Why mangastream down and top 5 best alternative of manga stream

For cartoon character lovers and comic readers, mangastream was one of the best platforms where the user can read their favorite comics online and also in which language they want.

But as of now mangastream down totally and you can not surf this website its the biggest negative news for manga stream fans.

Because its most popular comics website in youth and millions of mangastream fans are there.

About Mangastream

So in this digital world where you can watch videos of any stories, there are still some people who love to read stories.

In the form of a book or virtually which is a good habit and also suggests you too. if you have the child give him advice to reading rather then watching games or videos online all the time.

And don’t worry the only mangastream is dead there are lots of websites still on the net which also provides services like manga stream so I inform you about some sites which is the best alternative of manga stream.

What is Manga Stream?


Mangastream is basically a comics reading website that converts Japanese comics to many other different languages.

So from above, you get an idea about mangastream it provides online comics like you read any other ebook on the internet, and it’s free of cost services no additional fees they only serve some ads on the website but not take any extra charge for it.

You can translate language in your own country-wise this is the best feature that’s why it uses so much by fans you can translate in English, French, Italian, and many other languages.

there are large collections of manga comics and they provided this feature for a long time and get lots of love from fans.

Why MangaStream down? and were mangastream is gone

Mangastream is down now a day because they don’t have actual copyright of it and also some privacy issues there so the original creator of comics doesn’t get that much credit from it and less in profit its like illegal use of someone’s content creativity.

So the original owners of manga are forced them to shut down the website immediately.

But there is 1 website which is still working at the time is “www.mangastream.cc”.

Some said its a clone site of manga stream you can try this, it’s active now online.

Top 5 best mangastream alternative sites

You can use this site if you really miss manga stream all sites have a different features.

mangastream alternative

So I give some short review about all this site choose which you love more

  1. MangaDex
  2. MangaFox
  3. MangaPark
  4. MangaOwl
  5. MangaTown

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  • MangaDex


Mangadex website is one of the best alternates of mangastream because here you not only get comics but also they provide different versions of manga comics.

This version includes alternative fan-made endings, even official crossovers, and different colored versions.

Like some popular comics of this site mangadex one punch man, mangadex one piece, kimetsu no yaiba manga dex, jojolion mangadex and last mangadex nagatoro.

If you are a comics reader then you know all about it or search it on mangadesk.

If you want to read the sites offer comics in more than 20 different languages.

And also for your favorite special character, you can create your own group or follow the already existing groups for more information about new release comics.

In site, There are Mangadex forums also you can give your opinion about it and discuss any topics.

  • MangaFox

mangastream alternative mangafox

Mangafox is also fulfilling your curiosity about reading comics. and it gets more popular from when mangastream is down.

So people love it to view and read there favorite cartoon character on mangaFox online.

There are lots of duplicate website of mangaFox is created after it got more views. so don’t bother I give you an idea about the original mangaFox site.

In mangafox original website, you can see the main manga fox color theme is in orange color and with black and white shades so whenever you open manga official website just check it out.

The experience of reading comics in mangaFox is got much interesting by some feature like adaptive zoom

And a user-friendly dashboard with easy to use design if you used mangastream then you can easily manage this one too.

For easy to use, there is Mangafox app also available in google play store for android and for iOS in the apple store. or you can visit the site www.mangafox.com

  • MangaPark

After the above 2 websites, the next which I like most is MangaPark.

This is the site in which fans are talking about more after mangadex.

Because it provides features like here you can upload 10 images for any one chapter.

And the main reason for its popularity is they give time to time update on comics and mangapark latest stories.

And also a very clean look which makes a comfortable reading experience.

Sometime mangapark down so use another alternate of it which I provided in this article.

Or You say this is the best mangastream replacement.

  • MangaTown

mangastream and mangatown

Mangatown is also one of the best mangastream alternatives because of its new look of dashboard.

Compare to others they all are still using old manga comic website design.

And there is a large collection of there database where you find out easily your favorite comics collection.

And enjoy story your special comics character without any extra hidden charges.

The most searches comics in mangatown are god of martial art mangatown, manga town yaoi, boruto mangatown and tokyo ghoul re mangatown these are the best you can read if you are interested in it.

  • MangaOwl


And the last one is mangaOwl currently its not popular as compared to others but for providing consistency they achieve lots of love from fans.

Mangaowl also releases WSJ Sequence episodes on a regular basis this is also a reason why its an alternative option of mangastream.

It has a vast database which is very well managed that’s why its very user friendly.

And also easy to operate and It has an orange-colored theme.

About One Piece Mangastream

First, let you know about What Is One-piece MangaStream it is one of the most famous and most-read comics series.

It’s a very old series published since 22nd July 1997 and its available in Shueisha’s Weekly Magazine. and the writer of One Piece Mangastream series is Eiichiro Oda.

There are many chapters in it you can read it on their website. I tell you something about it like its a story of a unique pirate whose name is Monkey D. Luffy, and he is searching “one-piece” treasure so after that he becomes the king of pirates.

MangaStream social media accounts

From when mangastream down people are searching about it more like what happened to mangastream?.

So the visited also in social media account of it for more inquiry from when it starts again.

So here am giving some social medias platform link of mangastream you can try on it.

  • MangaStream FaceBook

Before the site goes down mangastream is more activated on Facebook they post some ideas about it.

More than 5lakhs+ followers on this page are active.

You can visit MangaStream FaceBook page here.

  • Mangastream Reddit

People are searching about mangastream on Reddit for confirming that it’s totally dead or going to be live again.

So I found forum were lots of people talking about it you also ask about it

Just visit Mangastram Reddit from here.

  • Mangastream Twitter

Twitter is also one option where you can try to contact them for why mangastream down.

here is Mangastream twitter handle.

Manga rock shutting down

Ya, this is right manga rock is totally shut down because of some issues.

After the official announcement by the owner.

The first gives a report about its shutting down in September 2019 and also you can not use their mobile app also.

You can find here about manga rock definitive and for manga rock adult.

About Manga Plus

Manga plus is worldwide available for free of cost it is an official Mangastream Reader by Shueisha.

But for some reason its not available in some counties like China, Japan, and South Korea.

And the reason comes outs of its not availability is these counties are,

They use their own services for manga comics and now a day everyone knows about china they use there own privacy about what to share on internet by there government.

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