How to Leave Discord Server Through Mobile & PCs

How to Leave Discord Server? Discord is a widely used platform for free voice, video, and text chatting app. It is having millions of active users hanging out with their communities and friends.

Most people use it daily to talk about art projects, gaming collaboration, family trips, homework, and mental health support in this corona time. Everything happens in a discord server.

A Discord server is a source where multiple people can interact and share their thoughts with them.

You can create a private server in Discord where only known persons can connect with you. In Discord, people facing issues that how to leave the server.

Sometimes it may happen the conversation is getting boring, abusive, or off-topic. So, you would like better to leave the server.

Once you left the server, your name will get remove from its member list, and you will not receive any notification from the server.

You will leave the server if the exit server button in front of you. But what if the option is inside the menu and it is hard to find? Today we will discuss how to leave the server on both PC and mobile.

How to leave Discord server on mobile?

If you are Discord on mobile to communicate with your friends, family, and the public groups, this section will help you leave the Discord server.

Joining a server in Discord is easy but, the Leave Server button is hard to find. Follow the below steps to leave it.

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile or open the web client
  2. Now tap on the server’s name that you want to leave.
  3. After navigating to the server’s name, you will see the server followed by three vertical dots and the invite button below.
  4. Now tap on the three vertical dots

discord navigation menu

  1. Now a navigation menu will appear. In the navigation menu, you can see various options like boost, invite notifications, mark as read, and much more to promote the channel. In the last, you will find the Leave Server

How to leave Discord server on mobile

  1. Now tap on the Leave Server button to leave it. It will ask you for a confirmation message, again tap on the Leave Server

leave How to leave Discord server on mobile

  1. That’s it! You have successfully left the Discord server on mobile.

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How to leave Discord server on PC?

Discord app is also available on the PC. If you are using it, you can easily find out the leave server button on it.

Leaving the server on a PC is different than leaving the server on a mobile. We will discuss all the methods step by step.

  1. Launch the Discord app on your PC.
  2. Now navigate to the Discord server that you want to leave via the left sidebar.
  3. After navigating to the Discord server, you will see the server’s name along with its channels below.
  4. Now you will see the server’s name followed by the down arrow button.

Discord server name

  1. Now hit on the down arrow button to open the server’s setting.
  2. In the dropdown menu, you will see all the settings of the server. At the bottom of the menu, you will find the Leave Server option.
  3. Hit on the Leave Server to leave the Discord server.

How to leave leave Discord server from desktop

  1. That’s it! You have successfully left the server on PC.

How to leave the Discord server you made?

Suppose you create a Discord server, and now you want to leave the server without terminating it. How will you do that? You the owner of a Discord server if you created it.

If you thinking to leave that server, you need to transfer your ownership to other available members from the list.

In Discord, you can easily do it. Let’s check what steps are you need to take.

  1. Launch the Discord app on the desktop.
  2. Now navigate to your Discord server.
  3. Besides your server’s name, you will see the down arrow. Click on the down arrow.
  4. Now click on the Server Settings.
  5. Now the options from the next screen, click on the Members.
  6. In the member’s list, hover over the member’s name and click on the triple dots. From the popup menu, click on the Transfer Ownership.
  7. Now navigate back to your Discord server. Now again, click on the down arrow beside your server’s name.
  8. From the navigation menu, at the last click on the Leave Server
  9. That’s it! You have successfully transferred your ownership and also left the Discord server you made.

Before applying these things to your server, keep in mind that you can only leave your Discord server if you transferred your ownership to another person.

It is best to provide control only to the trusted or known person, and it is also helpful to manage your server.

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Does leaving a Discord server, will notify us?

No, leaving a Discord server doesn’t notify you. When you leave a Discord server, there won’t be an in-chat notification stating that you left or never give you a confirmation message.

If you click on the Leave Server button, it will remove directly from the server. If you again want to join the Discord server, you can do that.

Final Verdict

Discord is the best to communicate with friends, family, and other people. Discord is best for gamers and streamers.

In this article, we covered all the methods to leave a Discord server on PC and mobile and also discussed how to keep our group neat and clean from violating persons.

Rest of the doubt and questions you can find in the FAQs section.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Does deleting a Discord server delete your messages?

Answer: Yes, after leaving the server, the entire server will disappear from your Discord server list. You will not be able to send, receive, or see the messages from that server anymore.

Question: Why I can’t leave a Discord server?

Answer: If you can’t leave a Discord server, there may be some possible reasons for that. The possible reasons can be- you are the owner of the Discord server, the app not updated, or the system may not responding. You can try the below four methods to fix it.

  • If you made the Discord server, transfer your ownership.
  • If your app is outdated, update it and again check it.
  • Restart your device.
  • Log out your account and again log in to it.

Question: Can you leave a server without anyone knowing?

Answer: No, you cannot leave a server without anyone knowing. When you leave a server, all the members will get notified.

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