Maintenance Supervisor – Things Which You Need to Consider

Are you looking for a good Maintenance Supervisor or want to become a maintenance supervisor? This article helps you in both conditions. If so, you have a lot of learning ahead of you, and the right preparation will help you land the best job and ensure your success in the field. When it comes to selecting the right maintenance job, the following techniques will help you to open new doors and collect an entry-level maintenance supervisor job.

It used to be that the maintenance supervisor was the man in charge of keeping machines running, but that type of job description has changed over the years. Today, the maintenance supervisor is often viewed as the person who charges of keeping the whole facility in good working order. He or she might also be responsible for hiring, training, and evaluating the work of the other maintenance staff members.

In this post, I will discuss types of Maintenance Supervisors, their crucial skills, responsibilities, and what to do to become a good Maintenance Supervisor so that every maintenance supervisor should have to get the highest salary.

Maintenance Supervisor required for different Jobs

There are a lot of areas in a company that a maintenance supervisor can oversee. They have to keep the building clean, Electric or Mechanical work, keep the equipment in good working order, and keep the records of the company in order. These are essential tasks that every maintenance supervisor should have to keep their job and their company’s reputation.

This post is about maintenance supervisor duties. Most of the information in this post is about specific things that a company needs to know about their maintenance supervisor. The company that you work for also will know a lot about their maintenance executive background.

What thing makes a good maintenance supervisor?

As the saying goes, all maintenance supervisors are not created equal. Some have a wealth of experience; others have the talent to become a manager someday. And then there are those that are just good at doing paperwork. So which things made good maintenance supervisors? That’s why this 5 important techniques every maintenance supervisor should have to get a good salary.

TOP 10 skills that  maintenance supervisors must have to get a good salary

  1. Leadership quality to instruct workers positively
  2. Problem-Solving Skills
  3. Time Management to complete the task fastly
  4. The more the experience, the better the chances to select in any organization
  5. Always give priority to health, safety, protection, and other regulations
  6. Oversees the daily tasks and focused on quality work
  7. If you want an expert, always consider the OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) standards
  8. Research about the surrounding how the things work before and now
  9. Do it yourself habit to Complete any task
  10. Eventually, finishing the work with proper steps

The average Maintenance Supervisor Salary

It is varied according to the country where you’re working, but if we calculate the average income it will start from around $1000 for a month and also depends upon your working experience and the quality of your work.

Types of Maintenance Supervisor

There are countless types of maintenance supervisors. For example, there are superintendents, supervisors, and technicians who ensure a building’s computer systems are working correctly. There are maintenance managers who maintain a structure’s physical and structural integrity.

And then there is the person who ensures a property’s day-to-day operations are being dealt with. These people are called maintenance supervisors. You can hire a maintenance supervisor for different work like. Some of the most needed fields are as follows.

For Electric Department

  • Electric Home Appliance and Power Tool Repairer
  • Electric Meter Installer and Repairer
  • Electric/Electronics Technician
  • Electrical Powerline Installer/Repairer
  • Electric Motor Assembler
  • Electrical Utility Trouble Shooter

For Mechanical Work

  • Mason
  • Mechanic Maintenance Executive
  • Millwright
  • Pest Control Technician

For Pipeline Works

  • Pipeline Operations Manager and Pipeline Director
  • Pipefitter and Pipeline Technician
  • Pipeline Maintenance Manager
  • Pipelines Manager

For Power Plants

  • Powerhouse Supervisor
  • Resteel ironworker

For Welding Works

  • Solderer
  • Steamfitter
  • Structural Assembler
  • Structural IronworkerWelder

For Daily Uses Works

  • Brazer
  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter
  • Painter
  • Concrete Finisher
  • Cutter

For Other Works

  • Grinder Maintenance Executive
  • Jig and Fixture Builder
  • Lineman Supervisor
  • HVAC Mechanic

Maintenance supervisor responsibilities

Maintenance executive responsibilities

A maintenance supervisor is responsible for keeping track of and managing the services, as well as facilities of an organization. Maintenance supervisors are essential to a business and company, and the job is a critical one. Often, Maintenance supervisors oversee the daily operations of a business and are responsible for keeping careful records of the expenses, revenues, and profits of the organization.

Maintenance supervisors have many tasks to perform. Some of them include but are not limited to supervising and coordinating the work of others, organizing and managing the facility, and planning and executing the maintenance activities.

What is a building maintenance supervisor?

There are more maintenance supervisors than a person might think one is a building maintenance supervisor. They are found everywhere, from small businesses to large corporations. These individuals are needed for day-to-day tasks such as ensuring the building is in good working order, and the equipment is maintained and safe.

They are also responsible for ensuring the company maintains a high level of operation in construction work and ensuring the company is in compliance with safety regulations. Maintenance supervisors can find themselves being the voice of maintenance throughout their job, which can be very rewarding.

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Other Quality that company always looking for

A “Maintenance Supervisor” is a person who is responsible for running a maintenance department (or group) at a company. This person should be able to multitask and deal well with other people and technical and engineering problems as well.

They should be knowledgeable about safety and health issues, resources, and working methods. They should have good leadership skills and a good understanding of the company’s policies and goals, including the needs of the maintenance department and the company as a whole.


I know maintenance supervisors are doing hard work a lot. That’s why they need to consider these important techniques then they should have to get a good salary. Many maintenance supervisors out there are stuck in the same routine day after day, never getting the chance to advance and get a better salary. So this article is for knowledge purposes for both who were looking to hire a maintenance supervisor or someone who tries to become a good maintenance executive.

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