We couldn’t find a camera compatible with windows hello face error

[Fixed] we couldn’t find a camera compatible with the windows hello face error in windows 11: Windows Hello is a biometric technology for Windows 10 that uses your face to unlock your device and make purchases online. When you first turn on your PC and try to log in with your keyboard and password, Windows Hello should be ready to use. Unfortunately, many people couldn’t find a camera compatible with this feature.

First of all, you have to click on the start menu, then go to the search option and type “window update”. Then check the window updates. see if there is anything available it’ll show you on the screen of your computer or laptop. Then click on the ” download update”.

After completing the download. it will show some options like schedule update or update now. Click on the update now and it will restart your computer or laptop. It will take several minutes. Then your computer or laptop is up to date. It will resolve your all problems with your laptop computer. It will also resolve your all problems and also resolve your camera compatible problems.

Haven’t resolved your problem? Try This One

If you are still having a problem with your camera something else, you can try here would be to open up the web, your choice does not matter which one or you can search into the Google search engine or any other search engine, just for whether your computer is compatible is so. if you know your model name, number and details that are probably important so you could just say anything you know.

For Example: Just say dell Inspiron 15 camera driver just for example you could do anything in there and you probably will find google results from Dell or HP or Acer Asus Toshiba or Lenovo etc.

So anywhere we are just going to go right on Dell’s website this is just an example. It can be anything but I am just going to give you an example of what you would do at this point just go ahead and select the download button. Then install it on your computer or laptop it will take several minutes and then restart your computer or laptops. It will take time because it will update and restore files. See that resolved the problem.

Follow these steps to FIX the issue: ( Couldn’t find a camera compatible with windows )

  • Something else we can try here is to do system restores.
  • So goes ahead and click on the start menu.
  • You’ll see the search option where you can type system restore or control panel click on it then click on the “system protection”
  • Then click on the system restores then you’ll get a new pop box on your screen system restore
  • It will show restore your computer to the state it was in before the selected event.
  • Then click on the “Next” button then usually recommend restoring to the newest created restore point.
  • If you have multiple and then select next then click on the finish button.
  • Then you will get a new page, once your system restore cannot be interrupted do you want to continue?

Go ahead and select yes and at this point just let the system restart it will take a few minutes to run for most of you guys and just be patient here, it will take several minutes and you will see “please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored System Restore is initializing…

” After some time you will see “please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored System Restore is restoring the registry…” Then it will restart your computer or laptop it will take several times because it is restoring the settings files.

Another Solution ( Couldn’t find a camera compatible with windows )

Go to the setting and click on the system, then you will see the troubleshoot. Click on it. Then click on other troubleshooters. It will show several options but choose the camera, click on it. if that did not work follow the below steps:

  • Go to the start menu click on it and search the device manager.
  • Open your device manager.
  • It will show several options.
  • Then click on the camera. Then it will show the integrated webcam option. Right-click on it.
  • Go to the properties then click on the driver then click on the updated driver.
  • It will show the message box (how do you want to search for drivers?)
  • Then click on the search automatically for drivers window will search your computer for the best available and install on your device.
  • Now your driver should be updated.
  • Now click on the search for updated drivers on window update.
  • Then Click on the check for updates. If that did not work.

How to install windows 11 Beginner Guide and Some Extra Info


After Windows 11 launched with a new feature called Windows Hello, it quickly became clear that the camera used to verify a user’s identity was compatible. Unfortunately, some cameras were unable to read the facial recognition used by Windows Hello which would result in the face error. So better to do is follow these steps.

  • First open start and type: settings, open settings. Then open privacy & security. scroll down and click on the camera option.
  • Enable camera access to this device. “Enable allow apps go access your camera.”
  • If Let apps access your camera option is disabled just turn it on.
  • Enable this so your app can access your camera. Now close your window.
  • If that did not work. Open Start and type device manager. Open your device manager. Expand camera option.
  • Click on integrated webcam. Right-click on it and open the driver tab. Click on update driver.

It will show you a pop-up box of how do you want to search for drivers? Then click on the Browse my computer for drivers locate and install a driver manually. Then click on the let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer this let will show available drivers compatible with the device and all drivers in the same category as the device. Select your camera drivers. Press next. Now your driver should be installed. Close the window and restart.

  • Now open the start menu and type device manager. Open your device manager. Expand camera.
  • Right-click on your camera and select properties.
  • Open the driver tab. Select uninstall the device. Click on uninstall.
  • Now close the winter and restart your computer or laptop. Now your problem should be fixed.

How to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup from Windows & Mac Application


When you install a new operating system, you might think it’s a good idea to also update the system files, which are the files stored in the Windows directory. However, the system files don’t necessarily need updating, and updating them can cause some problems in your system. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to update Windows 11 easily.

  •  Go to the official website of Windows 11 installation media and press download now. Save the file.
  • Double click on the file which you have just downloaded. It will show you “do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click on yes.
  • Click on accept and then select your language. And Click on next. Select ISO files and click on next.
  • Save it as window 11 and wait for the file to be downloaded. It will take a few minutes.
  • Then click on the finish. Double-click the window 11 ISO file. Click on setup and press yes.

Then click on next. Then clock on accept. Select Keep personal files and click on install it will take a few minutes and it will restart your computer. There you go guys should be simple as that and hopefully, your problem has been resolved so as always thank you guys for visiting here.

Final Verdict ( Couldn’t find a camera compatible with windows )

The Windows Hello feature is supposed to be an innovative authentication method that allows you to unlock your PC with your face. However, there are some reports coming out of Microsoft’s forums that users are facing an issue where they are not able to authenticate with their face, which is an error that they refer to as “face error”. So this guide helps them a lot.

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