Double List: Free Personal Sites Like this Adult Hookup Sites

Doublelist has emerged as a highly popular adult dating platform that caters to singles seeking casual encounters in both the straight and LGBTQ communities.

If you’re curious about what sets this site apart, think back to the heyday of the Craigslist Personals website. When Craigslist discontinued its services, Doublelist quickly rose to prominence as one of the leading dating apps offering similar services and personal ads.

However, is it fair to claim that Doublelist is the ultimate replacement for Craigslist Personals? The answer lies in its enhanced security measures, user-friendly interface, and improved services, which have undoubtedly made it a noteworthy alternative. That being said, it would be inaccurate to characterize Doublelist as a run-of-the-mill casual dating site that you may be accustomed to using.

While Doublelist does provide a reminiscent experience akin to the Craigslist dating scene, it does not offer the same extensive range of features found on other dating websites.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a platform with a wider array of options, it may be worth exploring both paid and free personal sites that are comparable to Doublelist. By following this guide, you will discover the top platforms for finding casual encounters.

TOP 10 sites like Double List:

  1. 👧🏻 UkraineBride4You – UkraineBride4You presents an ideal opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams, as it might be challenging to fathom that such perfect women truly exist.
  2. 👧🏼 Ashley Madison – The most widely used app for individuals seeking discreet extramarital affairs and casual encounters.
  3. 👧🏽 One-night Friend – Reliable online dating app with free sign-up, easy search, and a ‘Flirtcast’ feature, providing safe communication with verified members.
  4. 👩‍👧 One-night Stand – Ranked among the finest dating sites for casual, non-committal relationships, showcasing attractive female profiles and unique features such as profile visits.
  5. 👧 Adult Friend Finder – A trustworthy online dating app offering free sign-up, effortless search options, and a ‘Flirtcast’ feature, ensuring secure communication with verified members.
  6. 👧🏻 Together2Night – An incredible platform for casual dating.
  7. 👧🏽 Benaughty – The BeNaughty website is not a place to post ads, but it’s a great Doubelist and Craigslist alternative.
  8. 👨‍👧 Flirt – An esteemed platform catering to casual encounters, embracing diverse lifestyles, providing round-the-clock support, and featuring an easily accessible dating app, fostering a community of open-minded users.
  9. Bedpage – Bedpage is quite similar to Doublelist, and it’s a website of classified ads where people can post ads to get your attention.
  10. 👧 WannaHookup – Register now. It’s free. Top hookup platform boasting a staggering daily user base of over 100,000 individuals!

What Is Doublelist, And Why Use It?

This dating platform offers a unique approach to connecting individuals through its classified-style services. It caters to those seeking casual encounters and connections, providing a space for genuine individuals to post personal ads and find like-minded individuals to connect with, date, and establish relationships.

The platform ensures a user-friendly experience, devoid of unnecessary complexities. However, it does not offer the sophistication of customizable profiles or advanced communication tools. It aims to attract a wide audience, catering to individuals interested in casual encounters or non-committed relationships.

Importance Of Exploring Doublelist Alternatives

If you’re unsure about the reasons to explore alternative options to Doublelist, let me provide you with five compelling factors that make it worthwhile:

  • A broad range of singles: While Doublelist boasts a sizable user base, numerous dating websites are catering to casual encounters that offer even larger and more diverse audiences. By exploring these alternatives, you increase your chances of finding the perfect person for your casual dating needs.
  • Enhanced safety measures: Although Doublelist is considered safer than Craigslist Personals, it still falls short compared to other professional dating platforms. One of the primary concerns is the lack of strict verification requirements, allowing individuals with potentially fraudulent intentions to create accounts and post ads. Opting for alternatives ensures a safer and more secure online dating experience.
  • Improved communication options: Seeking alternative platforms also opens up opportunities for better communication features. These may include engaging chat rooms, intriguing stickers, and the ability to exchange various forms of media content. By switching to these alternatives, you can enhance your interactions and make connections more enjoyable.
  • Advanced search capabilities: Unlike Doublelist, where your options for finding suitable partners may be limited, dating sites with advanced search filters enable you to discover individuals who align with your specific interests. This empowers you to refine your search and connect with individuals who share commonalities, increasing the likelihood of a meaningful connection.
  • Higher-quality profiles: The best alternatives to Doublelist provide access to profiles of superior quality. Additionally, they offer more comprehensive information about potential matches before you even initiate contact. This valuable insight assists you in making more informed decisions and ensures a higher likelihood of compatibility.

In conclusion, exploring alternative options can be a wise decision, offering you a wider range of choices and improved features to enhance your online dating experience.

Top 10 Sites Like Doublelist

By navigating through the advertisements organized according to their respective cities, Doublelist offers a convenient means of locating nearby individuals who match your preferences.

While this website possesses an intriguing and user-friendly interface, it falls short of being regarded as one of the top platforms for casual dating and short-term connections.

To explore alternative options that may better suit your needs, we have curated a list of exceptional hookup sites. Within this collection, you are bound to discover a platform that surpasses your expectations and fulfills your desires.


WannaHookUp is not your typical dating platform. Rather, it serves as an excellent platform to connect with individuals who share similar interests as those on Doublelist.

While you won’t come across any advertisements on this site, it’s important to note that the members here are open to new experiences and enthusiastic about meeting in person. Additionally, WannaHookUp offers location-based dating, allowing you to connect with individuals in your vicinity.

Similar to Doublist, WannaHookUp boasts a vast and diverse user base, with over 1 million users solely from the USA. The site experiences a weekly activity of approximately 250,000 users.

For a starting price of $39.95, you gain unrestricted access to the website’s features. However, there are also some fantastic free services available. Notable features of the WannaHookUp dating platform include an intriguing matchmaking service, advanced search filters, and enhanced security measures.


  • Impressive profile quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick registration process
  • A wide range of dating services
  • Responsive customer support team


  • A lack of a mobile app

UkraineBride4You: A Great Alternative For Traditional Dating

This website offers the opportunity to connect with attractive individuals from Ukraine, as well as women from various Eastern European countries.

By utilizing this global dating platform, you will have access to a vast number of singles who are eager to engage with you.

The registration process is quick and effortless, taking no more than 10 minutes to complete. Creating your profile and undergoing verification is a seamless experience.

Through the utilization of comprehensive search filters, you will swiftly discover the most suitable profiles based on criteria such as age range, interests, body type, and more.


  • Profile Quality
  • A large user base
  • Mobile dating app
  • Professional customer support
  • Free credits as a welcome bonus


  • High pricing

Ashley Madison: One Of The Top Doublelist And Craigslist Personals Alternatives

Are you in search of alternative hookup sites similar to Doublelist? Look no further as Ashley Madison is a highly recommended option available today.

While not specifically a personal site, it caters perfectly to those seeking casual dating experiences.

It boasts a superior interface and design compared to the Doublelist dating site. Ashley Madison has gained prominence for its ability to facilitate discreet extramarital relationships, setting it apart from other dating platforms.

Yet, Ashley Madison has much more to offer than just that. With millions of singles seeking casual dates and friends with benefits, this site provides ample opportunities for those looking for such connections.

While it’s not entirely free, there are numerous features you can access without charge. If you’re interested in exploring online dating through Ashley Madison, you’ll need to invest a minimum of $49 per month to obtain 100 credits.

However, it’s worth noting that women seeking men can enjoy the services of this dating platform entirely free of charge.


  • A large user base of singles
  • Ideal website for open and polygamous relationships
  • User-friendly interface and appealing design
  • A downloadable mobile app


  • No auto matchmaking feature

OneNightFriend: Your Ideal Doublelist Replacement In 2024

One Night Friend stands out as a top-notch platform for individuals seeking like-minded partners for casual encounters. While the profiles may not be overly detailed, the majority of them provide enticing photo galleries.

The search filters efficiently assist users in finding their ideal match within a minimal timeframe, accompanied by impressive matchmaking services. Additionally, the website offers a captivating roulette-matching game feature to further enhance the chances of finding the perfect match.

The allure of One Night Friend extends beyond its cool features. This renowned platform is dedicated to ensuring user safety by implementing strict measures to eliminate fake accounts and potential scams.

With two types of account verification options available—email and photo verification—users can rest assured that their interactions are with genuine individuals. Moreover, at a starting price of just $0.54 per day, One Night Friend proves to be one of the most affordable platforms for indulging in casual encounters.

Rather than resorting to searching for personal ads on Doublelist, it’s time to explore the vast array of enticing profiles offered on the One Night Friend online dating website.


  • Strict verification policy
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Mobile-friendly dating platform
  • A highly active and responsive audience
  • Advanced search filters
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not so many free services

OneNightStand: A Popular Casual Dating Website

One Night Stand stands out as a highly popular casual dating platform, even though it is not primarily classified as a traditional ads site.

Instead of a personals section, users have access to a wide array of profiles that resemble genuine ads from real individuals, making it an excellent alternative to Doublelist. Moreover, it surpasses being solely a replacement for Doublelist and Craigslist Personals; One Night Stand boasts a broad user base of singles.

The platform not only offers quantity but also ensures quality. Stringent measures have been implemented to create a secure environment for users.

A dedicated support team is readily available online to assist users in resolving any issues they may encounter. Furthermore, One Night Stand provides an affordable avenue for embarking on your romantic journey.

Take a moment to visit the official website, complete the straightforward sign-up process, and create a profile to get started. Rest assured, this process will take no longer than five minutes.


  • A wide range of communication services
  • More than 140K users from the US
  • Live streams are offered for free
  • Professional support team
  • Higher levels of security


  • Without a dedicated mobile app

Adult Friend Finder: A Perfect Casual Dating Site

Adult Friend Finder stands out as a popular choice among individuals seeking personal connections in the online realm. While Doubelist has gained recognition as a leading alternative to Craigslist Personals, those seeking casual encounters may find it lacking.

In such cases, Adult Friend Finder emerges as a top recommendation. This platform offers a diverse array of features and benefits catered to singles like yourself.

Although Adult Friend Finder may differ slightly from other personal ad platforms, it excels in facilitating casual dating experiences. Boasting an impressive user base of over 80 million individuals, it stands as one of the largest dating apps available.

While certain services are available for free, the platform is renowned for its exclusive offerings, with a starting price of $10 per month. Although not the most economical option, the value provided by this dating app is unquestionably worthwhile.


  • Ideal for casual encounters
  • A large user base of single people
  • LGBTQ-friendly dating platform
  • Professional customer support
  • Amazing mobile dating app


  • Not all profiles are detailed

Together2Night: An Amazing Casual Dating Site

Are you curious about the expectations one might have when using a casual dating platform like Together2Night? Well, let me enlighten you on the remarkable attributes this website possesses.

Besides boasting an active and responsive community of singles, Together2Night offers a plethora of unique features that set it apart. One such feature is the Full Safe Mode, which grants you the ability to limit your interactions solely to verified members.

This ensures that you are engaging with genuine singles, providing a sense of security. Moreover, the website provides search filters that facilitate finding the perfect partner within a short period.

To create an account on Together2Night, users are required to undergo photo and email verification. This verification process acts as a safeguard, assuring the authenticity of profiles.

Once verified, users can delve into the platform and explore an array of outstanding singles based on their location. The convenience of finding someone nearby is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this exceptional dating website.


  • Photo and email verification
  • LGBTQ-friendly
  • Affordable pricing
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Not all profiles are informative

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BeNaughty: Top Dating App For Casual Encounters

The free membership option may not provide a wide range of services, but it is worth mentioning that it is not among the most expensive hookup sites currently available.

Similar to other platforms like Craigslist and Doublelist, this site boasts an abundance of intriguing profiles that are open to non-committed connections. Therefore, it is advisable to act promptly and register for a new account.

What sets this dating site apart from others and contributes to its popularity? Firstly, it is renowned for its extensive user base, which exceeds 120,000 individuals per week.

Furthermore, the website offers a diverse range of communication tools and services. Notably, it distinguishes itself with its Satisfaction Policy, ensuring that your money will not be wasted. While men seeking women are required to pay for this online dating platform, it is completely free for women seeking men.


  • LGBTQ-friendly website
  • Free and quick registration
  • A versatile and unique mobile app


  • A limited number of free services

Flirt: One Of The Top Casual Dating Websites

Following the discontinuation of Craigslist Personals, the demand for reliable online platforms to find like-minded individuals for casual dating emerged.

While Doublelist emerged as a reputable alternative, Flirt stands out as an exceptional option due to its impressive range of features, extensive user base, high-quality profiles, and more. Flirt ensures utmost safety, making it an ideal starting point for your online dating endeavors.

By upgrading your membership, you can enhance your account’s appeal and attract potential matches on the site. Moreover, with the introduction of Full Safe Mode, Flirt guarantees communication with verified members exclusively.

The Gallery feature, reminiscent of Tinder’s swiping mechanism, adds an element of excitement to the search for potential matches on the Flirt online dating platform. Additionally, the platform offers comprehensive search filters, facilitating a more detailed and tailored approach to finding compatible partners.


  • Lost of interesting videos of real users
  • Sending Flirtcasts


  • Communication isn’t free

Bedpage: One Of The Sites Like Doublelist With Personal Ads

Additionally, the website offers a convenient city-based navigation feature, allowing users to explore various locations across the United States. Similar to Doublelist, free membership on the Bedpage dating website is all you need to take advantage of its services. By utilizing its personals section, you can rest assured that you will discover the perfect match for casual dating.

How To Use

To access the website, simply navigate to the site’s homepage. Upon arrival, you will encounter a plethora of advertisements. Fortunately, you have the option to filter these ads by specific cities, allowing you to peruse local offerings. Should you be interested in dating and meeting singles, you will come across two distinct categories: Connect Now and Let’s Date.

Within these categories, you will find various sub categories catering to different preferences, such as heterosexual, homosexual, male seeking male, female seeking male, and miscellaneous dating options. The process of browsing through these ads does not necessitate creating an account. However, if you wish to post your own advertisements, registration and account verification will be mandatory.

Doublelist Login

In order to utilize the full functionality of the site, including posting ads and receiving updates, it is essential to complete the registration process.

Rest assured, this procedure is remarkably swift and straightforward. To ensure the security of your account, a phone number verification is necessary. Once your account is verified, future logins will be effortlessly accessible, granting you immediate access to manage your account.

Upon reaching the main page, you will be presented with an array of options for seamless navigation. These options include Home, Create A Post, Manage Posts, Favorites, Settings, and Logout.

Through these features, you can effortlessly navigate your own ads and efficiently manage others. Additionally, the Settings option provides the added convenience of deactivating your account, should the need arise.

Most Popular Doublelist Cities

It’s time to uncover the most popular cities on the Doublelist dating site. You’ll never have a problem finding the most suitable partners.

  • Discover the vibrant city of Chicago, known for its active and diverse community. On Doublelist Chicago, you’ll find a plethora of personal ads from individuals seeking various connections. What sets this platform apart is its inclusive nature, catering to those interested in more than just heterosexual relationships.
  • Experience the charm of Tampa, where pristine beaches and potential matches await. Doublelist Tampa boasts an extensive collection of ads from local singles looking to meet and date. Whether you’re seeking m4m, w4m, or any other preferences, you’ll find a diverse range of options to pique your interest.
  • Explore the bustling city of Denver and navigate the dating scene with the help of Doublelist. This platform presents a wide array of ads tailored to Denver locals, ensuring you find the perfect dating app for your needs.
  • Boston, a city brimming with diversity, offers an abundance of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Doublelist Boston provides an extensive selection of ads, catering to women seeking men, men seeking women, and those interested in same-sex relationships.
  • Embark on a dating journey in Phoenix, a city known for its LGBTQ-friendly environment. Doublelist Phoenix offers an array of ads that cater to various preferences. Take advantage of this platform to connect with locals from these vibrant communities.
  • Uncover the vibrant dating scene in Nashville through Doublelist. With countless ads to scroll through, this city presents a platform for open-minded individuals eager to meet and date. Find the ads that align with your interests and reach out to potential matches.
  • Dallas offers an exciting nightlife, but to truly maximize your experience, finding like-minded partners is key. Doublelist Dallas provides an extensive selection of ads offering exciting opportunities that cater to your interests.
  • Experience the thrill of Las Vegas through Doublelist Las Vegas, where an impressive quantity of ads awaits. With a vast array of singles and couples seeking connections, find ads that align with your interests and engage with potential matches eagerly awaiting your contact.

Sum Up!

Doublelist served as a satisfactory alternative to Craigslist Personals. However, it is important to explore other intriguing and highly efficient dating platforms that deserve your attention. Take a moment to review the aforementioned options and discover your ideal online dating destination.

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