The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: Lately, every time I try to access my computer, I get an error saying that The Quarry keeps crashing on startup. The Quarry is an app that comes with Windows 10. It’s supposed to play background music, but it fails to do so, instead of giving me the error. Not being able to play background music is frustrating.

Whenever you install a new game or a program on your PC, it automatically downloads and updates the necessary files to the hard drive of the PC. But, sometimes, due to certain reasons, the program or game falls on startup error. These errors occur when the program or game needs updated files, or an older version of the file already exists. To resolve these errors, simply go to the folder where you installed the program or game and search for a solution to fix the problem.

About The Quarry

The Quarry is an indie game about exploring a procedurally generated cave system. You play as a mysterious being who crashed on the crystal cave system, and you must find your way out.

The Quarry is a puzzle game similar to Bejeweled, but instead of rolling gems, you match stone pieces by colour. The Quarry has an innovative concept at its core, and it has some addictive gameplay. Unfortunately, the Quarry becomes corrupted when you run the game on Windows XP or Vista. This guide shows you how to identify and fix the problem.

The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC: How to FIX

Some video games are so good that you keep coming back to them, month after month, year after year. But one title, in particular, is notorious for crashing your PC, preventing you from ever finishing the game. Can you live with the Quarry crashing on startup?

The Quarry is a procedurally-generated first-person shooter (FPS) adventure, and the game’s developer, Graybeard Games, is hard at work on an update. However, the update is failing to run for some players and is crashing on their PC; however, there’s a simple way to fix it.

My Quarry keeps crashing on startup on my PC. I cleared the Cache, deleted my Userdata folder, and uninstalled and reinstalled Quarry, but the issue persists. I’ve downloaded the newest version from the App Store and installed it, but the problem persists. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Don’t worry here is the solution…

The Quarry is a puzzle game, which derives its name from a classic arcade game called Spelunky. It tasks you with collecting gems while avoiding bad creatures that will try to harm you. As with all puzzle games, you are always trying to outsmart the computer, which in this case is the computer you’re playing against. The computer will sometimes be smarter than you are, and sometimes it will be less smart.

Check System Requirements to Play Game

When trying to download a game, most gamers only consider the system requirements. But did you also check the recommended requirements and the minimum requirements? It’s a good idea to check this, because games that have high system requirements may not be playable on older systems. Games with lower minimum requirements could be too slow or buggy for newer systems. In this guide, we’ll show you how to check and compare system requirements.

Game developers spend a lot of time and money making sure that their games run well on multiple platforms. They test their software to make sure it will run in as many browsers as possible (and to make sure it will run on all versions of those browsers). And they test on as many devices as possible (and make sure it will play on them). They test on as many operating systems as possible (and make sure it will play on them).

Disable fullscreen optimizations

When you boot up your computer, you probably see an option in the settings that says “Display”, and under that, it says “Full Screen”. You’ve probably chosen that option before, and you’ve probably also noticed that when your computer boots up, it uses less power and you get more battery life.

However, there’s a problem: Fullscreen optimization. Some programs have settings that automatically select Fullscreen Mode, which would take up more system resources and make your battery drain faster. That said, here are a couple of easy ways to disable Fullscreen Optimization.

In January, Google announced that Chrome would no longer run in fullscreen mode by default. And, while this may seem like a minor change, the fact that Chrome has now ditched one of its biggest advantages over alternative browsers could make a substantial difference in the long run.

Run the Game File as an Administrator

The Run As An Administrator option notifies you that the program will perform the process as an administrator. This means the program has read, write, and execute permissions.

The Run As An Administrator option does not give you access to change the program’s configuration, nor does it give you access to change the output or behaviour of the program. This option is only available if the program is listed on the Compatibility tab of the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

Running a modded game requires a few extra steps. For example, if you changed the game’s language or installed a patch that requires you to run the game as an Administrator, you’ll need to start the game like that. Whether you’re adding to a game or running it from a mod, here’s how to Run Game Files as an Administrator.

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Update Graphics Drivers ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

Ever notice how games or other apps can slow down over time? If your computer has an older graphics card, you might be running out of video memory. You can check the amount of video memory you have on your computer by opening the Task Manager and clicking the Performance tab. If you have less than 2GB of RAM, your computer might be able to use more video memory, but since it’s not designed to have more than 2GB RAM, you might not be able to upgrade it.

New drivers can give your computer a boost in terms of performance. Installing a new driver is actually pretty easy to do, and for the best results, you should keep note of the version you have installed, so that you can download the latest driver available.

Update Windows

When your computer is running slow, you sometimes wonder if it’s because your PC is outdated. Speeding up your computer isn’t a difficult task, and it’s one you can do yourself. Of course, if you’re having trouble speeding up your computer, you might need to update it, and if you do, you’ll also need to remove a virus, spyware, and other malicious software that your computer may try to install.

Keeping your computer updated will help prevent crashes and security breaches. Microsoft released security updates for Windows 10, the latest OS version, in March. The following month, it released updates for Edge and Internet Explorer.

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Check for Optional Updates ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

Maintaining security software is important for better computer protection, but is often overlooked. To make sure that your PC is always running the latest version, check your Windows Updates feature. To access it, go to

Start > Settings > System > Updates;

a new Windows Updates icon that should appear at the top. Microsoft has taken an update to Windows 10, version 1809, and made it a special release. This means the update is only available through the Media Creation Tool and will not be pushed as a Windows Update. You cannot just install this update like you would any other in Windows Update, and you will also not receive a notification when the update is available.

Switch to Dedicated GPU

The Nintendo Switch has been touted as the console for gamers on the go, but it is important to remember that the Switch does not perform like a laptop. In fact, the Switch performs similarly to a handheld game console, especially when docked.

This being the case, it can be wise to run a dedicated GPU—especially if you are a heavy gamer. Dedicated GPUs are more powerful than integrated graphics, so they offer better performance and dynamically switch between kernels and CPU cores. This lets you use your device for longer periods of time without experiencing lag or slowing down.

The GTX 1080 Ti is the most powerful graphics card you can buy today. But if you’re a gamer who’s looking to play the newest games at max settings, Nvidia’s newest card may not be the best choice.

The GTX 1080 Ti’s performance has been marred by overheating issues, rendering it unusable for many gamers. Some gamers have resorted to downgrading to GTX 1060s in hopes of fixing their overheating issues, but Nvidia has just announced a solution: the GTX 1080, which runs at roughly half the price of the 1080 Ti.

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End Background Processes

Background processes, also known as background apps, are programs that run in the background of your computer. When you close them, they stop running, but the next time you start your computer, they spring back to life. End background processes within Windows 10 to stop these background apps from running, which can significantly reduce your memory usage.

Running background processes in Chrome is a common occurrence when using your computer. Oftentimes, background processes are running when you aren’t even aware they are. But, not all background processes are bad. Unfortunately, some background processes are malicious. For example, a background process called “FileZilla” will download and execute malicious code on your computer, without your knowledge or consent.

Perform Disk Cleanup ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

The Windows Disk Cleanup tool is a simple but powerful system management tool in Windows that cleans up the disk (where Windows is installed). Since Windows installs a lot of programs, including system updates, repair tools, and temporary files, Windows places temporary files in hidden locations.

Over time, these files build up and consume more space on the hard drive, effectively slowing your computer. The Disk Cleanup tool removes temporary files, including the temporary files that Windows creates for installing programs.

Often, computer users will forget they have applications running but forget to actually close them down. After a few months, these applications can build up and force your computer to run slowly.

In Windows, there is a tool that can help you clean these applications. It is called the Disk Cleanup tool and is accessed through the Control Panel. To begin, open your Control Panel on your computer. Then, click on the System and Security icon. Next, click on Disk Cleanup.

Run Additional Command-Line Argument

Running scripts from an SSH session can be tricky. When using the command line, there are a few extra characters that you have to enter for every command. However, the -f flag tells Bash to run the script without entering the additional characters. So, for example, if you run the following command line, Bash will run your script without any additional characters entered:

The command-line argument is a powerful feature that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can use the command line argument to automatically upload images to your WordPress website when you create a new post. The command to upload images is wp-upload-to-wp-image-uploads. In this article, you will learn how to run the command line argument from your home directory.

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Disable Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall is the built-in security feature that helps protect your PC from malware and other security threats. But, sometimes, the Windows Firewall can be as dangerous as the Internet itself. Sometimes, Windows Firewall simply gets in the way, especially when you’re trying to run antivirus software. So, it’s quite easy to disable the settings that disable it.

If you’re on a Windows machine, you’re probably aware of how Windows’s built-in firewall can get in the way of external connections—especially if you’re using Windows’s built-in VPN solution. But disabling Windows’s firewall can be a good thing, especially if you want to access a Windows machine remotely, without Windows’s firewall getting in the way.

Turn Off Antivirus Protection ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

Antivirus programs are set up to protect the user from viruses, spyware, and other malicious attacks. However, they can also cause frustration when, for example, they interrupt your YouTube video or Netflix movie. While antivirus programs are meant to be helpful, they can be a hassle and may make your computer slow. But, don’t worry, there is a simple way to disable antivirus programs.

Antivirus software does more than just protect you from viruses—it can also save you from malware, spyware, and other malicious software. But antivirus software can slow your computer down and interfere with applications such as Microsoft Office, so it’s important to know how to turn it off.

Set High Performance in Power Options

If you spend a lot of time using the computer, chances are you switch back and forth between your laptop’s power-saving and sleep modes throughout the day. But did you know you can set your laptop to run at both speeds and choose which model you prefer? This tutorial will show you how to set your laptop to run in High-Performance mode, which is optimized for running programs but uses less energy than sleep mode.

In the past four years, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has steadily moved towards becoming friendlier to low-power computing devices. One of Microsoft’s leading initiatives is Windows To Go, which lets you use the full Windows system on a USB flash drive. Power management in Windows To Go gives users the option to enable or disable “performance optimization” options in Windows, which affect how quickly the operating system runs.

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Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is a Microsoft product used for running Microsoft applications. These applications include Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Money, and Microsoft Project. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime enables users to view, edit, and create Microsoft documents.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime (VCR) is a set of libraries that integrate C, C++, ATL, MFC, and STL development tools and libraries into a single, unified package. The runtime provides various functions, functions, and APIs for programmers to use to build C++ programs.

Installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime can be necessary to install certain programs on your computer. This component is an important component of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package that you can download.

Perform a Clean Boot ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

On most Windows devices, you can perform a clean boot by restarting your device while holding down the Shift key. This will boot your device directly into Windows without loading any unnecessary software. If you are getting an error message that your device is unresponsive, this is often an indication that you need to clean and boot your device.

The Clean Boot or Safe Mode is a very useful tool that can come in handy if your phone is having problems. The Clean Boot or Safe Mode helps your Android phone to fix some problems that might not be caused by malware or a virus.

Clearing your phone’s cache and data is helpful when your phone is running slowly or causing you issues. Before having to go through the hassle of having to do a complete reset, performing a “clean boot” is a quick way to see if the problem is related to the system or to an app.

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Try Disabling Overlay Apps

With the huge rise in popularity of overlay apps in the last couple of years, like Facebook and Instagram, it’s no surprise that some people are (understandably) irritated and annoyed. It’s no secret that some overlay apps are less secure than websites since they use third-party servers to store your data and your login credentials. As such, they theoretically pose a greater security threat than websites.

Most of us are familiar with the “bloatware” that is installed on our phones and tablets by major carriers. Bloatware includes apps like games, video players, and utilities, that come pre-installed on the devices but aren’t actually useful, so we just delete them. However, some apps, like Facebook and Twitter, have extra features that can’t be disabled, which means when you click on a social network like Facebook, the app automatically opens. Luckily, you can disable the apps from launching.

Android overlay apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, and while most of these apps provide helpful features, some aren’t so useful. For instance, over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that a number of new apps have popped up on the Google Play Store that displays ads on top of my other apps.

Repair Game Files ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

Games aren’t always perfect. Sometimes, glitches, errors, or glitches will show up. Sometimes, your save file can be corrupted. But don’t worry! It can happen to anyone. So, how can you repair game files?

Nowadays, games are getting more and more expensive. However, some games are also not worth the money you spent. This is because you can repair them on your own.

Repairing game files can be tedious and frustrating, but that’s why we’re here! Many games, especially older ones, require modding to fix corrupted files or bugs. We’ll show you the most common game repair processes, such as using rEFInd or RPCS3, and how to fix common glitches such as game crashes, or frame drops during gameplay.

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Update The Quarry

Updating The Quarry has been one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had on this project. I originally posted this in 2014, after a long time of learning render software, and the thought of making an update seemed daunting. But I actually found myself really enjoying it, and this week I put out an update for The Quarry.

The Quarry is the #1 high-resolution online magazine for images and photography. From portraits to landscapes, The Quarry has the unique content you need to curate your gallery, your feed or your blog. We love the Quarry because, not only are their images the best out there, but The Quarry also has an amazing, easy-to-use website.

Conclusion ( The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup on PC )

The Quarry Keep Crashing on Startup is an RPG game for Windows, developed by Stray Fawn Games, which was released by Chillingo on August 2, 2017. The game’s description reads: The Quarry Keep is a vast underground city that has been overrun by the nightmarish nature of the nearby moors. Its inhabitants are forced to live in the shadows amidst an abundance of dangerous creatures, as they seek to escape their underground prison.

The Quarry Keep is an amazing visual novel game. However, the game can crash on startup or on loading screens. How to fix this issue? This fix should work on most computers running Microsoft Windows, but may not apply to Mac users. So just apply the above solution I am sure one of them is work for you definitely.

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