Metro Exodus Screen Flickering or Tearing Issue on PC: How to FIX

Metro Exodus Screen Flickering or Tearing Issue on PC: This game has a problem. Have you encountered it? There have been reports that the Metro Exodus game for PC is plagued by screen flickering issues. The flickering issue occurs whenever there is a change of lighting, such as a change in brightness or when the light source is cut off.

The Metro Exodus (STEAM) update is out (April 12, 2019) for PC gamers, and it’s probably not without problems. While the update brings a lot of promised improvements, PC gamers have reported various performance issues, including stuttering, screen tearing, and screen flickering issues.

If your Metro Exodus (STEAM) game is stuttering or tearing, then this article will explain how to resolve those issues, for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

What is the actual issue?

Hey, guys! Recently, many PC gamers have been reporting a weird issue. It appears that when gamers open the game Metro Exodus, the flickering issue or tearing issue appears.

  • The game won’t work in full-screen mode.
  • The game flickers a lot.
  • And the game will randomly stop and start.
  • You will get lots of black stutter bars.
  • The game will crash frequently.

Metro Exodus Screen Flickering or Tearing Issue on PC: How to FIX

Metro Exodus is the next video game from 4A Games, the studio behind the Metro franchise. While Metro Exodus has been available for purchase since February 26, gamers who purchased the game through Steam have been experiencing some strange issues.

The game’s developers at 4A Games have stated they are working on the issue, but many gamers are still experiencing it on PC. Don’t worry here are some easy fixes…

Enable V-Sync in Nvidia Control Panel

V-Sync does a great job of eliminating screen tearing so your gameplay is smooth, but there was one drawback: it maxes out the framerate at 60 FPS, no matter how fast your GPU is. With the G-Sync enabled, your framerate will skyrocket.

But enabling G-Sync requires an Nvidia GPU, and not all games support V-Sync. To tackle this issue, Nvidia recently rolled out a V-Sync toggle in the Nvidia Control Panel. To turn it on, right-click the game you want to run with V-Sync, select

Settings > Advanced Settings, then select V-Sync. Set to Enable, then restart the game.

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Try Lowering In-Game Graphics Settings

If you’d like to perform some of the duties of the graphics card processor, but you want to save a few bucks doing so, you might consider lowering the in-game graphics settings.

In your budget gaming PC, the graphics card processor (GPU) performs the graphics-heavy game processing, such as the rendering of 3D scenes and special effects. This processor takes a lot of credit for making video games so graphically impressive, but it also consumes a lot of power—and power means money.

If you’re playing on an older computer or laptop, and at some point, your game has started lagging or running at a lower frame rate than you’d expect, it could be as a result of your graphics settings.

You might be surprised to learn that the game you’re playing is automatically reducing the game’s graphics settings in order to conserve performance. And by “reducing” them, we mean it; if you’re playing on a low-end computer, you might find that it will run your games at the lowest settings possible.

Update GPU Drivers ( Metro Exodus Screen Flickering )

After a frustrating stint with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app (and the subsequent removal of the driver update feature), some gamers found themselves without the means to install the latest drivers.

However, Nvidia did release a beta offering of the GeForce Experience app for its Shield Tablet to allow users to install their drivers manually. The process isn’t difficult but does require a bit of know-how.

One of the most common errors you will see with a laptop is having issues with the performance of the graphics card. If your screen becomes blurry or you get random freezes, the first thing that should come to mind is to check if you are running the latest drivers for your graphics card. Updating your drivers is quick and painless, and it may save you hours of frustration.

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Close Unnecessary Background Tasks from PC

Background tasks are the tasks that perform while you are working on something else, such as running applications, playing online games, or watching a movie.

These types of tasks consume CPU and RAM, even when you are not doing anything in particular. If your PC runs slow, this could be one of the causes. Luckily, there are programs, such as Task Scheduler, that can help you close unnecessary background tasks.

With so many applications running on your computer, it’s amazing that most of them don’t get in your way and start taking up processing power. But, that’s not to say they’re completely unnecessary.

Some applications, like background tasks, are designed to run while you’re away from your computer, or while you’re using it. But, if your background tasks are sucking up lots of system resources, you can reduce that power-hogging behaviour, freeing up your computer for other tasks.

Check Your Internet Connection ( Metro Exodus Screen Flickering )

One of the biggest challenges facing home internet users today is poor or non-existent connectivity at home. The Internet Resource Center reported last year that 40 per cent of American households have slow or unreliable internet. If you’re experiencing problems in your home, here are a few tips for checking your internet connection.

You likely spend most of your day online, whether it’s browsing the internet, checking your email, or watching the latest YouTube clip. But have you checked your internet connection recently to see if it’s still at an acceptable speed?

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Update Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is almost here, and it’s loaded with dinosaurs to satisfy every dinosaur lover. The game will be out on September 4, and already the updates have started to roll out, which shows just how much work went into making this game great.

In the latest update, players can now use dinosaurs to stage rescue missions—specifically, they can send Velociraptors to rescue stranded park visitors.

Players also have the ability to control their own island, building attractions and upgrading them to attract visitors. And, of course, they can save up their dinosaur DNA to unlock brand-new dinosaurs. So first take action to update the game.

Verify Integrity of Game Files ( Metro Exodus Screen Flickering )

At their most basic, games are collections of files that must work together for the player to experience the game. The game software itself requires files like graphics, sounds, and data; and these files, along with the rest of the game’s content, must be stored somewhere before the game can be installed. But even these files can get corrupted, and when that happens, it breaks the game.

Here’s everything you need to know to verify the integrity of game files. Gaming files can become corrupted, lost or stolen, or destroyed by viruses or other external forces. When this happens, your game may become unplayable. Fortunately, any corrupted gaming files can usually be easily fixed.

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Set High Performance in Power Options on a PC

Computers are complex machines, and the power options in Windows make things even harder to understand. Here’s how to maximize your system performance in Windows 10, even if you have minimal experience with it.

When you run a computer, a certain amount of power is required and, in turn, this will drain the battery. To prevent the battery from draining, you would set the High-Performance power option in the Power Options settings. This will only occur when the device is plugged in.

Powering down your PC is a great way to save energy, and your PC maker probably has several power-saving options in its Power Management menu. Boosting the performance options helps your PC run faster and save more battery life.

When you turn on a PC, you are presented with the Windows 8 Start screen. Yes, Windows 8 has brought back the Start screen, and with it comes a Power button in the upper right corner of the screen. This button will allow you to turn the PC on and off, and will also let you set high performance in power options.

Set High Priority in Task Manager ( Metro Exodus Screen Flickering )

Task manager in Windows is designed in such a way that it is not visible all the time. If you perform certain activities that consume a lot of CPU or RAM, then you will see Task Manager within the notification area. However, if you don’t use the Task Manager or its icon, you will not know about it.

When your computer starts running slowly, you might think you need to reinstall your operating system, or there might be a problem with your computer hardware. However, most often, the culprit is programs that are running in the background, eating up resources. The Task Manager in Windows is a handy tool that lets you view what’s running and stop it; however, the Task Manager isn’t as straightforward to use as you might think.

An easy way to improve memory and battery life on Windows 10 is by setting high priority in Task Manager. Task Manager is a very useful tool, but configuring Task Manager to run at high priority results in a faster processor, faster mouse cursor, and faster startup.

From computers to cell phones, everyone could use a Task Manager. It’s what lets you take control of your computer or cell phone. Task Manager lets you review how much space is being taken up by programs and files, and gives you the ability to control which ones run automatically and which ones you use.

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Update Windows

Windows updates alert us to new security patches for our OS and apps and sometimes they can cause issues, ranging from system freezes to black screens, to the dreaded blue screen of death. But there are several tools that are at your disposal that can help minimize the impact of unexpected updates.

Unless you’re a Windows user who has no interest in upgrading, updating Windows is probably something you’ve done at some point, and unless you’ve never had reason to update the operating system, you know how it goes:

The update installer checks your computer for compatibility, and the installation dialogue pops up with a message, box, or notification explaining how to update or install. But how often do you actually go through with the update?

Sometimes it’s because you don’t have the time, and sometimes it’s because you don’t want to deal with the headache.

Conclusion ( Metro Exodus Screen Flickering )

If you are playing Metro Exodus on PC and are experiencing screen flickering or tearing, you are not alone. The game has been out for a couple of weeks now, and many users around the globe are reporting this issue.

If you are playing Metro Exodus on PC, then you may have encountered some issues with the game. Many gamers have reported the screen flickering or tearing issue either on Steam or Windows Store. If you are one of them, then this guide is for you. We have already provided you with some best solutions to fix this issue.

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