How to Connect & Play Spotify on Discord Directly through Desktop and Mobile

If you integrate Spotify on Discord account you can able to explore more features. Like most important, You can stream your Spotify music with anyone you want. It might work the same as Discord Screen Share Feature if you use it you know how it works.

And when you share it with your friends starting listing the same song which you played on Spotify. So by one premium subscription of Spotify, you can enjoy premium songs list with anybody.

Basically, people use discord more for Gaming purposes but Sharing music is another one of the best uses of Discord we’ve yet found. And if you have a dedicated channel just for sharing music discord server will help you throughout.

You can also connect other third party’s accounts to your Discord servers such as Steam and Battlenet to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Reddit.,

Discord connect any applications

How to Connect Spotify on Discord ( Desktop )

Now Spotify and Discord join together officially to help gamers to listen to song and music with everyone while playing games its full-on entertainment, that means after connecting you were able to add, play and share your Spotify songs with friends through the help of Discord app.

  • Open up discord application on windows or Macbook and make a login through your account. You can also use Discord Web Version.
  • As Discord app dashboard opens, just clicks on “User Settings” ( small gear-shaped icon ) Available next to your username.
  • After goes under “User Settings,” click on the “Connections” tab from the left sidebar.

Spotify on discord

  • In the Connections menu, you will see all the connected accounts in your discord account in “Connect Your Accounts” section seems like the above image.
  • Now click on the Spotify icon and it redirected you in browser tab where you can make login to your Spotify account.
  • Let allot all the permissions for accessing Spotify on Discord.

After when you have done all the setup successfully “Connections” section will show that Spotify is connected to Discord. You can also see a badge on your Discord profile showing your Spotify username but from Connections menu, you will disable it if you don’t want.

So start playing Spotify songs it will automatically share on the discord server. And remember when you connected and accessing both Discord and Spotify on the same PC at the same time your status will change to “Listening to Spotify.”

How to connect Spotify to Discord in iOS or Android Through Mobile

Merging of your two accounts Spotify with Discord mobile app is pretty easy you just need to open discord dashboard and open ups the “Connections” menu. You can manage all of your connected accounts in discord.

  • First Navigate Discord app on mobile or tablet and keep a login with your account.
  • After that swipe right to access server/channel browser then click on your profile picture icon.
  • Here you can see the “Connections” tab option same as a desktop mode.
  • Now in the top-right corner in the Connections menu, there is an “Add” option just click on it.
  • A new menu will appear like below image and ask which account you want to connect.

Discord spotify menu option

Final Verdict

It is not only about connecting two platforms but with each connection, you get different benefits. For example, if you link your Twitch account to discord, you can unlock some special rewards on the servers of streamers to whom you’re subscribed. With Spotify, one of the best things you can do with a connected account is to display Spotify as your status. So listen & share your favourite Spotify song on discord.

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Question: Is there a Spotify bot for the discord?

Answer: The Groovy Discord Spotify bot will help you and it can be installed on your selected Discord server. You can now use it to play songs just by typing -play followed by the name of the song.

Question: Why can’t I listen to Spotify while on discord?

Answer: If pressing on a play/listen to option is not working for you, Just try to select a device ( Headphones or Speakers ) in your Spotify client account or play music or song on your Spotify. So Discord will know what Spotify device you’re using or listening is ON or not. Or it may occur due to Discord MIC not working Issue just checkout.

Question: How do I listen to Spotify with discord without premium?

Answer: This is insane but if any of your friends have a premium account so While Spotify is playing, tell them to click the + ( Add ) in your text box to invite you to listen to music. After the invitation, you will able to click Join and listen to there sweet tunes for free.

Question: Is discord bots can play Spotify playlists?

Answer: Yes bots are designed to make the task easier. So The Discord bot that playing Spotify tracks, Twitch streams, and YouTube playlist videos or plays any particular URL including Soundcloud links, are also able to play any playlist just you need to understand how to marge both.

Question: Can discord bots stream video?

Answer: There are bots which can find any videos and but they just stream the audio. if we can stream the video it’s more interesting it’s somehow possible also. Like when you stream licensed “Movies” from Netflix, or Amazon Prime It will start work.

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