How to Use Discord on Xbox? Linking & Unlinking after Playing Game

Discord features are mostly utilized by gaming communities so how they forget to Link it with Xbox and Ps4 on discord. So integrating your discord account with Xbox setup is pretty easy and when you linked both, Your discord live account will shows which game you have played. Rather than Xbox, you can also link your Twitch or Spotify, plus other social media account with discord. Once you successfully connected discord on Xbox then any game which you have been playing on Xbox, its shows on your discord account, and you can share it with anyone as you want.

Discord is an instant messaging VoIP application although at starting it’s never designed for gaming consoles and it’s only Limited to Desktop and mobile app ( iOS and android ). But to see people demand now the Discord Developer Team is working more regarding gaming feature.

Discord on Xbox One

Now, PC and console gamers can unite. Gamers are playing on Xbox via Discord and for multiplayer, they join friends also. It’s all possible because of Discord and Xbox integration.

And in 2018 Microsoft and Discord officially announced that they would collaborate. Playing Xbox on discord is a public request for a long time. It opens the door to new opportunities for PC users and gaming console fans.

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How to Get Discord on Xbox

You can perform this operation via two-way first is from a discord web application and the second is directly from your Xbox one account. So for linking them you need to require some account just find it from below. After that follow the below steps.

For this setup, you just need a Discord account and an Xbox Live account. So if you don’t have a discord account just make it one available for all platform Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux even is web version ( ) its sign up process is very simple just provide a username, a password, and a valid email address for verification purpose and make a discord login.

Link your Discord to your Xbox Live account

  • First, launch your Xbox one and make a login with your Xbox Live account.
  • Now through your gaming console control just press the Xbox button under this find “Systems” tab ( Available at the bottom side of the menu ).
  • Then Highlight the “Settings” option with the cursor and press the A button.
  • The next window screen will appear just scroll below to the “Account” tab. Here you need to select “Linked social accounts” and press the A button.
  • Now in the “Discord” panel, highlight the “Link,” part and press the A button.

Link Discord

  • To start the linking process press the A button.
  • If the next window asked about letting the app share your info with Microsoft, type of permission just choose “Yes” and press the A button.
  • The next screen comes with instructions for linking your Discord account and it will have a six-character code.
  • Now Open the Discord app on your phone or PC wherever you want.
  1. On Computer – Go to the setting option from the bottom of the screen just beside your username.
  2. On Mobile – To open the menu You need to touch three horizontal lines from the top left side of the screen. after that icon will be visible at the bottom.
  • Click on the connection option here you see the option of “ Xbox Live ” or click on the Xbox logo.

xbox live

  • It will redirect you into the next screen that allows you to enter a code. Your Xbox account login is also required here.
  • At last, Enter the six-digit code displayed on your TV screen.
  • As you entered the code successfully your Xbox live account linked directly to your Discord account without any delay.
  • Now any game which you’re playing on your Xbox One your friends will able to see your live stream.

How to Unlink Discord Account with Xbox One

Unlinking the discord and Xbox one account is much easier than linking them. So if something goes wrong with your accounts you have an alternate option to unlink them rather than deleting both accounts. You can perform this via your Discord app, or your Xbox One, or from using the official Microsoft website.

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1. Unlink discord and Xbox from Microsoft site

Just go to your official Microsoft account settings then put in login credentials and make a login after that find the Discord link just Remove it and click on save changes.

2. Unlink discord and Xbox from Xbox one account

On your Xbox one go-to under the Accounts menu option and select the Linked Social Accounts tab. to take final action just click the button to remove the link from where you clicked on the ‘Link Discord’ account.

3. Unlink discord from Xbox through discord app

  • Open up discord and make a login.
  • Go to the Account Settings option and click on the Connections tab.
  • Now go to the Xbox Live Connection option and click on the remove link button.
  • Follow the prompts if appears and click on confirm. 
  • That’s it you are done.

Benefits of Linking your Discord to your Xbox Live Account

Linking two accounts is always beneficial and comes with new things because by this you see both of your account data in one place. But it’s not good for all the time to depend upon a situation which you faced. That’s why I cover both the topics of linking and unlinking discord and Xbox. And both have different advantages so look at if you’re ready your mind to linking both.

  • If you have a gaming friend circle or huge fan base then you want to share your box gameplay with everyone then the discord app will help you throughout.
  • You can perform gaming and chat simultaneously even helps in voice chat and instruct our co-multiplayer.
  • You can enjoy both platforms in one place and get help from your keyboard for a better chatting experience.

Final Verdict

Gamers use the discord platform because it was easily compatible with any third-party programs. Like Before we post an article about How to use discord on Ps4. And it’s not limited to only connecting to a gaming console, you also utilize it for music where you connect with Spotify and youtube and share your game and music with anyone. This versatility of discord attracts more people towards it and linking and unlinking of Xbox with discord is very easy to follow the above steps and connect without any worry. Also whenever you want just unlink it.


Question: Can you talk on discord on Xbox?

Answer: You can use Discord on an Xbox One without any third-party apps, but its capabilities are limited. You can‘t send messages or even voice chat. The main feature is when you begin playing a game on your Xbox, it’ll be shown that you were online on your Discord profile.

Question: Can you use discord on Xbox and Ps4?

Answer: Yes, all is possible in this technical era today’s hardware and software are made to keep this thing in mind and they are very capable of doing all this task, But you need to understand the Discord App isn’t fully supported there is some limitation with features.

Question: Is there a cross-platform party chat?

Answer: The only way to communicate with players on other platforms is through game chat.

Question: Can ps4 and Xbox talk on the warzone?

Answer: Enable the Cross-Platform Chat option.

For that just visit the ‘Options‘ menu under the ‘Account‘ tab. Here you will see an option called ‘Crossplay Communication‘ just enable it.

Question: Why can’t I hear my friend on discord in the Call of Duty Game?

Answer: On PC go to Settings, section then open Sound > Sound Control Panel > Playback > Headphones or default speakers > Recording > Microphone. And turn down the mic threshold to zero and in the Call of Duty audio settings turn up full the mic volume. This is also happening due to Discord MIC, not working problem.

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