle both. Another notable difference, which affects both their pricing and performance, is that the Ronin-S requires a cellular connection, while the Ronin Solo can be connected via USB.

DJI Ronin is an automatic handheld gimbal for stabilizing your shots while recording videos. It is compatible with almost all drones such as Phantom quadcopters as well as DJI Inspire 1 and 2. DJI Ronin is equipped with dual motors and 3 axes of correction, providing you with smooth handheld shots.

It ensures smooth shots, regardless of your skill level. It also features a handheld controller, a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, and a built-in battery. The DJI Pilots mobile app lets you control the device from your smartphone, and a USB port lets you plug in an external battery.

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The Bottom Line ( DJI Ronin Gimbal Not Turning On )

DJI’s Ronin-S gimbals are an extraordinary camera stabilization system for stabilized professional video production and professional video blogging. The Ronin-S builds on the amazing features and performance of DJI’s original Ronin gimbal for DSLRs, bringing professional-grade stabilization to compatible DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and mobile devices with cameras.

DJI Ronin 2 gimbals sometimes fail to turn on, and even if they aren’t currently malfunctioning, DJI recommends you keep your gimbal plugged in and charging, so it’s ready to use in a power outage.

However, sometimes new gimbals can get damaged during shipping, and when they do, the DJI Ronin 2 gimbal won’t turn on. Fortunately, a DJI Ronin 2 gimbal won’t turn on is a relatively simple problem to fix. Just follow the steps we mentioned above.

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